Playing games is not particularly our favorite part of the shower experience. Although when we were asked to plan the games for our sisters bridal shower, we were excited and up for the task. 

We have found a game that has become a tradition in our family. Bridal Bingo is a game you play while the Bride (and Groom) are opening their gifts. You write down items you think they will get and / or phrases you think will come out of their mouth(s) during the opening process. Play just like regular Bingo with the goal of completing a full row. This makes things more interesting for shower guests while the happy couple inevitably receive every pot, pan, and kitchen utensil off their registry.

On a side note, we usually print out an official Bingo card to fill in for this game, but we did not have it this time. Not to worry though. We improvised with an old school trick by having each person fold their paper vertically and horizontally (or “hot dog” and “hamburger” for those of you who are up with the folding lingo) in a 4 by 4 grid.



For the second game, we decided to do something a little different and chose something we used to play at camp. We thought a “Sing Down” would be fun for all ages. For this game, we made groups of about four or five. Each group’s task was to come up with as many songs as they could think of in about 3-5 minutes which include the word “love”. The groups were then instructed to take turns singing a song from their list, and we were happy to hear songs from every category from Frank Sinatra to Bob Marley to Maroon Five and Whitney Houston. If a song from their list was sung by another group they had to cross it out. The group with the most songs was the winner.

Every game needs a fun gift, something worth playing for. Prizes like these wine bottles and other miscellaneous jewelry, lotion, and candles kept the games exciting. What are your favorite shower games?

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