Written by: Lauren

You guys, I am working on a dream project right now, and have been dying to share some of the details. We are in the process of placing our first furniture order and finalizing most of the overall look, and I thought what better time than now! The house itself was the perfect blank canvas when my client moved in …The most gorgeous taupe walls, stunning stone floors from Italy, modern larger than large glass windows and doors, and absolutely no finishing touches. Imagine how my creativity was put to the test when I got to picture exactly how I see this house completed. Pair that with a client with impeccable taste and amazing attention to detail, and you can see why I am so over the moon!


I am going to start by sharing our ideas for the dining room. It is still a bit of a work in progress, but I think we are far enough along with the design for me to tell you what we are thinking. Like I said, the room is a blank canvas and can really go in any direction we choose. We want it to feel glamorous, edgy, unique, with elements of surprise and an overall show stopper.

Dining Room Inspiration

Our idea is to create a marble and smoky glass table for my client to entertain all of his closest friends. He saw this yellow marble and hasn’t been able to stop thinking about it since. Hopefully we can be able to incorporate it into the base. These dining chairs from Visionnaire are his favorite and when upholstered in the right shade of Italian leather will be absolutely stunning. This buffet is another favorite from Visionnaire and would go perfect in the room, and we have been admiring this chandelier from Holly Hunt and this gorgeous piece of art as well.

For this room, we are getting closer and closer to finalizing each of the pieces, and I am getting more and more excited to see how it all comes together. I absolutely love the color scheme and overall look we have decided to go with and know that my client is just as excited as I am. For more information about our design services, contact us at info@sbsdesignla.com.


It’s the end of the month, and we are extremely grateful for all of the design challenges and experiences that have come our way. Today, we continue to show you some of our favorites … 5 things that truly made us happy in the great big world of design this month. This has proven to be a great way for us to share sneak peeks into projects that are in the works (but not quite ready to show in their entirety), flashbacks of projects from the past, and highlight an interior or event vendor that deserves recognition. Enjoy!

#1: This beer garden! When I was asked to help out with the beer garden at this year’s temple Purim carnival, I knew it would be a fun project to take on. I was completely inspired by the space we decided to use as it is our preschool’s outdoor classroom and has a real garden growing inside of it. We turned the water feature into our “cooler” for the day, filled it with ice, and all of the beer. Have you ever seen a can of beer with a screw top? Me either, but they were perfect for the hottest day we’ve had here in Southern California. We didn’t need much else besides a bar for the wine and a few cocktail tables, but some ivy touches finished off the look. (Written by: Lauren)

#2: These centerpieces! It’s no secret that Lauren and I like to create unique statements in each design that we do. We love to create new concepts and are always thinking outside the box. When coming up with the idea for centerpieces for the upcoming Bar Mitzvah I am planning, I wanted to add lots and lots of color and balloons to go along with our “block party” theme, and I am adding a mini food truck to the bottom of each. I can’t wait to see them displayed in the finished room! (Written by: Tami)

#3: This bedroom refresh! One of my clients had a few things they wanted done in their daughter’s room, and asked me to take care of the details. We cut down this Restoration Hardware headboard to fit better with the existing window, reupholstered the bed in a nice grey suede, refinished her Restoration Hardware nightstands that had worn over time, and got her these fun fur poufs for lounging. Turned out pretty nice … If I do say so myself! (Written by: Lauren)

#4: This vendor! Having a great relationship with a rentals company is vital in the event planning industry! We found our favorite long ago, and each time we work together, the ease of collaboration gets stronger and stronger. I love getting in contact with Signature Party Rentals each time I have a new project and figuring out exactly how to finish each space … They truly have it all! You may remember this photo taken at my wedding. I will never forget the feeling of walking through their showroom picking out how my special table where my husband and I would sit would look. Isn’t this high back love seat and gold sequin tablecloth divine? (Written by: Tami)

#5: This special week! I attended West Week with one of my clients last Thursday and loved some of the new pieces the showrooms had out on their floors. I took this photo in Studio Van Den Akker of the side of a mirror we were admiring, but I think the picture turned out pretty cool too!(Written by: Lauren)

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In our Pining For Pinterest posts, we prepare our readers for the upcoming season with interior shots alongside decor and event details in a fresh, new color story and overall look. Spring has sprung! The sun is out (off and on), the flowers are blooming, and dining outdoors is officially in season! It’s our favorite time of year! Please enjoy as we take you through our inspiration for two totally different concepts that stay true to the essence of the Side by Side Design model of Interior Design and Event Planning going hand in hand. These events, whether casual or over-the-top, are meant to take place where you feel most at home. Get it?

Tami’s Pins: What’s “pin”spiring me this season? One word … Coachella! This girl loves the dessert. It’s where she feels most at home. In fact, she has spent many Springs there with the girls attending their favorite music festival. It is only fitting that this is the place and time of year that she chooses to start the rest of her (and her new husband’s) life. A boho feel is best and her besties are of course there to celebrate!

Her home away from home … Palm Springs!

Gotta love all of the desert details in this place.

Why not incorporate some of that into the wedding decor too? So boho chic!

Each gem and personalized seating card makes this event that much more unique.

I told you she loves it here … So zen!

She wouldn’t do this without her girls!

Bellinis while the sun’s still out …

… and cake after they say “I do!”.

Lauren’s Pins: What’s “pin”spiring me this season? The Pantone Color of the Year … Living coral! Ok, so sometimes you just don’t want to entertain in your own home. I totally get it! There are so many amazing restaurants and venues to use too! That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give your all to the details in the space you choose. Work with the existing essence of the venue and enhance it to feel even more like you. This bridal shower is all in her favorite hue … Living coral!

Finding a venue that fits this color scheme is no easy feat, but when you do, hold tight!

Every detail in this space is coral perfection!

Like I said, make it your own! Bring in balloons, florals, make it over the top and glam for your girl.

Go all out on the small details too!

I think someone tipped her off to wear this color. Don’t you?

Mmmm … martinis!

This cake is an absolute showstopper!

Pantone mugs in her favorite color for all of her guests? Why not?

This Spring is our busiest yet, and we are so excited to continue bringing the events “Side” of our business to the next level. We look forward to all that is coming up this season and hopefully using some of this inspiration in our own planning. We would love to work with you in creating the right look this Spring by tying in the inspiration of your event with the essence of your home decor. Contact us at info@sbsdesignla.com for more information. 

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Written by: Tami

I am so excited to share part two of this Bat Mitzvah with all of you today (Part one as seen in our previous post, Sweets and Sunflowers Bat Mitzvah Luncheon)! As I mentioned before, this family is near and dear to us as we have had the pleasure of helping to design their home, and now have worked together to plan a very special event for the whole family. This project will always have a special place in my heart as it turned out absolutely perfect, but mostly because it is an example of what happens when women collaborate. I truly cannot say enough about working with Ava and her mom Julie! What a great team! Here are the details from Ava’s Sweets and Sunflowers themed Bat Mitzvah party:

I couldn’t be more proud of this absolutely stunning girl on her accomplishment of becoming a Bat Mitzvah!

There were so many great poses to choose from (Thanks Kim Fox Photography!), but I love getting to show off this amazing artwork at the entrance of Ava’s party. David Cinnella really captured the essence of our theme!

I know Ava’s parents are extremely proud as well and honored to pass their traditions on to her and her two brothers Jack and Sammy.

In one of our brainstorming sessions, Ava, Julie and I discussed turning Ava’s love of sweets into some sort of display at the entrance of her party. We also wanted to do something out of the box for the traditional seating card arrangement. This is what we came up with … Pretty cool, huh? These custom stickers in the perfect shade of teal were made by Bojack Studios. Love it!

A few balloon centerpieces (made by Any Occasion Balloons) made their way over to the party location from Ava’s luncheon, and I am so glad they did!

I love this sign-in keepsake made on Shutterfly and Ava’s custom acrylic card box too!

This family selected the absolute perfect venue for their celebration! Not only is Tiato Kitchen + Garden a perfect mix of indoor / outdoor with so much character in the design of its space, but the staff (Shout out to Pras!) was incredible! We truly hope to plan many more events in this special place!

We honestly didn’t have to bring in much to make this space Bat Mitzvah ready … Crisp white table cloths, some additional lighting (from Signature Party Rentals) …

… and sunflowers in teal mason jars (created by Amanda Rose Florals) was all it needed!

It was extremely important to this entire family that all of their guests have a really good time! They rented games from Arcade and Party Rentals by GEMS, and while the kids played …

… The adults enjoyed a really nice cocktail hour with tray passed appetizers and wine under the stars.

After that, Ava and her immediate family were announced and applauded.

You know what comes next!? The Hora!

I do not say this lightly. Our entire team for this event was incredible! Each part of the party transitioned smoothly and each vendor knew what they needed to do to make sure that all of Ava’s guests had a good time. I cannot say enough about Joel and his team from Spotlight LA! I cannot wait to work with them again!

As I mentioned, tradition is important! Isn’t that what this whole thing really is about? I love that Ava’s family chose to have everyone gather together to celebrate Havdallah and say the blessing over the challah before eating their meal.

In addition to having a fabulous buffet …

Tiato set up a few stations for guests to get even more creative with their dinner selections. They are known for their garlic noodles (If you haven’t had them … Go there immediately!), and this poke station was fun too!

The kids ordered their own mocktails from the inside bar …

… on their way over to the photo booth!

Other activities included making airbrushed canvases and trucker hats and getting henna tattoos by Vita Perfetta.

This candy bar, though, got a whole room of its own! “Ava’s Candy Bar” was complete with a large selection of candies in shades of turquoise and gold.

These take home boxes may have been my favorite detail of the entire event! I am obsessed with the mix of metallic gold and these custom marble stickers by Bojack Studios.

I know what Ava’s favorite part was! In addition to having all of the candy in her color scheme, she made sure to include her favorites!

Ava and her whole family loves desserts, and this party was not lacking in this area! Pras outdid himself with this display! It is stunning!

As I mentioned, the planning of this amazing event was a true collaboration. All of Ava’s family played their part in making sure it was a special day for the Bat Mitzvah girl, but I want to give an extra special shout out to Ava and her mom Julie! You both were such a dream to work with! I especially could not have pulled all of this off without my Side by Side Design team and all of the amazing vendors we had the opportunity to work with! Thank you also to Kim Fox Photography for capturing every detail!


#Momboss Alert! You might have noticed a lot of talk on our social media over the past month about a certain someone from our Mompreneurs group. Rachel of Rachel Miriam is our friend and fellow business owner. She curates each collection with a celebrity, personalizes every item, and gives part of the proceeds to a charity of the celebrity’s choice. Anybody interested in shopping for a cause? We sure are, and we love everything that she makes! Not only do we love what Rachel does, but we are very lucky to be partnering up with her on many projects. Each event showcasing her collections is unique and different, and we are always up for the challenge! Here is a look at our RM x SbS March events:

Ali Larter x RM at the PPLAFoodFare Event

How lucky are we to have been in attendance this year at the annual PPLAFoodFare event benefitting Planned Parenthood!? So many local vendors set up shop to hand out samples of their delicious cuisine and allow guests opportunities to shop for a cause.

Ali Larter is a long time spokesperson for Planned Parenthood and fittingly worked together with Rachel Miriam on a collection of “planned” items (bags to keep things organized in, notecards, file folders, etc … Oh yeah, and planners of course).

Doesn’t the booth we set up to showcase Ali and Rachel’s collection look great!? One of the best features of this event was that Rachel and her team were providing on-site personalization. Items were being customized on location to say cute things like “keep it tidy” or the person’s name or monogram. Love it!

These “stay gold” items were among our favorite of the collection.

Details, details, details …

… and more details!

We had such a great time with Rachel and Ali! Shout out to the PPLAFoodFare team for putting together a pretty perfect event!

Vanessa Lachey x RM at the Grove with Stonyfield Organics

If you don’t already know, Stonyfield Organics is a brand that sells delicious, nutritious, and (of course) organic products. They put together an event last weekend at The Grove that we were honored to be a part of!

Back it up a second … This is Vanessa Lachey (spokesperson for Stonyfield and an amazing mom)! She also loves a good challenge! Last weekend, she beat the world record for packing healthy lunches … Way to go Vanessa! Not only that, but a very large donation was made in honor of her accomplishment to LA Food Bank! Seriously, what people will do to give to a great cause brings us so much happiness, and we are just lucky to have been able to witness this!

Rachel and Vanessa have partnered up to curate and personalize this gorgeous farmer’s market collection benefitting another great cause … No Kid Hungry! This display was simple as the collection already has so many vibrant colors included but we are suckers for always trying to do something new, so instead of including traditional flower arrangements we went along with the cooking / fruit theme and created one flower arrangement in a “flour” container and another in an actual pineapple. So fun!

All aprons, chef hats, and farmer’s market totes and clutches from Rachel and Vanessa’s Tutti Frutti collection will be available for purchase this Spring … stay tuned!

A close up of our centerpiece … Just couldn’t help ourselves!

Don’t you just love all of the adorable embroidered fruit in this collection? Why not mix and match? We don’t know if we could pick just one!

We hope to work with you again in the near future, Vanessa! You are hilarious and such an overall inspiring woman!

Molly Sims x RM at the Launch Party for Black Iris

This last event (Don’t worry there are more to come in the next few months.) was very different from the other two. It was at a private residence, and it’s purpose was to showcase another local buisness’ new collection. Shout out to Black Iris! The display we created for Molly Sims x RM neon collection (available this summer and benefitting baby2baby) was kept very simple and showcased a gorgeous floral arrangement in the party’s overall look.

Here’s a close-up looksie at what’s to come for this collection! Aren’t these shades of neon divine!

Simple rose gold hooks to hang each bag from and acrylic stands showed off each item to its full potential. We love each summer sandal, beach ball, and sunnies they include!

We once again loved working with Rachel and Molly Sims to share what they are creating together. #womensupportingwomen is what we are all about!

All three of these collections are not quite available yet, but there is so much to buy from other awesome collections benefitting amazing non-profits on Rachel’s website! Go get your personalization on! We can’t wait to see what she does next, who she will be working with, and to create amazing looks for events in the company’s near future.

Photographs taken by Jennifer Hochstadt Photography … another #momboss , ASU alum (GO DEVILS!), and woman we are lucky to call a friend!