Last we checked in on this Glossara. themed Bat Mitzvah experience, We shared all the festivities of that Friday evening. Here’s a recap: cocktail hour at the hotel, tacos margs and more by the beach, and a movie night complete with popcorn and all the fixin’s! Saturday morning commenced with breakfast and …

… adorable custom beach bags (with the tag line – Happy is Cool.) delivered to each guest’s hotel room introducing the day’s activity. Each bag had a Good Vibes. towel inside, Glossier Invisible Shield Suncreen, and a cute hat with a hint at where we would be heading next. Thanks Invite Amy for being our swag guru and creating these awesome bags and towels for each guest to enjoy!

By now, you must know that there are two sides to our business (not just Tami + Lauren) but Interiors + Events. This gorgeous setting happens to not only be our event’s next location but a project we have been working on for the Interiors side as well. 

Luxury buses from Go Luxe Limo helped all hotel guests travel in maximum comfort from the beach in Santa Monica to this stunning farm deep in Hidden Valley.

All white pagodas and umbrellas from Signature Party Rentals transformed our space into a party, helped keep the look fresh and clean, and provided even more shade when paired with all the gorgeous trees that live on this land.

Pops of pink helped finish off this look right! These flower arrangements by Gathered were perfectly polished and pink too!

We made sure to have lots of snacks on hand so guests could graze at any point throughout the day. Remember we said Happy is Cool. was the tagline? Eat Happy. works too!

This stunning flower arrangement needed its own moment!

If you’re gonna have a tagline, you might as well put it on the napkins! Right Invite Amy? Cute paper goods are kinda our thing!

“The Farm” club cuz iykyk! Mendocino Farms is one of our favorite go-to spots for quick party sandwiches, salads, and such! They have so much awesome variety, and everything always tastes fresh and delicious too!

Can’t have too many snacks at a time like this!

Lawn games say, “Don’t take this party too serious and have fun”! Some of our favs include giant Jenga, Connect 4 …

… and this custom cornhole with the farm’s very own logo!

If you have been following the progress of the construction on this farm on our IG @sidebysidedesign, you know that we have completed three small cottages and have now moved on to the main house (as seen in this photo). We can’t wait to share details along the way starting with these absolutely perfect lounge chairs we purchased just in time for the party!

Pretty sure this pool is one of the coolest features on the entire property!

Throw in a bunch of custom pink floats by Invite Amy, and you will be ready to Jump Right In.

We added another seating area poolside so guests could spread out and enjoy their time!

Untouchable Events kept the vibe on point …

… and Mr. Bartender kept the beer, wine, and sparkling sodas flowing! 

More florals, cuz why not!?

In case guests wanted something a bit more hearty, a pizza oven was brought in and pies were being personalized on the spot. We can’t say enough about Speak Cheezy’s honey chili concoction. It was divine!

For those, who prefer sweet to savory … The Carmela ice cream cart! Ummm fresh mint is our absolute fav!

For entertainment: pool, tennis, hikes on the trail, lawn games, and a ride on this ATV!

We started with party favors and will end with them too! A little farm swag for guests to take home with them goes a long way! Can’t wait to share what’s next from this Glossara. themed Bat Mitzvah experience very soon … It’s finally time to show the big Bat Mitzvah event itself. In fact, it is so big (with so many details) that we have broken it into 4 parts starting with cocktail hour. We promise, you will love every minute of it!

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