Last we checked in, we shared how our Glossara. themed Bat Mitzvah experience began and left you all in suspense for how this event continued on throughout the weekend … But it goes wayyy past the gifting experiences left in hotel rooms and the cocktail hour guests were invited to after checking in. We took guests off site, saw the city (and country) a bit, and we still have so much to share before even getting to the BIG event itself. This post is dedicated to the welcome events from that Friday night. Enjoy! 

Having fun is the point. Right? Blue Plate Taco in Santa Monica was the perfect location for a fun filled welcome dinner for a family that doesn’t take life too seriously and loves good tacos + margs! Plus, from a design perspective, we really didn’t have to do much at all to make this space party ready … Just a few personalized touches and what party doesn’t look better with flowers?

This welcome sign was EVERYTHING! When we showed up on Ocean Ave. with this custom sign ready to go, the venue actually told us they do events all the time and this was the most elaborate piece of decor they had ever seen in their space. Go big or go home! Really though, big props go to Nomad Art and Design for custom creating the sign of our dreams and Gathered for these beyond stunning flower arrangements that finished it off right!

Also by Gathered, the most adorable vases full of flowers to help decorate the tables.

It was the absolute perfect evening for catching up with old friends and spending time with family (and not a bad view of the beach either) …

… Of course you also can’t beat Blue Plate’s chips, salsa, homemade guacamole, and their margs will knock you off your feet!

Having fun REALLY is the point!

That’s not all! Luxury shuttle buses had taken all guests from the hotel to our dinner location and then right back for more fun! Can you guess from this photo what the theme of the after party was?

Movie night! We are very proud of our team for allowing guests to be surprised throughout the entire weekend for what was coming next. That meant strategically planning to transform whole spaces of the hotel while the guests were off site!

The outdoor area outside Viceroy Santa Monica’s Sugar Palm restaurant was the perfect location for our movie night set up. Their already existing string lights and heaters created ambiance and kept everyone comfortable late into the night, and we used one of their cabanas as our concession stand. However, the transformation was made complete with a little help from our friends at Teak and Lace! Everything from these cushions, to the extra large movie screen, and projector too were rented from this awesome company and set up to make this space feel cozy and inviting for our guests!

Can’t have a concession stand without popcorn …

… and all the movie theater candy you could ever want!

Each guest got their own tray of goodies in the event’s color scheme … Custom napkins and popcorn boxes by Invite Amy paired with delicious flavored sodas and Red Vines. Yum!

BONUS!!! The “camp girls” came down in their custom PJ’s ready to fully enjoy this movie night set up! As event planners who strive for perfection in every detail, what more could we ask for? Can’t wait to share so much more from this Glossara. themed Bat Mitzvah experience very soon. Up next … We are headed to The Farm!


Guys … If you have been checking in on the blog over the past three months, thank you! We love how loyal our readers are. Man, though, we have been BUSY! In over ten years of writing this blog, it has been an outlet for us to share our creative projects and processes. It is a great way for us to regroup as well on projects once they are complete and evaluate what went well, what we would do differently the next time, and sometimes an epic fail will lead to a complete reimagining of the way we do things. Just being real! This project, we are sharing today, is one that has been over two years in the making and a HUGE deal for us professionally. I think we knew all along that we would get so busy toward the end of the process that we would have to take a break on things like writing blog posts, but that not sharing all the details after the fact was absolutely never an option! We are super happy to be back from hiatus today to share this with you … Welcome to Glossara. (a Bat Mitzvah experience).

Our goal for when guests checked into the Viceroy Santa Monica was for them to have a small sense of what to expect for what the weekend would be, but with still lots of unexpected details. The perfect way to welcome out of town friends and family to her pink Glossara. party was with a glass of rosè, pink napkins, and the most perfect display of florals by Gathered

Hotel gift bags have become a traditional gifting experience for out of town weddings and other special event guests to enjoy, but you know we are more BOX kinda girls! Does this BOX look familiar? We can have our gorgeous BOX printed with any logo on top to help personalize any gifting experience (sorry not sorry for the SBS plug)! 

Here’s the complete list of what was inside: custom Hydrate. and Hydrate More. water bottles, a cute pink snack, branded face masks, a Glossier. soothing face mist (You can’t have a Glossier themed event without their awesome product!), a Necessities. pouch filled with party must haves, a deck of branded playing cards, an itinerary providing all times and locations for the festivities of the weekend, and a yummy Sugarfina treat with a note inviting guests to “meet in the lobby at 5:00 for tacos and more”! BTW, the Glossara. theme started with Invite Amy (the genius behind the graphics who created all custom swag in these welcome BOXes and so much more)!

Have we mentioned that, gifting is kinda our thing? Our guests of honor had extra special treats in their rooms as well! This flower arrangement by Gathered was a true show stopper and The Secret Bake Shop‘s signature smash hearts can’t be beat!

The Bat Mitzvah girl and her camp friends were greeted by a pajama party set up in sea foam, lavender, and blush tones. Custom personalized PJ’s and matching sleep masks with her favorite word Cute. by Invite Amy were the perfect gifts for her friends.

Also, you can’t have a Glossier. themed event without more gorgeous Glossier product. Gift bags with a few of the Bat Mitzvah girl’s favorite things (ultralip, haloscope, and a wowder brush too!) were the perfect finishing touches.

What a perfect way to welcome this very special guest!

Before heading down for their pre-dinner cocktail hour, the girls were sure to Hydrate Even More.

Cocktail hour consisted of a crudite spread, yummy cheese and crackers, caprese skewers, and homemade chips …

… and cocktails of course! Palomas in Patron mini bottle perfection! To say Viceroy Santa Monica pulled out all the stops on their menu and presentation for the entire weekend is such an understatement! We can’t wait to work with this venue again!

Although we kept most of the colors for the entire weekend pretty monochromatic (pink and more pink to be exact), there were too many “rainbows” in these spaces to count! We are so beyond grateful for the opportunity we were given to create this weekend full of events! Can’t wait to share so much more from this Glossara. themed Bat Mitzvah experience very soon. Up next … Tacos, margs, and a movie night set up of our dreams!


We are so excited to once again share our monthly inspiration with all of you! Each month, we look forward to getting the chance to sit down and really think about what’s inspiring us, make predictions for the month ahead, and reflect on the past month. As usual, we have each selected a photo that represents our overall inspiration and have paired it with two interior shots and two events that coordinate with its color scheme and overall concept. In addition, we have provided you with our designer tips to keep you on trend for the month ahead.

Tami’s inspired: Right now, I’m just holding on to the last little bits of Summer! Did you know, that before Lauren convinced me to join her in the design world, I was an elementary school teacher? I have never for one day regret my decision, but there are a few things that will always stay with me … A love for new school supplies, working with children (maybe that’s why Bar / Bat Mitzvah planning and birthday parties are a specialty of mine), and the feeling that Summer should be a time for taking a break. This month, I will cherish my time with my girls in the sun as we head off on our annual Palm Springs getaway, and when we return it will be time to get ready for Joie’s second year of preschool. Can’t wait!

What’s my designer tip this month? Summer vibes are still in style! I love me some tie dye, and am dying for the opportunity to incorporate it into some end of Summer party decor. What else do I love from these #inspo photos? Lots of pink pillows, sweet treats in the cutest shapes and colors, and I seriously want to find this exact backpack for my little girl! Anyone know where I can find it?

Lauren’s inspired: I agree with Tami. How on Earth is this Summer almost over? It’s so crazy! My girls start school in a little over a week, and I feel like Summer just started. Maybe that’s because I have just been working so hard since we got back from our trip in June, but we have one more weekend getaway … So you better believe this photo of the girl “relaxing” will be me! 

What’s my designer tip this month? Take time to create beauty in your chaos! Even though I have been busier than busy this past month, I have been doing a lot of shopping for pieces for clients and have picked up a few for myself along the way as well. Just these few new pieces have helped certain spaces in my house feel finished, and as I walk through these spaces it gives me so much joy. You can do the same. I promise, it will help give you peace even on your most crazy days! 

Here at Side by Side Design, we look forward to an exciting month including a little getaway for both of our families to Palm Springs and ramping up towards our big Bat Mitzvah event! We are working on some great remodels right now, and are excited to share some sneak peeks into their progress! We’ve been really busy getting back into events and with all of the interior projects we have right now too. We are going to work to do better posting on IG and IG stories @sidebysidedesign so that you guys can see all that we have been working on and will post each project as it finishes here as well. If you haven’t already checked out our “in a BOX” line (a custom gifting experience) … You should! Don’t forget to visit us for our next Get Inspired post on September 3rd for all new looks and inspiration! Have a great weekend from Side by Side!


Written by: Lauren

Wow! Construction is really booming right now! People are moving and wanting to remodel or were home this past year and noticing things that they want to change. Whatever the case, this market is pretty insane and materials and tradesmen are hard to come by. We are very lucky to be very busy as well and are working on a few different construction projects at the moment ourselves. One being this amazing Hidden Hills ranch style home that our clients just moved into a few months ago. 


We are working on this project in stages to break it up a bit and are getting closer and closer to completion on the first scope of work. So I thought it would be fun to share the before photos and some from the construction process before we get to the finish line.

The main project in this first scope is remodeling this kitchen. We are really doing everything from soup to nuts on this one; new flooring, reworking the cabinetry, paint, countertops, plumbing fixtures, lighting … You name it! However, the layout is staying more or less the same.

We are changing things up on this wall. The space in the back will now house a gorgeous 60 inch Wolf range with a built in hood, and they will have more island space for prepping some amazing meals.

In Process

As you can see, they are removing the island in this photo. We ended up building a brand new one since it made more sense than completely reworking the existing island.

We removed the old bar unit as well, and it has really opened up the space and made it feel even bigger. 

All gone!

Here you can see the new cabinetry being built in our dad’s shop …

… and how it is looking now installed.

Sometimes when you start a new project, there is a domino effect that happens and you kind of have to work on other areas at the same time. Not shown here are the dining room, breakfast room, butler’s pantry, new laundry room, and new mud closet that we are also currently working on finishing up. We will be sure to show these spaces as they are completed and I am sure we will get awesome photos as well as the owner is a photographer (wink). Stay tuned!


Written by: Tami

I honestly can’t tell you how much I have missed events! If you are someone who loves to entertain, or just loves to attend parties, or even loves to be busy on the weekends … You probably know what I mean! Start of Summer, events are back and back in a big way! It’s almost like people are nervous everything will shut down again. That’s how back they are, and I can’t be happier to be back in my happy place of planning. Most importantly though, the down time Lauren and I got (if we can call it that as we were miraculously busy all through Covid with our interiors side), was a perfect time for us to reimagine the events side of our business for how it will be moving forward.

When working with event clients, I can take on many roles. Some clients like to show up at their event as a guest knowing next to nothing about what went into the planning process or what their event will be, and I get to act as “full service party planner” setting into motion every detail from soup to nuts. Other clients love the process and love to create too! We work collaboratively together and I usually will take off their plate whatever it is that is most stressful to them (setting up day of, securing vendors, and even imagining the overall look). This was that type of event … “a first celebration” for our client’s daughter Zoya, the first major event of many in 2021 for Side by Side, and a true collaboration between myself and our client Misbah who loves the details just as much as we do!

I forgot to mention one very important detail … This is a first time event client for us, but Lauren has been working with this awesome family on the interiors side for a while to create gorgeous spaces in their home! More on that hopefully soon! We are dying to share photos from this special interior project!

The most important part of planning a first birthday, is coming up with a theme! Zoya and her mama love rainbows and cool color palettes. Therefore, a rainbow theme with a non-traditional color scheme was in order. These monochromatic balloon rainbows by Confetti and Sprinkles popped so cute on the family’s blue double doors. 

Like I mentioned, this process was very collaborative! While Lauren and I were in the back setting up a magical space for Zoya and her friends and family to enjoy her first birthday, one of her mom’s sisters wrote out this adorable sign to welcome all of their guests. 

Who doesn’t love a fabulous garland of matte balloons? This one also by Confetti and Sprinkles did not disappoint! In fact, this hardworking mama is a new vendor for us in 2021, and one we hope to work with on many many events in the years to come! 

The balloons and this cool architectural wall that lives in this space, were the perfect backdrop to Zoya’s desserts display! 

We added rose gold paper goods and serving ware, these adorable fringed rainbow napkins, a few framed photos of the birthday girl, and a burlap runner to tie it all together.

This cake from Vanilla Bake Shop was as delicious as it was beautiful. We love it’s simplicity with Zoya’s custom cake topper and first birthday candle on top.

Homemade sprinkled cupcakes are always fun too! I am definitely noticing a trend in individual desserts in 2021 … Gotta continue to keep us all germ free now that we are back together!

This decorative teepee by Heartcraft Girl was the perfect photo op spot …

… and we decorated one rented highchair for a very special one year old!

The kid’s table was set ready for them to enjoy their lunch with more rose gold, rainbows, a burlap runner, and a really cute crown for Zoya to wear. 

My mouth is literally watering just looking at this spread from our absolute favorite taco lady! 

Mmmm … Right? I am pretty sure everyone went back for seconds!

As Zoya has a big brother, it was very important to make sure he and his friends were entertained. Their mom arranged for a fun music class to take place in their living room and a rainbow craft was enjoyed by all!

As Zoya blew out her first birthday candle, she was surrounded by so much love from family and friends! We loved getting to be a part of this very special day!

You didn’t think her guests would leave empty handed, did you? Our signature in a BOX Minis filled with rainbow inspired goodies were the perfect parting gift. 

Each one was tied off with a bit of burlap string and a cute tag in our signature look. 

One major thing to consider when planning a first birthday party … Do a smash cake photo session ahead of time in order to display the photos on party day! What a great idea, Misbah! BTW these gorgeous photos (and all of the ones from the party as well) were taken by photographer Dewey Tann.

We cannot thank our client, Misbah, enough for trusting us to help bring her vision for her daughter’s first birthday to life. We know this is the first of many celebrations for this family that we can’t wait to be a part of! Happy 1st birthday Zoya!