With both of us being super busy in our personal and professional lives right now, it was really nice to slow down for even part of the day yesterday and celebrate our birthday. As is our tradition, we are looking forward to dining at a local hot spot with our significant others this coming weekend, each have plans with the different sides of our families as well, and are going to see Elton John in concert! Lots to look forward to! We love to celebrate together, but found ourselves apart this year on the actual day of. Here’s a look at how we each spent our birthday:

T Side: Tomorrow is our next big event (stay tuned for all the details from our client’s Sweets and Sunflowers Bat Mitzvah), so to say I have been busy is definitely an understatement! I did manage to spend just a little bit of time yesterday on the other things that I love (Besides my job, cuz I love that too!) … My husband and baby (Joie) showered me with cards and gifts when I woke up in the morning. I can’t wait to go shopping and enjoy a much needed massage! At night, we went to my favorite sushi spot (Chiba). It was soooo good!

L Side: I love the traditions that come with birthday celebrations. For me, there are several! My group of friends take the birthday girl out for their birthday to one of LA’s hip local restaurants (This happened a few days before.), my husband and kids throw balloons on me when I wake up on my birthday and spoil me with dinner, gifts, and other fun treats. I look forward to each of these traditions and enjoy taking a minute out of my crazy schedule to spend time with those I love. I also got a chance to get a massage yesterday which was much needed and well deserved, I must say!

This year, we got to focus on what’s really important … Spending some time with family and friends and taking some time for ourselves. Thank you so much to everyone who made this birthday special; sending texts and messages on FB and IG, calling to sing a birthday song, or getting together in person. You all mean so much to us! Have a great weekend from Side by Side Design!


Written by: Lauren

Last week, we showed you the update from the Modern With Antiques Master Bathroom. It is starting to really come along. In fact, the flooring throughout got finished today and we can finally see an end in sight. I decided to share with you another update as I am so excited about the progress on this project and couldn’t wait until it is completed enough to show the finished spaces. Today I am sharing with you their amazing kitchen. Make sure to look back at our previous post to see how far it has come (Under Construction: Modern With Antiques Kitchen)!

There are so many special details that we have planned for this amazing kitchen! Silver leaf cabinetry, a gorgeous marble backsplash and countertop, high end stainless steel appliances, a unique metal pantry door, and an absolutely over-the-top edgy breakfast seating area …

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_0338-1.jpg

… But there is one detail that we didn’t really plan for in the beginning that absolutely took this room to a new level (literally)! We were able to raise the ceiling in this space almost to the height of the loft in the master bedroom and it made the most significant difference opening this space up and giving it a grand new feel.

It’s really starting to come together. The major finishes are done, but we still have some incredible elements that I can’t wait to see.

We have a stainless steel dishwasher on its way and the most magnificent La Corneu stove in stainless and brass … I know, right?

For that back corner, we have ordered a table with an edge (We fell in love with it the moment we saw it!), sleek leather dining chairs, and a glamorous chandelier.

We included a few glass cabinets to showcase some special pieces on either side of their TV and an additional countertop to use while entertaining.

As I mentioned, the appliances are on their way. They will go in next along with the pantry door, baseboard molding, and a finished coat of paint.

Wow! It’s really coming along! I can’t even begin to tell you how proud I am to see all of our hard work and intricate visions coming to life before our eyes. If you like these types of posts and want to see more, we would love to hear from you. Leave us a comment below, and tell us your thoughts! For more information about our design services contact us at info@sbsdesignla.com.


By taking one of the looks from our Get Inspired: January boards, we are providing our readers with further information for where to purchase similar items with a range of price points (from super affordable to fancy and one of a kind). 

Written by: Tami

It is eleven days into the new year and hopefully your resolutions, are still going strong! Mine are! If you are like me and just need some more organization in your life, this is the list for you! I have included 5 must have items for your home and 5 event items that your guests will love. Oh, and some items are purely just to keep yourself, your space, and your personal calendar super organized. Don’t worry … I included a link to make getting each item that much easier. Enjoy!

Interior Items

Parson’s Desk / White – West Elm – on sale for $279

White Poppin Letter Tray Storage Kit – The Container Store – $64.94

Acid Etched Coffee Table – Woolf – price upon request

Brandt Gray Area Rug – Wayfair – on sale for $46.99

OXO Pop Containers – Williams Sonoma – $99.95

Event Items

White Long Flat Rectangular Vase – Events Wholesale – $12

Solitaire White 5 Piece Place Setting – Lenox – $99.95

Black Villa Stripe Napkins – Cost Plus World Market – $7.96 for a set of 4

Wood Marble Pedestal – Crate & Barrel – $54.95

Petite Mila 2019 12-Month Planner – Anthropologie – $24

This new year, make it a resolution to keep your resolutions (hehe) and get organized! If this crisp, clean palette fits your style, why not check out a thing or two from this list? If you are more of a fan of bold patterns and prints, that’s fine too … Do you! Have a great weekend from Side by Side Design!


Written by: Lauren

If you have been following along for a while now, you have definitely heard us talk about one of our most special interior projects to date. The Modern with Antiques Home may not be the largest project we are working on right now, but it without doubt has the most attention to detail of any project I have ever worked on. The clients have spent countless hours (more like years) making this house extra special and I have been on this journey alongside them every step of the way. The space that I feel was the most intricate in planning is the master bathroom. The design has evolved slightly but more or less stayed true to our original concept (as seen in our previous post, Under Construction: Modern with Antiques Master Bathroom) and I absolutely can’t wait to see it completed. I thought it would be fun to share an update on the design, the construction, and where we are today so you can see just how much thought has gone into one little room. Enjoy!

As I mentioned, the overall concept for this room has stayed the same. These materials were selected from the very beginning. The faucets and other fixtures as well, but small details have changed. Originally, we thought to add a freestanding mirrored vanity table between the two marble sink cabinets. That concept changed as I, along with the clients, decided that might get a little too busy and take away from the overall look. The next wave of thinking was to simply put an integrated marble counter with two drawers built in between the two marble sink cabinets. We have now made our final decision on this matter resting somewhere in between the two options. The vanity counter will be installed as discussed but will be mirrored now going back to the original concept and adding just a little bit of bling to the space.

As you can probably guess, creating an all marble bathroom (especially using this large of a pattern) has to be completely thought out from the start. Our fabricator, Sistone, creates drawings before the project even begins and takes the photos of the actual marble slab that they then superimpose into the drawing to show how the finished project will actually turn out. In one of our meetings, the fabricator took the drawings they had produced and created these little mock-up models to give us an even better visual of how the marble will connect in real life.

Here’s how the cabinets are turning out … Pretty cool, huh?

All of the gorgeous marble walls have been installed. Even in the water closet!

This view shows the sloped flooring that went inside the shower so that we were able to not enclose it with glass (So much thought put into that as well!). The floating marble bench with an integrated drain below along with one of the coolest features in the bathroom … These windows actually fog up and become opaque when you flip a switch, and return to clear when you flip it back.

We are still working out the finishing touches for this bathroom, but we recently bought this gorgeous Mongolian hide to use on the vanity chair … This client is so over the top. I love it!

It’s amazing to see this project finally coming together. We have poured so much time into each and every detail which makes it that much more special. For more information about our design services contact us at info@sbsdesignla.com


We are so excited to once again share our monthly inspiration with all of you! Each month, we look forward to getting the chance to sit down and really think about what’s inspiring us, make predictions for the month ahead, and reflect on the past month. As usual, we have each selected a photo that represents our overall inspiration and have paired it with two interior shots and two events that coordinate with its color scheme and overall concept. In addition, we have provided you with our designer tips to keep you on trend for the month ahead. 

Tami’s inspired: In our New Year Resolutions post, Lauren and I shared our goals for the year regarding our business, but of course I have made my own personal resolutions too. It’s no surprise that when you add a baby into your life, with all the joy and love and excitement also comes HER STUFF! No joke, I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed by the clutter especially because I work from home. What’s my New Year resolution? I know this sounds super simple, but honestly … to make sure that every night before I allow myself to enjoy a show or go to sleep I will make sure my home is back in order. This seriously has helped me so much this past week to wake up refreshed and ready for the work day!

What’s my designer tip this month? Start your year off with a clean slate! White is one of my favorite colors because its bright and clean wherever you use it. An all white office will help you focus so you can be the #momboss you always wished to be. Is it time to repaint those kitchen cabinets? Time for a clean slate! Add in a fresh set of flowers to your home every few weeks because you deserve it, and don’t forget to celebrate the #newyearnewyou with your favorite treat.

Lauren’s inspired: My motto this new year is “Work hard play hard”! I started off a bit rocky (no fun having food poisoning just before New Years Eve), but I am getting back to my normal self, pushing myself in business more than ever, and reminding myself each day to take a break to enjoy life along the way. This month, is again packed with tons to look forward to including a 40th birthday, our own birthday, a trip to Vegas, and a Bat Mitzvah Tami has been working hard to plan for the past year. I can’t wait to enjoy each of these special moments!

What’s my designer tip this month? Don’t be afraid to go bold! When I have a client who is deciding between gray and black, I tell them that gray seems like you’re scared to go all the way. Don’t take the safe route. Do something different! When you are bold with your choices your friends will notice, and you will be happy you did.

Here at Side by Side Design, we look forward to an exciting month including a look at how we each separately and together celebrate our birthday, updates on the gorgeous interiors Lauren has been working hard on, a Bat Mitzvah we have been dying to share, and more! Don’t forget to check out our next Get Inspired post on February 1st for all new looks and inspiration! Also, check out our new Instastories feature “Designer Day!” @sidebysidedesign.