A few months ago, Lauren received this message from our college friend, Sarah:

Hi! Okay, so random but very important question … I am in SERIOUS need of a makeover for my bedroom. I absolutely hate my room right now and want to create a whole new look and vibe for the room. I’m talking furniture, wall decor, color scheme, decorations etc. Is there any way you can help me do this or give me advice? I have no clue where to even start. Please help!

Here are some pics of my bedroom. This furniture I have had since Junior year of college (aka 9 years ago) … so sick of it! Also, a couple things that I currently hate about my room / want to get rid of … all the mismatched picture frames and random clutter on my desk / dresser (I’d only really like 1 or 2 pic frames in the new room). I hate the darkness. I’m planning on getting rid of the boom box, haven’t used it in years … and also never really watch the TV in my room, so I am open to taking it out of the bedroom too.

P.S. This is kind of embarrassing. I honestly hate my room right now!


Okay, so when I think about what I want for my bedroom … I want to create a romantic feel: beautiful bedding, candles, flowers etc … I envision myself walking in and feeling like “Ahhh I can relax now” almost like a spa type feel; just very peaceful, beautiful, relaxing, and a nice escape.  As far as colors, I know I want a lot of white and I’m not sure on accent colors yet … (I’m totally open to any ideas and suggestions by the way).

 XO Sarah

After receiving Sarah’s wishes for her new bedroom, she and Lauren began to plan out the room of her dreams. They worked “side by side” to come up with an overall look for the room and these inspiration pictures became their guide.

Since Sarah is currently renting, she wanted to buy pieces that would work well in her space but that she also would be able to keep for a long time. They started with this bed from Z Gallerie. Its wooden framed upholstered headboard looks beautiful with its nailhead detail. To give that clean spa feel, they selected crisp white cotton bedding and added an accent pillow to create interest. This fur throw also from Z Gallerie made her bed more warm and inviting.
Instead of going for the typical option of two nightstands, she opted for a desk on one side to give her a work space. In order to still achieve a uniform look, they chose a small desk in the same finish as the nightstand. This Parson’s Desk from West Elm is just big enough to hold her computer and a few accessories.

As Sarah and Lauren live in different states, Lauren thought it would be easiest to select pieces from stores that have locations in both LA and Vegas. She chose West Elm and Z Gallerie for their overall look. This proved to be helpful as Sarah was able to check out the furniture and accessories in person that Lauren had pre-selected. As a finishing touch, Lauren suggested that Sarah add a pop of color to her monochromatic bedroom. They loved the fuschia orchids from the inspiration photo so much that they decided they would be the perfect thing to complete Sarah’s bedroom.
Overall, they achieved the look that Sarah was going for. They said good-bye to the dark college furniture and selected pieces that are sure to make Sarah feel more at peace in her sanctuary.

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