When attending birthday parties, we love to bring personalized handmade gifts for the birthday boy or girl. These handmade cards have become a favorite of ours lately, as we see them as the gift that keeps on giving. Our friends and family are always in need of cards and gift tags to spruce up a gift they bring to a party themselves.

The overall 1920’s inspired theme for this card set was complete with rhinestones, buttons, ribbon, and scrapbook paper in peach and silver tones.

We used vintage Vanity Fair postcards as our main material for this project. The adorable images of dancing flappers and dapper gentlemen gave each card a personal flair and reminded us of our friend Melissa who was to receive this gift.

Five cards along with their envelopes and five matching gift tags fit nicely into this gift box. 
This gift was complete with over the top wrapping in the same color scheme as the gift itself. A large “M” was created on the top of the box as a way of making an ordinary gift box extraordinary. We know that Melissa will not have these cards forever as she will give them along with gifts of her own, but the box can be kept to hold other mementos. We topped it off with an over-sized white tulle bow and a handmade gift tag with another “M”. Presentation is key.

Here are more ideas for making Handmade Card Gifts and even more  from our previous posts. Whether making cards to add to a gift or as the gift itself the key is to keep your creative juices flowing. Use the birthday boy or girl as your inspiration for creating personalized cards and tags.



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