Ever since we were really young we have always expressed our creativity through different projects. In fact, we have always had a project to work on. Everyone who knows us can attest to the fact that we can barely finish the project we are currently working on before we are bursting with excitement to start the next one. Almost one year ago, Lauren returned from her honeymoon to a couple of text messages from Tami who was eager to start the next project. She asked Lauren if she had ever considered writing a blog and after a long talk about the pros and cons of whether or not to pursue this type of undertaking, we decided it would be a great way to keep track of our design projects (especially those we had just completed for Lauren’s wedding). So many of the small details get lost when you are planning a large event and this gave us the opportunity to share those small details with others.

Almost one year later, we are proud to say that we are committed to our blog, we have accomplished the goals that we have set for ourselves, and we have many more projects and exciting things up our sleeves that we can not wait to show you.

 In honor of our blog’s first birthday, we would like for all of our readers to celebrate with us by participating in our link party. Read the invitation below to follow step by step directions of how to participate. 

(If viewing from your phone, click on the picture to see it clearer.)

This invitation is really tailored towards those of you with your own blog. However, we want to open it up to everybody who is interested. Please participate and show your support by emailing us a picture of your own creation or something you found on Pinterest (or elsewhere online) with the title of your favorite birthday party treat to sidebyside.design@yahoo.com. You are also welcome to comment on August 27th (the date of our link party) on our blog or on our Facebook page with a description of your birthday party treat or even just some birthday love.

We would love to thank our amazing friend and graphic designer, Leigh McFarren, who worked with us “side by side” in creating this invitation as well as our new look (more to come…). We look forward to hearing from all of you and are excited to celebrate a successful first year!


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