Side by Side Design is a unique business concept, owned and operated by twin sisters Lauren Gwartz and Tami Daks, that combines Interior Design + Event Planning. When working with a client, we strive to build a strong relationship and comfort level that goes beyond each project. By gaining unprecedented insight into our clients’ thoughts, interests, and passions, we are able to design their space to fit their day to day lives. The knowledge we gain during this process allows us to dress their home for events from intimate dinner parties to large fundraisers and everything in between.

In addition, we have an extensive list of vendors who we have selected for their unique creative abilities and work collaboratively with to create gorgeous spaces and memorable events. As twins, we have mastered where we each fit into this process and feed off of our individual passion and creativity. We work Side by Side with each other and our clients to bring each and every project to life.

Interior Design + Event Planning

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