Written by: Lauren

It’s crazy to think my little girls are already four years old! Where has the time gone? As Cara and Sienna’s birthday falls at the end of February, and the weather is super unpredictable, we usually plan an indoor party. I also knew when planning that it is easiest with all their preschool friends running around to go to a play place rather than host at home. This is what lead us to our decision to select My Gym as our party venue this year! The only thing left was to pick a theme … My girls wanted to do rainbows, so I quickly began planning small details that we could add to the space to personalize it just a bit!

Every rainbow party needs a rainbow balloon garland, right? I added pink and turquoise to the regular ROYGBIV in our color scheme to make sure to include Cara’s favorite color and a bit of a unique flair.

Yellow plates were lined down this otherwise white backdrop of a table and topped with napkins in every color of the rainbow. I hand wrapped each take home favor myself with super skinny rainbow ribbon and a cute printed tag! What did I include inside? Rainbow colored crayons, a small pad of paper, and stickers too!

Our party was catered by Fresh Brother’s. I love how even this Greek salad looked like a rainbow!

I created a fruit platter in the party’s colors with the same look. Isn’t it cute?

This incredible double cake was designed and created by Ashlee of cream+sugar! She insisted on them having two cakes … She must really get what it means to be a twin on their birthday!

Here’s my girls right before we sang Happy Birthday. I’d say they were happy with how the party turned out!

We were all surprised to find that Ashlee stuffed the inside of these cakes with layers of rainbow, frosting, and so many fun sprinkles! Not to mention, the huge marshmallow clouds she put on top. It tasted great too!

Party attire should always match the theme! Notice how the birthday girl’s skirts have a cute rainbow band on top and big sister had a rainbow dress to match. Love it!

Huge thanks to the fabulous staff at My Gym and everyone who helped me get all the final details together for this fun fourth birthday party! I couldn’t have done it without you! Happy Birthday to my sweet girls, Cara and Sienna! May this year be filled with love and lots of rainbows!


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