Written by: Tami

Events these days look so different to the ones we were accustomed to in the past, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t just as important to celebrate occasions big and small. When this group of girls reached out letting us know they wanted to celebrate their friend for her birthday we were beyond excited! Not only has it been a really long time since we planned a party (since the end of February when all our upcoming events were placed on hold), but we knew they would love the details we were excited to put together. Also, this birthday girl really deserves to be celebrated! 

At first, when the world shut down, we had the exact same reaction as everyone else in our industry … Shock and fear! I mean, how can you not be scared when your livelihood depends on people gathering together and the whole globe is at home keeping a social distance? This has been a major time of reflection and re-evaluation for us as we are sure it has been for most business owners, and although we are still not sure when large events will pick back up (and don’t feel comfortable attending any right now for that matter), one thing we realized is this … Our business revolves around the home. Interior design and home events are our passion, and where are people comfortable right now? Obviously, you know the answer to that question. As long as there are reasons to celebrate, we will always be able to do what we love most because it really doesn’t matter to us if you have 2 people or 200 people at your party! We want to create a beautiful unique event for you!

That brings us back to the event at hand … When planning any celebration in a client’s home, it is their existing decor we look to first for the direction we go in planning the event decor. This cozy backyard was the perfect backdrop for the bohemian birthday party we had in mind.

Our party hostess wanted to have a small gathering of seven girls. The goal was to “get together” and celebrate this special occasion while keeping a distance. Each guest would be pampered and treated to a relaxing and fun time together (As this has been a hard time for all, and these moms truly deserve it!) We designed a set up with all this in mind where each guest had their own dedicated lounge space (6 feet apart) and really didn’t need to move around at all. 

We sourced all of these gorgeous bohemian lounge cushions and pillows as well as these wicker trays from Found Rental Co. They really created the most luxurious yet eclectic looking scene.

What’s more relaxing than getting a pedicure? When was the last time we all even had one? Am I right? We hired the most amazing manicurists to come and pamper these girls feet (while keeping a distance, of course). 

Pops of pink added so much femininity to this space. This pink velvet lounge chair was set up for the birthday girl to enjoy with a gorgeous bouquet of pink petals, and what’s a party without a bottle of rosè? Or a whole bucket full … Why not!?

In event planning, it is the small details that truly make us happy! As there were only seven places to set, we wanted to make sure that every detail was thought through and perfectly planned from the way each girl would find comfort while enjoying their pedicure to the pink velvet ribbon that was tied around each small sprig of garden flowers. Each spot had a tray that sat next to it that the guest could keep her goodies in or place on her lap to eat from. 

I know I mentioned rosè, but did I mention that Whispering Angel makes these adorable half bottles? Perfect to not have to share! Other snacks included a pre-sealed box of sushi from Sugarfish for each guest to enjoy and for dessert? Cookies from a favorite local spot (Cookie Good)! 

We couldn’t have been more excited to plan an event again, and this one was beyond perfect! Thank you ladies for including us and allowing us to set up for your special day!


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