It has officially been nine years since we began our blog (and the official start of our business)! Wow, how time flies! What’s really crazy though is how truly far we have come since those first days of blogging and how our business has evolved. Here’s a quick look back …

Obviously this picture dates back way farther than nine years as we have been “working together” our entire lives. Some things you may not know … Our mom used to dress us in our signature colors (Tami in pink and Lauren in purple) so that people could tell us apart. Although some people still have a hard time (especially while we are wearing masks). We consider being twins to be the biggest contributor to our success in business. Why? In our relationship and in the way we work together we each have very specific jobs, and we don’t have to discuss who will do what task. It is seamless and many years working on school projects and at-home creative endeavors prepared us for these days. 

We wrote our very first blog post nine years ago about a birthday party we threw for ourselves (with a Pink and Purple theme, of course!). We will be honest, we had no clue what we were doing and no teacher to instruct us in the ways of blogging! We only had one goal … To document the creative things we were doing and have a place to look back at these projects. Maybe the second goal (if there was one) was to share these projects with others, but we weren’t even sure how this whole thing worked or how to get the word out. These photos are from that first birthday party post, and if you have been following us in the more recent years, you know we have come a loooooong way with our event planning skills (and camera technology has come a long way too)! 

So many things have changed over the past nine years. Our focus never really was (and still is not) on how many people will visit our blog. We know that blogging is becoming a thing of the past and we (these days) focus much more of our attention on social media, but our blog is dear to us as it still remains a place for us to document the creative things we are doing. Our projects have grown in size, budget, and prestige, but we are still the same girls who love to think creatively and work collaboratively with our clients too! Events are different in this current state of quarantine as well! Usually we love to plan a good party, but for now we will continue to lay low. This adorable birthday box from our in a BOX line will commemorate this special day and help us to celebrate remotely. You can help us to celebrate nine years by wishing Side by Side Design a very Happy Birthday! – With love, Tami and Lauren


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