Today is officially one year since we began our beloved blog. In our first post ever, A Pink and Purple Party , we let you in on the fact that as little girls our parents used to dress us in pink and purple to differentiate one twin from the other. We have decided that it only makes sense that our “signature colors” carry through to our blog and more importantly, to our brand. When planning to celebrate our one year blog birthday, we wanted to really establish this brand and thus used our colors as the color scheme for our party.

A party’s tone is set when you send out the invitations. Our friend and graphic designer, Leigh, created this beautiful invitation for us to send to those who we wanted to thank for supporting us this year. 
We created this number one out of cardboard and tissue paper. The ombre effect adds a modern twist and the fringing makes it almost look like a pinata. Thank goodness for the fringing scissors that made our lives so much easier.  
White balloons were strung on fishing wire to give them a floating effect. We hung them across the living room and into the dining room to make this space more festive. 
We made homemade confetti out of scrapbook paper in our color scheme to decorate the tables. 
Leigh also made us this beautiful sign to honor our blog. She used her Cricut to cut out adorable gold glitter letters and these fringed circles to go with the look of our other decorations. 
The monochromatic color palette of Lauren’s place really lends itself well to any party decor, and we love how it all came together! Neon pink is so much fun! 
Many of our girlfriends took this as their opportunity to wear their brightest neon pink party clothes. 
These dessert tags, made by Leigh, were a great addition to the dessert table and they coordinated nicely with the look from our invitations. 
No birthday party is complete without a birthday cake. To continue with the color scheme, we layered neon pink cake on top of regular white cake, frosted it, and added neon pink sugar sprinkles along the ridge to make it extra fun. The cake was topped with gold sugar sprinkles and a pink number one candle for us to make a wish upon for the coming year. 
These neon pink straws were a hit, complete with gold glitter flags (which were made out of just a little gold glitter tape and scissors), and matching plastic cups!
Refreshments on a hot summer day included pink lemonade and sparkling punch made from a bottle of moscato, a can of beer, two liters of diet 7 Up, and fresh raspberries. 
Our dessert bar consisted of birthday cake, round pink mint candies, white heart mints, cupcake cones (more details for this to come on Friday), and white cake batter fudge with pink sprinkles. We made this backdrop to go with the rest of the party decor using a color blocking technique with fringed tissue paper. 

Although this party was very relaxed, we did take a moment to stop our guests from their mingling to express our sincere gratitude for all of the support they have given us throughout this first year.

Spending the day eating, drinking, and getting caught up with some great girls was the perfect way to celebrate this special event. We put out supplies (adorable stickers, scrapbook paper, and blank cards in the color scheme) so our guests could make their very own birthday cards. We figured this was a great way to incorporate the “blog” theme and to give us all something fun to do at the same time. Plus it’s always nice to have a few cards lying around to give to a friend for their birthday! 

Lauren’s cards were sweet and a little sassy in soft pink mixed with gold glitter letters.

Tami created bright cards with three dimensional pops by fringing edges and adding rolled paper candles.

These cards were made by some of our friends to send overseas and to give to a boyfriend for their upcoming move in together. Yay! 

Each guest left with a thank you lollipop complete with a homemade confetti tag, a copy of our mock-up business card, and a ruffled hot pink ribbon.

Thank you to all of our readers for a wonderful first year. Keep reading! Keep sending your feedback! It is greatly appreciated! Don’t forget to tune in on Friday for our special bonus link party post and let us know what your favorite birthday party treat is. There is still time to get in on the fun … send us a picture of your favorite birthday party treat and we will include it in our post on Friday. Also, if anyone is interested in these decorations for a first birthday party (we know there are lots of you out there with baby birthdays around the corner), contact us! We would love to give them to someone to use!

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