Written by: Tami

On January 15, 2020 my daughter, Sadie Elle, was born weighing in at 6 pounds 12 ounces, and 20 inches long. She loves to sleep (during the day) and has a hint of a dimple when she smiles. We are over the moon to have this new addition to the “Girl Crew” and know she and her big sister Joie will be the best of friends soon. 

When I sat down to write this blog post, I was conflicted. I usually try to keep the content of our blog focused on Interior Design and Event Planning, but we also always want to be real with our community and so this one is straight from the heart. I also usually post these types of announcements in a very generic “everybody tells you” kind of way. Answering questions that everyone comfortably asks … What did she weigh at birth? How did you come up with the name? Maybe even, how long did you push? (That one is “pushing” it a little bit LOL!), but let’s be real. There is so much that happens on each mother’s journey with each new child that they don’t necessarily say. I wanted to include some of that too because maybe some of the things that I went through are different from what you did (or even different from my last time), but knowing that we all go through some unexpected or harder moments helps just a little. 

What they don’t say … Did you know that between 10 – 20 percent of pregnancies end in miscarriage? I had two before getting pregnant with Sadie. Apparently, this is super common. I also had high blood pressure almost my entire pregnancy the first time around which turned into preeclampsia at about 38 weeks causing me to have a very long and painful induction process (almost two full days) before finally “laboring” and delivering my baby. This time, my blood pressure was under control until I reached that 38 week point and again got induced. Luckily, my body knew what to do this time and moved much quicker. So quick, in fact, that after about 8 hours of induction, I was fully dilated and Sadie literally birthed herself. The room was not prepped, my doctor was not there, neither was any of our family, I did not push (not even once) … This part I truly am not complaining about. It was quick, painless, and will be a cool story to tell her when she’s older.

Meanwhile, my almost two year old was home with the flu! My dreams of sisters meeting in the hospital crushed. You know, as a planner I had her perfect outfit ready to go, a gift wrapped up and in our hospital bag from her baby sister ready to give, and the whole scenario of how it would play out planned as well. This meeting didn’t happen until almost one whole week after Sadie was born when Joie was finally well enough to come home and rejoin our family. Thank god my in-laws were patient and flexible enough to watch her for so long. I am truly thankful!

The first 24 hours in the hospital were rough. With my first, I bounced back so quickly and so did Lauren both times. I was totally expecting to spend the normal 1 – 2 nights in the hospital, maybe even get caught up on sending out some event emails (Wishful thinking … I did make a point of doing a little of this although I wasn’t always up to it.), and getting back to real life and work as quickly as possible. The first night, I was in so much pain (I figured out later that something pulled in my lower back maybe even before I got to the hospital) that I couldn’t physically get out of bed. I lay there thinking about needing to care for my two children and how physically taxing working events can be, and worried that it would be a long process to get back to myself. That night, they wheeled in this chair / rehab tool and asked me to pull myself up to standing. It was brutal. It took a while, I made it up to a hunched over somewhat stand, and it took 3 days of hospital care and lots of pain meds to feel like I was in a place where I could go home. I am writing this over a week later and still not completely without pain. It’s a process, and I have to remember that all moms need recovery time after giving birth.

They say, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, and my family’s life is really just beginning. I am beyond excited to start this new chapter with my girls and always in awe of how much women endure to become mothers. Over the next month or so, you might notice our blog and social media feed get a bit interior heavy. I plan to get ready for our late February / March events from home and try to take it a bit easy for a while. Lauren and I pride ourselves on two things … This business that we have grown over the years that is thriving and makes us truly happy, and the fact that we know when to take off our business women hats and care for our families. We aren’t perfect, the struggle of a “mompreneur” is real, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!


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