In case you are wondering why this post is coming to you late and why we have been a bit MIA … keep reading!

Written by Tami:

engagement 4

This past weekend was really exciting for me and my boyfriend, Phil. We started it out at one of our favorite local spots, Malibu Seafood, and had a fresh fish feast; clams, fish ‘n chips, shrimp skewers, and a nice warm cup of clam chowder. We then went to one of my all time favorite locations over looking the ocean. I am sure you know where this story is going …

engagement 2

engagement 3

I am engaged!!!

engagement 1

Phil totally pulled out all of the stops in putting together the surprise of my lifetime. After getting down on one knee and proposing to me, we met up with Lauren for a quick celebratory drink. Apparently she had been at our apartment earlier that morning packing up my overnight bag. After all, who knows best what a girl needs than her twin sister! He whisked me away to the Ojai Valley Inn for a night of relaxation just us two. We enjoyed a glass of champagne and a fabulous dinner in their fancy Italian restaurant and woke up the next morning to walk the beautiful and peaceful grounds. A long luxurious brunch in town and some browsing through shops, and it was time to head back to the city.

engagement 5

engagement 6

Little did I know, Phil had one more surprise up his sleeve. The plan was to go to his parents house for dinner, but Phil knows how important family is to me (and it is equally important to him). We arrived greeted by our closest relatives. It truly meant so much to me to be surrounded by my parents, grandparents, and siblings as well as my soon-to-be family drinking champagne and eating hors d’oeuvres as well as this beautiful cake.

engagement 7

Lauren set the tone for the wedding to be by bringing this basket full of goodies; a handwritten note, a bottle of champagne, a wedding magazine full of chic inspiration, and some fresh flowers. It seems she has been paying attention when I keep saying that the flowers are going to play a huge part in my overall design!

Now that I am engaged, the real fun begins! As an event planner, I vow to honor every single aspect of the process. I will enjoy every challenge that is thrown our way (and if not, I will learn from my mistakes). Above all, I will share it all with our readers and will expect your feedback. I truly can’t wait to get started! The date I marry my best friend is still #TBD, but the planning starts now!


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