Written by: Tami

We have mentioned a bit here and there that we are planning a pretty spectacular Bat Mitzvah weekend next year for a really special girl (Check out our monthly “Favorite Five” post to catch up on our planning updates). So as that event is about a year away, it makes sense that the Bat Mitzvah girl is currently turning 12! We wanted to plan a special party at home for her to not take away from next year’s festivities but make sure she knows that every year is one to be celebrated. Here are the details …

It is official … S.A. is 12! This letter number combo became our logo for this event and was seen all throughout the decor. The birthday girl kept it intimate inviting nine other girls to celebrate with her, and they started and ended the festivities at home. So as not to spoil the dinner they had planned, we provided fruit as a snack, and each girl got a special gift to take home of fun bath accessories.

When they left for their dinner out, we transformed their game room and home theater area into a party any 12 year old would love!

I mean, what kid (or adult for that matter) can pass up a traditional movie theater candy display? We included all candies found at your local movies, popcorn, and a new treat … Five different flavors of cookie corn from Cookie Good in Santa Monica!

Do these balloons look familiar? Shout out to our girls at Bojour Fete for not only getting us the best metallic balloons but somehow fitting them into a very tightly packed car!

Gotta love all the rose gold touches found in our fun assortment of paper goods!

These food label cards and custom stickers with our SA12 logo were created by Bo Jack Studios. Aren’t they awesome? …

… but the most fun detail award goes to these pajama onesies! These Penelope Wildberry tye dye onesies from Frankie’s on the Park are beyond soft and snuggly, but we didn’t stop there! We took them to our friend Rachel Miriam to be personalized to perfection! This gift was a great way for each of the girls to get in the spirit of the party and have an awesome keepsake to take home.

Here’s a look at what our mocktail bar had to offer. Mr. Bartender killed it with these sweet / non-alcoholic drink options offering edible orchids, pink sugar rims, and rock candy stirs in the party’s color scheme.

Even a party this sweets heavy isn’t a party without a cake! Gotta love Susie Cakes!

When the girls returned from dinner, they were not only surprised to see the transformation indoors, but we also made the outside party ready by turning on the firepit, jacuzzi jets, and floating super cute LED orbs in their pool.

The girls went for a night swim …

… and got into their onesies to watch one of our favorite 90’s movies … Clueless!

Happy 12th Birthday to a very special girl from Side by Side Design! Thank you for letting us be a part of your day and surprise you with so many details!


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