The saying goes … All good things must come to an end, and this Glossara. series for us is as good as it gets. It’s crazy to think the perfect venue, theme, vendors, and family that we planned for could all come together in one big event, but we swear it did! Ask anyone who was a part of this magical weekend. They will tell you the same! Don’t get us wrong, we are known for saying that with every event “something will go wrong” and this event was not without its challenges, but it has pushed our personal bar higher, our level of confidence stronger, and is a perfect starting point for the next chapter of our event production side. This may be the end of our Glossara. series, but certainly not the end at all! We are looking forward to so many awesome projects in 2022 that we can’t wait to share!

HOW I START MY DAY. The coffee bar at Viceroy Santa Monica was the perfect place to start the last event of this Bat Mitzvah weekend experience, and we had more surprises in store for the family of honor and their guests. The hotel staff put together a menu of fabulous specialty coffee drinks for this girl who is a Starbucks fanatic! Invite Amy had her stamp on this morning’s events too! She created these Glossier-esque smiley face napkins and coffee cups stating the tagline for the day.

Love all the pink pops we added to this hotel throughout the weekend’s festivities. Can’t say we didn’t warn them!

Our custom Glossara. cloud wall by Nomad Art and Design made an appearance as well for breakfast the final morning. 

So did an an entire spread of all the breakfast favs and the most delicious wall of ombre donuts we have ever laid our eyes (and taste buds) on. Plus this acrylic personalized donut wall was perfection (also by Nomad Art and Design).

So you may recall from the very beginning of this story, that due to Covid the original Bat Mitzvah date changed and with the new date came a complete overhaul on the look, feel, and theme of this event. We frankly needed a new start, and also with time comes maturity. “Sweet Sara” will always be sweet, but her interests had changed!  Get what we did here? On the last day, we surprised “Sweet Sara” with a quick ode to her original theme. I think she liked the donuts too! 

Beautiful silk napkins and pink plates from Signature Party Rentals and more to die for florals from Gathered finished this event off right!

Yum! Yogurt, cereal, hot foods, bagels, donuts for dessert … There was truly a little something for everyone! Thank you Chef Jason and the entire team at Viceroy! You brought your A game the whole entire weekend, and we can’t wait to work with you again real soon! 

Just in case guests had an early flight to catch or wanted a donut for the road, Invite Amy also made these adorable “S” donut boxes. She really thinks of everything! A bag of pink candy to go too? Why not!

When you put your heart and soul into producing all aspects of an event like this, it’s really hard to say good-bye! We are truly grateful to the photographers and videographer who helped capture so many memories throughout the weekend and grateful that the entire story now lives here on our blog. Glossara. We out!


We’re back! Happy New Year everybody! Did we mention there is still more to share from this Glossara. themed Bat Mitzvah experience? We could not be happier to be able to post this flashback in the New Year! 

We are pretty sure at this point in the evening, guests were feeling like they had seen it all! I mean let’s be honest, most parties are not quite this detailed, are they? Even the hosts themselves were in for the ride, allowing each new area to be unveiled and brand new surprises to take shape as the night went on. This photo is a great illustration of guests getting cozy and enjoying the fire pit while entertainers took the stage …

… Little did they know, these ladies would be back and in all new get ups to welcome everyone into the next space … The after party! Does it get any more fun than these futuristic LED ballerina inspired costumes? Thanks Untouchable Events for once again pulling out all the stops!

The outdoor area in front of Viceroy Santa Monica’s conference room was the perfect location for our lounge set up. We designed this lounge in the Bat Mitzvah girl’s honor and to complete the elevation in vibrancy of color that was taking place throughout the night with this deep fuchsia, plum, and red color scheme. Fabulous couches, and chairs to fit this look as well as lots of LED cubes, cocktail tables, and even a bar were brought in from Signature Party Rentals and AFR Furniture Rental

Umm and we certainly won’t forget to mention this custom “Sara. Sara. Sara.” neon by Nomad Art and Design and the beyond brilliant florals by Gathered that flocked each side of it and seem to be suspended in mid-air!

Speaking of Gathered … Let us just take a moment right here to tell you about its owner and our friend Kayla Montalvo. We first met this gorgeous girl about eight years ago while we were preparing for our first Side by Side Design photo shoot (She did the flowers)! What Kayla brought to the table that day is what she has brought consistently throughout our time working with her. She always elevates our work. She always pushes us and herself forward creatively. She is also the sweetest most loving girl around and a damn good business woman! Unfortunately for us, Kayla has claimed this Glossara. event as her last in the floral world (unless we offer her another really fun project, wink). So please help us in wishing Kayla all the best in her next endeavors! We know she will continue to create magic wherever and in whatever she does, and we know this is not the end for us working with her either!

Back to the after party … The highlights included glow cotton candy (as seen in the photo above provided by Vita Perfetta), cocktails and mocktails served from the LED bar, and after hours snacks including homemade french fries in custom fry containers by Invite Amy


This conference room at Viceroy Santa Monica was completely transformed into an after hours night club. Just wanted you to see what it looked like previously cuz you aren’t going to believe all the changes that were made.


Are we right? The most important part of this transformation was making sure this LED dance floor fit as much of the space as possible to fill this odd shaped room. Thanks so much Untouchable Events for taking on this challenge and creating the night club of our client’s dreams along with so many fun custom graphics. 

Also, thanks so much for providing the best of the best sound, lighting, and DJ to complete this space!

We are in pink disco ball heaven! OK, so if you look closely it’s actually gold, but with all the pink lighting this club had in it, the disco ball was picking up so many fun shades of pink too!

Untouchable Event’s dancers were truly in their element here bringing the party and showing off all their best moves.

As our Glossara. posts are coming to an end, we would like to take a moment here to properly thank one more awesome team of creatives! Nomad Art and Design is absolutely the best in set design and have even won awards for their work on music videos for popular artists such as Ariana Grande and the Weekend etc. We are so lucky to have found them and could not be more happy with the work they did for us from replacing walls and carpet, hanging glittery disco balls, building custom backdrops and neons, even staging an entire swag shop, and more! We truly can’t wait for the next opportunity to collab on a project with this incredible team.   

When many of your guests are visiting Los Angeles from the East Coast and elsewhere, what is the best surprise at the end of a long night? The In Out truck, of course! Even the Bat Mitzvah girl didn’t know we had this one up our sleeves, and we got comments from many guests that the entire after hours club was hidden so well that they had no idea it was there until it was unveiled.

Believe it or not, there is only one post left in this Glossara. event series. Stay tuned … We promise to conclude very soon with the Sunday brunch.

All photographs by Scott Clark Photography