Buckle your seat belts! We are about to take you on a wild ride through the most epic Bat Mitzvah party we have ever experienced (and were lucky enough to plan) … If you have been following along on this Glossara. journey with us, you know by now that our goal in reimagining the space at Viceroy Santa Monica included unveiling one area at a time creating elements of surprise throughout the entire evening. Their outdoor space lent itself to such a huge transformation as well as endless entertainment possibilities. 


This gorgeous patio was the absolute best location for our client’s Bat Mitzvah party. It was outdoor and spacious while still feeling intimate. Of course, we could have easily kept it exactly as is, but what’s fun about that!? Wait ’til you see the crazy transformation this space underwent. Not only did we replace almost every single piece of outdoor furniture that lives here, but we added in tons of lighting, florals, and some custom details (big and small) that will blow your mind!


We decided to keep the overall look for this space super crisp, modern, and mostly white with pops of pink to stay true to the Glossara. theme. Lauren (Owner and Lead Interior Designer of Side by Side Design) carefully selected these adorable blue chairs as some of the only items from the Viceroy’s every day design to stay in the space. 

There were two major design elements that we knew we absolutely needed to have (but that would also need to be custom). The first was this incredible floral filled stage and backdrop, and if you look closely at the before and after photos you will notice the tile surround on the firepit no longer has a pattern. Not only did Nomad Art and Design custom build the stage, but they carefully crafted pink tile to wrap around the firepit so the existing pattern would not clash with our overall design.

The backdrop for this stage was an original design by the very talented Kayla of Gathered. We absolutely fell in love with the way she paired the soft pink with a textured iridescent, and loved even more seeing her vision brought to life. These stunning florals were her design too! We truly cannot say enough about this gorgeous mix of pinks and orangey-red. Each cluster took our breath away!

Sorry not sorry that it was wayyy too hard to select from all the awesome photos Scott Clark took! 

We carefully selected each piece of furniture to use in this space from Signature Party Rentals wide selection of rentals. We decided to go with a very clean, crisp, modern aesthetic and used tables for seating and hightop tables that looked great without any linens at all. We also knew that this overall white backdrop would be beautiful in daylight but would take on a whole new look when the sun went down and all the pink lighting we brought in was in full effect. 

Speaking of lighting, this photo shows some of the pops of pink starting to do their thang! The overhead string lights that are in this space year round were such an added bonus too!

Pops of pink in plush fabric pillows made a huge statement too!

In our planning process, various different set ups were imagined in this space. We went through many scenarios as well for sit down dinner type events and scenarios where guests were standing and mingling the whole time. A marriage of the two was where we landed. Seating was provided for those who prefer to sit while enjoying their dinner, lounge seating for those who want even more comfort than that, and hightop tables also to rest a drink while guests mingled. A little something for everyone! Stations of all kinds of cuisine were created and set up by Viceroy Santa Monica. Both the menu and service were top notch!

Have you ever seen such beauty? We asked Kayla of Gathered to create centerpieces for these tables that left space for guests to enjoy a meal but did not leave the tables looking sparse as full table settings were not necessary for this type of dining experience. What she designed were little slices of heaven! Each centerpiece is slightly different and totally unique to anything we have ever seen before at any event we have planned or attended. Instead of placing florals in low vases to feel as if they are sitting on the table itself, she custom made textured risers for the arrangements to sit on (in pink, of course!). 

The other idea we had for how to best use the functionality of this space was for each of the cabanas to house a different activity for the kids to partake in. 

Here’s a look into one of the cabanas that was used as a lounge and activity space for the Bat Mitzvah girl and her friends. We love the custom signage with photos from her photo shoot with Scott Clark and pink shag carpet by Nomad Art and Design. We especially love the intimate setting this cabana provided for Untouchable Events to host a round of trivia about the Bat Mitzvah girl during the event itself … 

… You can’t have a Glossara. themed event without Glossier product. We packaged up cute mini BOXes of Glossier lip glosses, cloud paint, etc. and some with other goodies the Bat Mitzvah girl loves (such as Starbucks gift cards and pink pop sockets) to use as prizes for games. 

We made sure to have a little something for the littles in attendance too! Pink sungalsses, pop-its and even smiley stickers to go along with the theme.

Pink ping pong? Anything is possible! Nomad Art and Design took the design of our arcade space beyond serious and not only brought in a pink ping pong table for guests to play the game but they custom created these Glossara. paddles and balls that read “Sara. Sara. Sara.” 

The ping pong set up and air hockey table from Arcade Rentals by Gems in this space was a nice extension of the arcade from our cocktail hour set up (as seen in our previous post) when the doors were opened up. Guests were able to use the entire arcade space during the dinner portion of this event. 

Now that you have seen all the behind the scenes, it’s time for the main event! As we mentioned, we did our best to keep areas of the party hidden for as long as possible to create an element of surprise. How did we accomplish this? Lots and lots of pipe and drape! When it was time for the cocktail hour and a half to end and the dinner portion of the evening to begin, we found ourselves on either side of the curtains pulling them back and tried to take in the guests reactions to the space. We aren’t going to lie … Their excitement made us very very happy! 

These three dancers were ready to greet all the guests as they entered the space (We should mention the girls are twins, wink.). Their energy was unmatched throughout the entire rest of the night! Thank you Untouchable Events for bringing us a taste of New York right here in LA! 

The DJ and emcee (also from Untouchable Events) were ready to bring the party to the next level!

Did we mention how good the decor looked as the sun went down and the pink lights were in full effect? Not only did we want to keep each area a surprise until it was time to reveal, but our vision was for the energy to build in each space and the shades of pink to get more and more vibrant too!


The interactive models from our cocktail hour made an appearance as well …


… Before changing their look completely to match the new space they were in.

This event was planned out to be free flow where guests could eat when they wanted, visit the cabanas when they wanted to engage in an activity, and there was also plenty of entertainment. This violinist played a few sets of her rendition of modern hit songs. Anything we say here will not do her justice. We wish everyone reading could experience listening to her play and the energy her music brought to the space. It was pure magic!

Our L shaped stage was the perfect place for a cirque du soleil type performance as well! You can do that too, right?…

… and the incredible mentalist, Asi Wind, dazzled guests with roaming performances and a show from the big stage.

Each cabana housed a different activity such as this “Chill Here” station with a custom sign pointing inside for what you would find.  

Other activities included “Lips + Lashes” by Vita Perfetta where guests could go to get flutter lashes applied or create their own custom gloss …

… “Acai Bowls” to customize a delicious treat …

… and the “Slides Station” to create something fun for their feet! 

The fact that we have this photo of the two of us both sitting and apparently enjoying a little something to eat and drink is definitely a blur! This event was jam packed full of excitement (just like we like it) and for the absolute best of the best clients we could ask for! Believe it or not, there’s still more to share. Next up … After party! Stay tuned!

All photographs taken by Scott Clark Photography.

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