It’s the end of the month, and we are extremely grateful for all of the design challenges and experiences that have come our way. Today, we continue to show you some of our favorites … 5 things that truly made us happy in the great big world of design this month. This has proven to be a great way for us to share sneak peeks into projects that are in the works (but not quite ready to show in their entirety), flashbacks of projects from the past, and highlight an interior or event vendor that deserves recognition. Enjoy!

#1: This new year! Every year, we set goals for the things we want to achieve personally and in our business. The start to this new year felt so different in so many ways. We are hopeful that with a little more time, brilliant scientists, and patience we will all go back to “normal” soon. We are also aware of how lucky we are that all things considered our business grew so much last year. We are, however, grateful to say BYE to 2020 and to begin fresh in this new year! Let’s see what it has in store … (Written by: Tami)

#2: This inspiration! We created this mood board for a house we are working on in Beverly Hills. The home has such natural beauty and Spanish details that you don’t see in today’s architecture but needed some updating, and really needed to be brightened up. They just finished staining all the floors and repainting the walls, and the clients are slowly moving all their stuff back in. They called me yesterday and said they couldn’t be happier with the decisions we have made so far … There’s nothing better than that! (Written by: Lauren)

#3: The first responders! Wow! We cannot even begin to express our gratitude to all of the first responders throughout the past ten months! These people are our heroes! When a friend reached out to send one of our custom BOXes to a very special ER doctor, we considered it our mission to make sure that this gift was full of only the best for the best! Thank you to all who have been risking their own lives to keep others safe and healthy. These individuals are the ones truly giving gifts every day! (Written by: Tami)

#4: This installation! This and two others we did with the great Alex Turco in my client’s Cape Mod Home were installed this month. They really take each space to the next level and I absolutely love how they turned out! Visit our IG page @sidebysidedesign to see videos of each panel being installed. They are out of this world! (Written by: Lauren)

#5: This birthday! January is birthday month for us, and something you may not know is … This is the second year in a row we did not get to celebrate together (Last year, I was in the hospital having just given birth to my second daughter Sadie). Each of our husbands and daughters worked hard to make this birthday special by bringing in yummy take out and celebrating with cake. It was fun, and we know that we won’t be stuck in doors forever! Here’s to 39 … and looking forward to celebrating 40 together in a big way next year! (Written by: Tami)

Follow us on Instagram @sidebysidedesign for more all month long as we share our deliveries and Designer Day! We plan to share our “Favorite Five” for the month of February on the 26th, and as always will be posting what’s inspiring us for the month ahead on the first Friday. See ya soon!


In the short time, since we began our in a BOX line, we strive to always bring you new concepts, gorgeous locally sourced products, and above all we love to collaborate with other awesome businesses expanding our minds and creating together. This Valentine’s Day, we are bringing you a true collaboration that we are beyond proud of with a few of our very favorite brands. Keep reading to see how their products fit so seamlessly into our Valentine’s Day BOXes allowing us to offer you the absolute BEST for this special day … Oh and don’t forget to pre-order by February 7th. This is one you won’t want to miss!!! 

Kiss Me Cupid: $175 – The perfect date night for two! Features LA Mobile Bartender’s “Kiss Me Cupid” craft cocktail (created especially for this BOX), Darcuterie’s board of sweet and savory snacks, a few seasonal blooms, and festive napkins, too!

Cuddle Your Cuties: $100 – Don’t your littles deserve something extra special this Valentine’s Day? Our Family BOX features only the best! Hot chocolate bombs by The Secret Bake Shop, festive decor, and more.

Gift Your Galentines: $50 each ($225 for five) – Mini BOXes to gift your girls! Features your choice; champagne, prosecco, or rosè with coordinating cheeky napkins. All Minis also include festive sweets and heart stirrers. 

We are taking orders through February 7th. To order your Kiss Me Cupid, Cuddle Your Cuties, and Gift Your Galentines BOXes, contact us at or call (480) 628-8264. Delivery included within the Los Angeles area. Shipping available within the US. 

Don’t see exactly what you are looking for? Customized BOXes are available as well starting at $150.


Written by: Tami

When my older daughter (Joie) celebrated her first birthday, I wrote about the unplanned elements we endured that day (as seen in our previous post, First Fiesta Birthday Party). Man, does a bunch of rain sound good right about now!? This time, when setting out to plan a way to celebrate my younger daughter (Sadie), I had a new challenge. How do we include our friends and family in such a special day while staying home and safe? The answer was simple … Smash cakes can be just as exciting over Zoom! Can’t they? I’ll say, it wasn’t perfect, but we did the best we could under the circumstances. Here are the details:

My Sadie is a “wild one” so choosing a theme was easy! Plus I am obsessed with animal print and these safari paper goods by Meri Meri have been on my list of must haves for a while! I added some fun packs of balloons, birthday candles, and a banner to my shopping list and created one of our signature BOXes to help my girl celebrate her special day.

You didn’t think I would let this day go without decorating, did you!? Really doesn’t matter that we didn’t have any physical guests in our home! I guess these stuffed animals will have to do LOL. 

I created this little balloon backdrop (with the theme incorporated, of course) to give our Zoom guests the feel that they were actually at a party, and to give us a place for a cute photo op …

… and this cake!? It was custom made by Ashlee of cream + sugar for the birthday girl herself! I am obsessed with how it turned out with these party ready animal figurines on top!

When it was time for our guests to “arrive”, we kept the plan short, sweet, and simple. We said a few words, sang “Happy Birthday”, and let Sadie smash her cake! She did a pretty good job and seemed to enjoy it thoroughly and Phil’s idea to install a “cake cam” for this occasion was brilliant!

I am positive Sadie will not remember this day, but that I surely will for many years to come! I am beyond grateful to have been given the chance to celebrate my little girl’s first birthday with so many people we love (even if it was virtually). Next year, I hope to once again welcome our loved ones into our home (and know I will hold them all extra tight). Happy Birthday Sadie Lady! You are the light for us in what was otherwise a very crazy year. I love you so much!

Contact us at to order your own Birthday in a BOX. For an additional fee we can even do the set up for you!


Every new year we take the time to reflect on the past year, re-evaluate our business model, and come up with goals and ways to take our business and blog to the next level. It’s a great opportunity to update our readers on our ever-evolving business model. This year certainly was as unexpected as they get, but with uncertainty comes growth and we truly embraced it! It’s no secret that the events industry has taken a hard hit this year, and many of our scheduled events from 2020 were postponed to later dates. Some even cancelled all together. We feel extremely lucky that our business model allows us to shift our focus at times like these to the side that is in demand. Therefore, we made two big decisions very early on. The first one was to focus our attention on all things home. After all, it’s where we all are spending our time these days, and many existing and new clients reached out to begin construction, renovation projects, and design on spaces they had been putting off for a while. The second decision we made was to not let our events side go unnoticed! We created an all new concept that we know brought so much joy to those who have participated thus far, and we believe may have been exactly what our business was missing. 

In our personal lives, Tami added one more girl (Sadie) to our “girl crew” last January. She has been busy settling into her new life as a mom of two while at home. Lauren’s twins are in their last year of preschool while her oldest navigates distanced learning and all that entails. She has continued to tackle home projects while she’s been spending lots of time there.

As it is finally a new year, we thought it best to start off really intentionally by beginning with a re-cap of the past year’s posts; Interior Design (Lauren’s side), Event Planning (Tami’s side), personal projects, collaborations, and monthly inspiration. We continue to post every Wednesday and Friday and try to keep the content of our blog as focused as possible on the two sides of our business. We have introduced our readers into our lives as well as our creative passions, and have given monthly previews for what is to come and recaps of our “Favorite Five” things we have done or begun! 

Here’s a look at what we have accomplished this past year, the different types of posts that frequent our blog, and our favorite of each type of post with insight as to how this all works Side by Side:

Interior Design – Believe it or not, this has been the best year yet for the Interiors “side” of our business. Lauren has been very lucky to have worked on lots of different types of projects including the Bel Air home that Kim and Kanye built (which is now owned by our client). In addition, she has been referred for many other high end projects by a top Brentwood realtor to take his client’s homes to the next level. As well as some of her best renovation projects to date are majorly in the works … Oh, and have we mentioned the vacation home she’s been working on in Vail is almost now copmplete? Everything from design consultation to full construction and remodel as well as Interior Design mostly in high end residential has been a part of the every day on the interiors “side” this year. We truly have loved every minute of seeing each stunning vision come to life and are so grateful for having this platform to showcase our work. We have chosen to showcase a project Lauren has been intimately involved with for the past few months, what we call the “Cape Mod Home”, as it is the essence of  her design style and a project she is very proud of. We promise to share every detail! If you haven’t already, check out the construction in our post, Under Construction: Cape Mod Home. New projects are beginning, and we plan to continue to take on interior challenges and new opportunities as they present themselves to us … Stay tuned!

Event Planning – As we have mentioned, here at Side by Side Design we have two “sides” to our business, Interior Design and Event Planning. Our mission is to work with a family to design their home making it fit their lifestyle and personal taste. When assisting these clients with their home event planning, we not only get to continue to work with them Side by Side but get to pull from the look of their home for inspiration. Tami runs this side of the business and has taken on larger events such as weddings and Bar / Bat Mitzvahs as well in the past. In 2019,  she worked really hard to focus on our mission of planning home events and had many events booked for 2020 as well. Every time we start a project it is different, new, and exciting (even if it is for an already existing client in a home we know well)! We love to come up with new concepts and ways of surprising our clients and their guests each time. Of course, with events coming to a screeching halt in March, we were forced to think outside the box (and even created a BOX of our own to help clients celebrate occasions in such a hard time). This event we are highlighting was such a special one for us as it fit within the parameters of social distancing while allowing some mamas who really deserved a break a chance to unwind, drink wine, and get pampered. Plus the decor was on point (as seen in our post A Bohemian Birthday Celebration)! Our hope is to book and plan many micro-events such as this in 2021 until it is time to return to our old normal (Although we aren’t going to lie, the smaller the guest count, the more it allows for us to focus on each and every minute detail … Which we love!)

in a BOX – One of our goals for our company has always been to focus more attention on curating gorgeously wrapped gifts for our clients at holiday times and for other occasions. We guess it took a global pandemic to make that a reality! We are beyond proud at how quickly we “pivoted” when it became obvious that the events side of our business would be effected. Maybe we both needed a distraction, but we started to dream about what an event would look like if it came in a different form (like in a BOX for example). Which turned into … What would our BOX look like? How would it get distributed? How would we let people know it was available? All of these questions we asked ourselves and in a very short period of time because our intent was to launch for Mother’s Day. Each BOX we have created is unique and each item inside is high quality. We strive to work with as many local businesses as we can as well and have done lots of fun collaborations in just the few short months we have been providing this service! This “50 & Fabulous BOX” is a perfect example of how gorgeous they turn out! We are already creating BOXes for the new year and are about to roll out a new micro-event option we have been working hard on. Can’t wait to create for you! Contact us at to get your order started.

Personal Projects – As we mentioned, Lauren has been working on various projects throughout her own home, but her favorite this year was their front yard renovation (as seen in our post, Modern Bohemian Front Yard). As you can see, it has undergone a major transformation, and we absolutely love the outcome! Not only is it beautiful, clean, and and easy to maintain, but has also been the best spot for her girls to play while they have been spending so much time at home and especially now that they are working to renovate the backyard. Stay tuned for more from Lauren’s Modern Bohemian Home Tour.

Collaborations – Last year (with all that was going on), it truly helped us to gain perspective by listening to podcasts and reading articles about other business owners going through similar situations and how they shifted their focus and made the most of a difficult time. Checking in periodically with other  mamas we know personally who own their own businesses has also taken us out of a dark place more than once! What a great source of support you all have been to us (You know who you are)! We have been very lucky this year to work collaboratively with many amazing companies including: JCJ, Bodewell Living, cream+sugar, Darcuterie, WBTLA, and Brawerman Elementary. We especially loved getting the opportunity to put together these stunning Hanukkah in a BOX options and deliver them to so many of you who have been stuck at home for way too long! Let us know if you would like to join forces with Side by Side Design to create something special in this new year. We would love to work with you!

#inspo – This consists of two different series … The first is our seasonal “Pining for Pinterest” post. Four times a year, we share what is “pinspiring” each of us going into the upcoming season. Each look highlights our exact business model in showcasing an event that works with an interior space as well as all of the details you would find there (signature cocktails, home accessories, delicious catered appetizers, and so much more). By creating these boards, we are hoping to inspire those of you who love to host parties or those looking to do something new with their home. Don’t worry, we are just a quick email away if we can help in any way. Email us at The second is what we call “Get Inspired” (This #inspo board is taken from our January 2020 post, but sure feels relevant right now!). This gives us a chance to post what’s inspiring us each month and give a preview of what’s to come as well as really let our readers into our lives. We are excited to continue to keep it real and inspire in 2021!

We truly can’t believe our business (and blog) have been around almost a decade, and are extremely proud of the growth we have made in this time! In fact, when we began Side by Side Design, the blog was the main focus (as we both had other full time jobs, and we were looking for a way to share our creative side with others). We have since shifted our focus. Our blog is not a main source of business. It is more our way to document the projects we are working so hard on. We feel it is important to say this as we always strive to be transparent with our readers. We so appreciate our loyal readers and plan to give all of you really exciting interior design and event planning related blog posts each Wednesday and Friday in 2020. If you have been following our story for a while, we would love for you to give us some feedback … What keeps you coming back? Any constructive criticism is welcome as well!

As we mentioned, we are happy to have content for our blog, but even happier to have a business that is coming off of another year of huge growth! In order to continue to grow in the next year, we have really worked hard to come up with a short list of very tangible goals for our business that we will be working to achieve this year.

Our New Year Resolutions for 2021 are …

  • In the last year, with social media being at forefront of all marketing trends, we have made a huge effort to up our game as well. With the support of our social media consultant, we plan to continue to post twice a week to our feed and post a minimum of one IG story per week as well.
  • We are working hard to get professional photos taken of the majority of our interior projects. This year, our plan is to not only update our website portfolio pages, but hopefully give our entire website a complete overhaul (including a new photo shoot of ourselves to showcase on the site).
  • We will continue to take on projects that fit our business model and the standard we have set for ourselves while keeping our clients happy and impressed with our work.

Alright guys, that was a lot of information! Time to take it all in … We will be back next week to share new projects for the new year. Happy New Year from Side by Side Design, and cheers to an amazing year ahead!


We are so excited to once again share our monthly inspiration with all of you! Each month, we look forward to getting the chance to sit down and really think about what’s inspiring us, make predictions for the month ahead, and reflect on the past month. As usual, we have each selected a photo that represents our overall inspiration and have paired it with two interior shots and two events that coordinate with its color scheme and overall concept. In addition, we have provided you with our designer tips to keep you on trend for the month ahead. Happy New Year!

Tami’s inspired: Besides being in complete ignorant bliss a year ago about what we were about to embark on in the year 2020, what was I up to? I was waiting for this adorable addition to our family to arrive! Sadie has been the perfect distraction in this chaotic year and the most perfect finishing touch to our little family. She’s sweet and snuggly and makes our long days at home worth while. This month, we celebrate her first year around the sun in the most non-traditional way, but don’t worry … There will still be lots of cake! 

What’s my designer tip this month? Celebrate in style! My obsession with leopard print is not going anywhere anytime soon, but you all know I love to mix and match in ways that are most unexpected. When decorating your home for upcoming celebrations, bring in lots of lively colors, flowers, and cake (or donuts) of course! 

Lauren’s inspired: I am fully aware that just because we flipped the switch from 2020 to 2021, doesn’t mean there is some magic that everything from last year just goes away. With the new year brings new hope and a fresh start. That’s what I am going into 2021 with. A heightened awareness of the state of the world but with a deep hope that with new science, vaccines, and knowing what works and doesn’t work with this pandemic we can one day (hopefully soon) get out of this mess and give ourselves a fresh start.

What’s my designer tip this month? Give your home a fresh start! As we all spend more and more time at home, we are noticing things in our lives that work and don’t work (or things we want to change). Write some resolutions or goals for the year and start ticking things off that list. It’s a good time to do it!

Here at Side by Side Design, we look forward to continuing to keep it real this month from our homes to yours … We have some brand new design projects we will be getting started on and can’t wait to show off the ones we’ve had in the works for a while, are planning a very special Zoom smash cake party, are celebrating our own personal birthday, and we have lots of BOXes, collections, and collaborations in the works too! If you haven’t already checked out our “in a BOX” line (a custom gifting experience) … You should! Don’t forget to visit us for our next Get Inspired post on February 5th for all new looks and inspiration! Also, check out our Instastories @sidebysidedesign to see how we are spreading joy one BOX at a time!