Written by: Lauren

Just like everybody else, we got stuck inside for six months and started crossing home projects off our own list (like this front yard renovation), but we still have one very large project to complete. As my family spent more time at home, we started reimagining our plan for our backyard and decided it would be pretty awesome if we could include a pool. We brought at least six pool contractors by to give us quotes and to see if it would even be doable and finally decided to pull the trigger. Three months later, permits have been pulled, the construction has begun, and things are finally starting to take shape. Our plan is to complete the whole backyard during this renovation, and hopefully by next summer we will really get to enjoy it!

In Process

They’ve already begun to frame out the pool. You may be wondering why they are framing it this way (when normally they dig down to build a pool). We are building a large deck to go from our back doors all the way to the back fence, and the pool will actually sit in the deck itself.

In this picture, you can see a raised platform. That structure is a shed (which will stay in tact), but our plan is to put stairs from the pool deck to that landing for an additional seating space. Just past that, there will be grass and our trampoline for the kids to run and play.

Backyard Inspiration

Our house is a modern ranch style, so I am keeping with that overall look. I am thinking a natural wood deck with white coping around the pool, but I haven’t decided which direction I want to go for the tile. Naturally when you start a big project like this there are many other things that come up. I have yet to fine tune every detail as I want to take the process as it goes, but I know for sure I want to include an outdoor TV, a dining space, a BBQ counter, the right foliage to match the front yard, and of course a few bohemian touches. I might even switch out the back doors, but we’ll see! We know you love to keep up with this type of project, so we will make sure to give you updates as we go here or on IG. 

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