It’s the end of the month, and we are extremely grateful for all of the design challenges and experiences that have come our way. Today, we continue to show you some of our favorites … 5 things that truly made us happy in the great big world of design this month. This has proven to be a great way for us to share sneak peeks into projects that are in the works (but not quite ready to show in their entirety), flashbacks of projects from the past, and highlight an interior or event vendor that deserves recognition. Enjoy!

#1: This countdown! 7 months … and counting until the big Bat Mitzvah weekend we are planning! Can you believe it? It is truly going to be here before we know it. With all this new found time at home, I have been working hard to bring all the visions and details we have planned for this event together. What’s next on the agenda? Finalizing our entertainment plan! In addition to bringing in a top entertainment company, DJ, and emcee, we will have fun arcade games for the kids, a dinner time show for the adult guests, and so much more! You didn’t think I would actually spill all the details, did you? (Written by: Tami)

#2: This eclectic bathroom! Still working out the final details for an eclectic master bathroom (i.e. what style cabinet, finalizing tile, specing plumbing fixtures, and fine tuning the layout dimensions). I am lucky that, for the most part, I can work from home and still get done as much as I possibly can for my clients. We are all in this together, but I want to make sure that when this is all over they get to thoroughly enjoy their new spaces. (Written by: Lauren)

#3: This cocktail party! It’s no secret that events big and small are being postponed all across the world, and we feel extremely fortunate to have clients who are just as excited to get back into planning as soon as we are all able to get less distance between us. Here’s a cute pic from the last event we planned in March, an at-home cocktail party. Who would have thought after this there would be a break? Not me! I am also just as excited as ever  to resume work (outside of my home) and create beautiful events again! (Written by: Tami)

#4: This vendor! What an awesome year the last one was for our company, and one thing we can say for certain is that we really feel confident now in the vendors that we work with regularly and all their creative talents. One such vendor that we have had the opportunity to work with on many events in the past twelve months is Mulberry Row. They created these gorgeous floral arrangements and many others too! Seriously, I always have a strong idea in mind for what I want the florals to be at our events, and every time these experts over exceed my expectations! (Written by: Tami)

#5: These company changes! Just like all other businesses at this time, we have had to adapt to our #newnormal. There have been some small changes in the way we conduct business and what we share on our IG feed, but overall our intent will always stay the same: To create stunning spaces for our clients to live in and memorable experiences for those hosting in their homes. What’s new with Side by Side? Virtual meetings to discuss plans for projects in the works, a discounted rate on our Interior Design Consultation Package (if booked by April 15th), and we will continue to share “The Things that are Keeping Us Going” (like this Zoom Circle Time with Cara and Sienna’s preschool) on our IG stories for those looking for creative ideas and inspiration. (Written by: Lauren)

Follow us on Instagram @sidebysidedesign for more all month long as we share our Designer Day! We plan to share our “Favorite Five” for the month of April on the 24th, and as always will be posting what’s inspiring us for the month ahead on the first Friday. See ya soon!


Written by: Lauren

As a designer, I work hard to create spaces for my clients that they love to be in at the end of long hard days. I can only hope that right now with all that is going on, these spaces are ones of comfort and are highly functional for all of the things that they are doing in their lives while working and being in their homes. It is truly crazy, how we are all learning (including me) that being home all day can be an adjustment, and that finding things we love in our space is really really important. I want to stress that what we see on our social media as always is not reality. Please know that next to each of my perfectly staged insta-worthy photos is a pile of clothes that needs to be folded or of papers and kids activities that haven’t been put away. It is ok, however, to still want to find beauty in the crazy! With that said, I have created a list of five things (staged for this post) that I am loving in my home right now. Here it goes …

#1: My girls have been having sleepovers in Cara and Sienna’s room every night. This bed (Ava’s) makes me happy because it is staying made … LOL! Therefore, one less bed to make! Silver lining, people! “Pink pyramid” as Ava calls it (otherwise known as this painted corner of Ava’s wall) is one of her and my favorite things in our house. It makes me so happy that after two years she still loves it so much. I appreciate, though more than anything, that my girls love spending time with each other (awake and asleep).  

#2: I love getting to see my dining room come together little by little. I have been taking small moments throughout the day to online shop for the right pieces to finish up this space. Now that I have the time. Although it is not quite finished, it is a beautiful space. The window in this area lets in plenty of sunlight, and I dream of being able to host my family and friends again here soon. 

#3: We have been trying to prioritize doing some sort of fun project or activity together each day. Whether it be going on a rainbow hunt, doing a cooking or art project (like these kosher pigs in blankets), or watching a movie we all want to see. These moments during the day where we all get to unwind and spend time together are usually few and far between during our normal life, so I am trying to soak it all in and make each moment count for now.

#4: Every night at 6:45, our preschool has been leading a bedtime Zoom call with different songs or stories. My girls have been looking forward to this each night so much that they rush through dinner and bath time to get to it. Which makes for an early bedtime for them … So nice for me! Thank you University Synagogue for making these times more bearable for my family! We are truly grateful!

#5: This is my and Scott’s favorite spot to unwind at the end of the night. We have been binge watching 24 together from the beginning. So good! It has been nice to have something to look forward to when the girls go to sleep. What keeps you going?

I am so curious … What are some things at home that are bringing you joy in this crazy time? We are all in this together! Stay strong for your families! Stay healthy! Stay home, and be there for each other!


What a crazy time! With all that is happening in the world, we know everyone’s goal is to stay home as much as possible and practice “social distancing”. As with most jobs, this makes ours very difficult as we pride ourselves in our ability to relate to our clients and work “Side by Side”. For now, at least, virtual is the way to go! Therefore, we thought what better time to revisit our interior design consultation services here on the blog. We have prepared a package we think you will like that is reasonable in cost and will allow you to work one room at a time while getting guidance from a skilled designer! Here are the details (and a discount for those of you looking to secure these services in the next few weeks):

Interior Design Consultation Services ($500 – per room, or $400 if booked by April 15th):

In Home (or virtual) Consultation Meeting – We think a well rounded company is able to offer a little something for everyone, and we always want this to be the case for us as well. Although we generally tailor our interior design services to the high end market, the part of the process we enjoy most and we feel like we can offer more people are inspiration boards and an original concept. Generally we feel that this is where people get stuck and need a little guidance and we think we can help! In order to create a full package at an affordable price point, we decided to offer our first three steps in any interior project starting with an in home (or virtual) consultation meeting. Generally this consists of a one hour meeting in our client’s home, but for now FaceTime, Zoom, or your preferred mode of communication will provide us an opportunity to discuss the room or scope of work. This will give us a great feel for the space in order to start generating ideas.

Creation of a Vision Board to Show the Overall Look – We then take our ideas and create the vision board. This usually consists of a few inspiration pictures that really show the overall look we feel this space should have once completed as well as detail shots of specific items or materials that give the feel for what the client should be looking for. We have become kind of known for our inspiration boards, and they are Lauren’s absolute favorite thing to create.

Curated Shopping List (5-7 stores and websites to fit your design aesthetic and budget) – To give you one more push in the right direction, we will include a curated shopping list created by one of our designers with a list of our favorite shops (Online resources are great right now!) that fit your needs, design aesthetic, and budget.

Floorplan (can be added for $150) – For those wanting to take a project one step further, a floorplan can be added for $150, created by our drafter to show how we would layout the space, and complete with measurements to use as a guide while shopping.

Additional Services Include ($125 – per hour):

Shopping and Sourcing of Any Furniture, Fixtures, and Accessories – As this is a “consultation”, the service does not include any actual shopping or sourcing of any kind. Of course, this can be added if doing it yourself is not your thing!

Paint Color and Material Selections – Same as above … This is not included, but as we know that specifically paint selections can be one of the hardest and most intimidating parts of the process, this service can be added as well.

The above photos show the inspiration board we created and the completed living room that came from it. As you can see, we kept very close to the original inspiration, and we think it turned out great!

For more information on any of the above services please contact us at or call Lauren Gwartz, our Lead Interior Designer, at (602) 317-8031.


Written by: Lauren

When our clients came to us and mentioned they wanted us to furnish and make their new home in Vail, Colorado something special, we were over the moon! We are very lucky to get the opportunity to work Side by Side with this client to make their Winter home extra cozy and something they would look forward to spending as much time in as possible. As they purchased in the Fall, and wanted to be able to enjoy it this Winter, they decided to secure all of the big items (mostly furniture and rugs) from big box stores (primarily Restoration Hardware), so that this process would move rather quickly. We decided to jazz things up by using amazing wallpaper, high end drapery fabrics, and only the best accessories to really give this space a well designed and curated look. 

This is the overall inspiration board I created to show my clients my vision for this space. I kept everything relatively neutral in color with some fun textures and pops of different shades of blue to keep things interesting. 

My client wanted a special place to display a portrait of her horse, and so I am giving her just that in her entry.

The common area in this home consisting of the kitchen, dining area, and living room is all one large space. I want to keep it open and inviting in one consistent look with a few fun and interesting details. 

To distinguish the living room area, I selected an awesome textured wallpaper from Phillip Jeffries and included lots of cozy pieces for the family to enjoy after a long day on the slopes.

The bed is the main feature in this master bedroom, but the gorgeous drapery fabric comes in a close second.

This guest room is one of my favorites with the most spectacular wallpaper and some unexpected finishing touches.

This bunk room is turning out amazing! Spoiler alert … The navy wall covering you see here ended up on the ceiling!

We are so close to being finished with our work on this home, and I cannot wait to share it with all of you! I am hoping when this whole virus situation is behind us, I will be able to go out there again to stage everything properly and take gorgeous photos … Stay tuned! 


By taking one of the looks from our Get Inspired: March boards, we are providing our readers with further information for where to purchase similar items with a range of price points (from super affordable to fancy and one of a kind). 

Written by: Lauren

Are you a big fan of green? This must be your lucky day! Feeling daring? It may be time to do something bold like paint a whole room in your favorite shade. Not that daring? Maybe purchase a cute couch or throw pillow. Whatever your level of bravery might be, we got you covered! Here is a list of ten items that will make you feel lucky this month and all year long! Don’t worry … I included a link to make getting each item that much easier. Enjoy!

Interior Items

Laura Tufted Settee / Emerald Velvet – One Kings Lane – $1,195

Le Curieux Argile Pillow – Horchow – on sale for $123.75

G15.2 Jade Porcelain Tile – Heath Ceramics – contact for pricing

Universal Metal Round Three Leg Double Washstand – Waterworks – $2,980

Huntington Woods Paint Color – Dunn Edwards – price not listed

Event Items

Italian Washed Linen Napkins / Evergreen – Williams Sonoma – on sale for $24.99 – $49.95 for a set of 4

Anna Weatherley / Golden Patina – Casa de Perrin – $85 each

Terrace Dinner Plate – Casa de Perrin – $50 each

 Bernardaud Charger – Bloomingdale’s – $137 each

Velvet Tablecloth / Emerald – La Tavola – rent for $66

It’s your lucky day! Be bold! Have a great weekend from Side by Side Design!