It’s the end of the month, and we are extremely grateful for all of the design challenges and experiences that have come our way. Today, we continue to show you some of our favorites … 5 things that truly made us happy in the great big world of design this month. This has proven to be a great way for us to share sneak peeks into projects that are in the works (but not quite ready to show in their entirety), flashbacks of projects from the past, and highlight an interior or event vendor that deserves recognition. Enjoy!

#1: This awesome speaker event! On Monday night, I attended an event put on by my kid’s school at a beautiful private residence in the Palisades. I got a chance to hear Randi Braun of Something Major speak, and it was truly inspiring. I also got a chance to talk to her afterward for a few minutes and got some handy tips to push me in the right direction and set me up for the year ahead. I also love getting the chance to see other great hostesses putting together their table displays. You can get great tips from that as well! (Written by: Lauren)

#2: This countdown! 9 months … and counting until the big Bat Mitzvah weekend we are planning! Time to get the ball really rolling! We are working now to secure all major vendors and are excited about all of the small details we are planning as well. Picture pulling up to the event location and seeing this pop of pink carpet leading into the most magical sweets themed space our guests have ever seen. We can’t wait to see it all come together! (Written by: Tami)

#3: This un”Vail”ing! We are still working on the final selections and orders for our Vail project, but as we get closer and closer to the deadline, I am getting more and more excited to see how it all turns out. Just two more weeks until the big un”Vail”ing … Until then here’s a sneak peek at the master bathroom wallpaper we selected. Stay tuned! (Written by: Lauren)

#4: This classic movie! I shouldn’t even have to say what movie this is from right? OK, just in case you have been living under a rock … Wet Hot American Summer! It’s one of my favorites! What does this movie have to do with anything, you might ask? It is the inspiration behind one of our upcoming events … A summer camp themed 40th birthday party! We have a DJ booked that we know will get this party started right, are working to secure some of LA’s best food trucks, and will transform the space (The Beat Box) into a summer camp scene. Stay tuned for details from this March event! (Written by: Tami)

#5: These birthday celebrations! January is birthday month for us! I personally don’t really know where the month went … It feels like one minute it was New Year’s and the next we are approaching the start of February. However, we did both get some small celebrating in. Lauren’s husband, Scott, invited me to celebrate with them at The Angeleno, but my daughter Sadie had other plans. I guess she wanted to share in this year’s birthday celebration as she was born a week early and only two days before Lauren and my special day. I purposefully left the picture of myself out of this shot, as I had already been in the hospital for three days at that point, but super excited Phil helped me celebrate with two much needed things … Sushi and sleep! He ordered my fav take-out from Sugarfish and asked the nursery to watch Sadie for a few hours while we got to rest. I will never forget this “birth”day. (Written by: Tami)

Follow us on Instagram @sidebysidedesign for more all month long as we share our Designer Day! We plan to share our “Favorite Five” for the month of February on the 28th, and as always will be posting what’s inspiring us for the month ahead on the first Friday. See ya soon!

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