It’s the end of the month, and we are extremely grateful for all of the design challenges and experiences that have come our way. Today, we continue to show you some of our favorites … 5 things that truly made us happy in the great big world of design this month. This has proven to be a great way for us to share sneak peeks into projects that are in the works (but not quite ready to show in their entirety), flashbacks of projects from the past, and highlight an interior or event vendor that deserves recognition. Enjoy!

#1: This celebration! Our blog, business, and brand have come a long way since the very beginning, but it is always fun to look back! Six years ago, we celebrated our blog’s first birthday (as seen in our post, A Blog Birthday Party) with a really festive and fun party. It was a great day that was filled with spending time with friends who support what we do, crafting birthday cards, and eating lots of treats. (Written by: Tami)

#2: This sneak peek! Things are really starting to heat up at our Modern with Antiques construction site. This gorgeous marble backsplash and countertop was installed last week in their kitchen, and the cabinetry is going to be silver leafed this coming week. It is going to be fabulous and we can’t wait to see how it all turns out! (Written by: Lauren)


#3: This set design! As some of you might know, my twin toddlers do some filming from time to time. They worked this week on a short film for a good cause, and I sat in awe thinking about how these set designers need to think out every detail of every space they design. A creative process that takes artistic talent and is pretty inspiring! (Written by: Lauren)

#4: This vendor! We got all of the marble slabs for the Modern with Antiques home project from Tristone and Tile. This gorgeous set of Panda White slabs is going to be installed next in the client’s master bathroom and is sure to make a huge statement. Everyone at Tristone and Tile is incredible to work with, they have a beautiful showroom, and I can’t wait to work with them again. (Written by: Lauren)

#5: This magical place! I literally get chills thinking about the day Lauren and I took this photo as this was the day we got to introduce our families to one of our favorite places on Earth (Gindling Hilltop Camp … clap, clap). A few weeks ago, this summer camp celebrated its 50th year and we went to Malibu to reunite with our counselors, friends, and campers from our days at camp. As an event planner, I know how much time, energy, and work went into planning an event for over 400 alumni to attend. The staff and committee did an absolutely perfect job and even came up with solutions for the fact that it was the hottest day of the year so far. We truly cannot wait to send our kids to this camp and have them experience what we did many years ago! (Written by: Tami)

We plan to share our “Favorite Five” for the month of August on the 31st, and of course will be sharing what’s inspiring us for the month ahead on the first Friday of the month. See ya soon!


Seven years ago, today, we began our blogging journey. It is truly incredible how far we have come since the start! In honor of this special day, we have prepared a list of “favorites”. Although all of these projects are near and dear to us as they showcase our beginnings in the areas of interior design and event planning, we were not the ones who selected them. We looked through our Pinterest boards and decided to show off the photos that have gotten the most likes over time. Enjoy!


#1: As seen in our post, Before and After: Master Bedroom Remodel – To say this is a personal project is an understatement. This bedroom is the first one I shared with my husband, a really fun remodel project, and is the space we brought all three of our girls home to. As a designer, in addition to my client’s projects, I love to show the work I do in my own home to show my own personal style. My new space (which I have been featuring on the blog more recently) has a new updated vibe that I am truly obsessed with, but it is always fun to look back on where we came from. (Written by: Lauren)

#2: As seen in our post, Apartment Therapy – When you begin writing a blog, it is sometimes challenging to come up with content. Some months we were jam packed full of ideas and others we struggled to figure out what to write. When my best friend, Sarah, called Lauren and asked for her help in giving her apartment bedroom a little “therapy” Lauren not only saw this as a great opportunity to show off her interior design skills but we took this on as a feature for our new blog as well. As you can tell, we have come a long way (as many Instagram regulars have) in styling and filtering photos. Check out some of our new interiors on IG to see what we mean! (Written by: Tami)

#3: As seen in our post, College Girl – Dorm rooms are known for being super small and uncomfortable, so when our sister Maya was preparing to leave for UCSB, we took it upon ourselves to make sure she made the most of her space. We gathered plush pillows, throw blankets, space saving hangers, and some other fun accessories and headed out to Maya’s dorm room to set it all up. Seven years later, Maya is living back in LA, working for a fabulous start up company (Shout out to GumGum!), and shares our love for creating / event styling. The most amazing thing is that she is still best friends with the girls she met in the dorm to this day! (Written by: Lauren)


#4: As seen in our post, Haunted Graveyard – If you have been following us since the start, you know that this project has really come a long way, but for some reason (even though we used this prop every year, dressed her up, bought her a twin, etc.), this photo from the first year gets a lot of action on Pinterest! I guess I can’t really blame you all for loving it … I still get the chills every time I see this picture thinking about the creepy way she swings while singing her repetitive tune. (Written by: Tami)

#5: As seen in our post, Bubbles and Bows: A Gender Reveal Party – Here’s another personal project … The gender reveal party I threw before my daughter Ava was born. I still love the theme we chose (Bubbles and Bows) and all of the creative touches that went into the decor, but it seems what you all loved most (and wanted to get your hands on) was the game that we played that day. It was fun! A guessing game to see what characteristics and physical attributes we wanted Ava to have … What is she today? A little cautious and a leader like her mama (She looks like me too!) and funny / generous like her dad. We couldn’t be prouder! (Written by: Lauren) 

#6: As seen in our post, Wedding Ceremony – How appropriate that this event made it to our favorites list as it was the whole inspiration for starting our blog in the first place. As I mentioned in our last post, Lauren’s wedding sparked something inside me making me want to document all of our creative endeavors. Little did I know at the time that this would eventually turn into a business for us and my events side would be such a success! I love this photo and so did all of you! I was truly shocked when I discovered that this photo has been repinned thousands of times! (Written by: Tami)


#7: As seen in our post, T Side / L Side: Heart Decor – Mixing interior design and events is what we do best! This last photo is one that showcases our love for decorating our own homes for the holidays. I loved spending this Valentine’s Day with my husband and making my home feel festive, and I love this holiday each year even more now that I get to come up with fun themes and meal / treat ideas for my kids. I might have to do this look all over again for them … They would love all those Conversation Hearts! (Written by: Lauren)

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Happy 7th Birthday to Side by Side Design!


Written by: Tami

Seven years ago, (while Lauren was away on her honeymoon) I had an idea … Why not start a blog? What a great way to document all of the creative projects we were always working on. When I brought this idea to my sister, her response was simple. All she said was, “No way! I don’t like to write.” Of course, with my background in teaching, I didn’t mind putting our thoughts into words … and a blog was born. Please note that with time, Lauren has become much more comfortable with the writing portion of this blog and now contributes regularly (but mostly on the topics of Interior Design and being a mom of three girls). I knew she’d come around!

So much has changed in the past seven years … although our blog is still here and still a place for us to share our creativity with all of you. The blog itself has evolved over time; our pictures have become clearer (Thank God!), our content more focused, and our story continues to take shape. The fact that Side by Side Design is now not only a blog but a thriving business with a focus on interior design and event planning is our dream come true. We could not be more proud of the work that we have done to get to this point and could not have more excitement for what is to come in our future. Every new project we take on is a new chance to show our creativity and unique abilities. 

Next week, we celebrate seven years as a blog, a business, and a brand. There are only two of us, but we could not have done all of this alone. We would love to extend a special thank you to all of our readers for keeping us going and giving us feedback! Keep reading! Keep letting us know what you like and what we can improve upon. Here’s to many more years of creating, coordinating, and collaborating. Happy Birthday to Side by Side Design!


Written by: Tami

Every once in a while, we get challenged to do something completely out of our comfort zone. As you all know, we specialize in two areas, interior design and event planning, so creating the design for a teenager’s bedroom is not really out of the ordinary. However, this particular teenager was made up for the filming of a music video. We had the pleasure of working on this project with Rich Kane and Jason Daks (my brother-in-law) and their production company @cosmiclakeentertainment. Keep an eye out this August for the newest single by Tim Schou. Here are a few looks at what we accomplished.

As you can see, this bedroom already had a lot of character. We created a story line to help focus ourselves that this was a teenage girl still sleeping in her childhood bedroom. Of course, her favorite color was pink and we incorporated a lot of it.

With a tight budget and a short turn around time to get materials together, we turned to our favorite source for just about everything … Amazon! We knew the best way to transform this room to its new color story was to change out the bedding and added in lots of ruffles and faux fur to make things fun and interesting.



Other items we purchased were stuffed animals, throw blankets and pillows, a dreamcatcher, and this pink faux rug that gave the existing ottoman a whole new look. 

Unfortunately, we were unable to travel to the filming destination on the day of production, but Jason did a fabulous job of making our vision come to life. I know that he and his team have worked really hard on this project and we all can’t wait to see the finished product! 


By taking one of the looks from our Get Inspired: July boards, we are providing our readers with further information for where to purchase similar items with a range of price points (from super affordable to fancy and one of a kind). 

Written by: Lauren

In honor of my seventh anniversary of the day I got married and for seven years of blogging I have created a list of items that bring the two materials together that represent seven years … Copper and wool! You may think these two are a bit of an odd match, but I think they compliment each other quite nicely. You can’t go wrong with a mix of hard and soft. I have also included a link for each item for your convenience in obtaining them. Enjoy!

Interior Items

1. Blaire Metal Side Table – Urban Outfitters – on sale for $79

2. 18 x 12 Bia Tassel Mauve Velvet Pillow with Feather-Down Insert – CB2 – $29.95

3. Angled Metal Homescent Collection / Copper – West Elm – $34 – $39

4. Heathered Merino Wool Pillow Cover / Lumbar – Restoration Hardware – on sale for $55

5. Geometric Metal Candle Holder – Forever 21 – $4.90

Event Items

1. Ginger Ray Copper Circle Banner – Urban Outfitters – $12

2. Copper Bar Cocktail Shaker Set – Urban Outfitters – $29

3. 20-Piece Emma Copper Flatware Set – CB2 – on sale for $69.99

4. Marble Paper Plates / Rose Gold and Blush – Etsy (PaperboyParty) – $6.50 for a set of 8

5. Blush and Gold Paper Plates – Etsy (PrimAndParty) – $10.19 for a set of 8

Whether celebrating a big seventh anniversary or not, you will love incorporating these copper and wool items into your home and event decor. Try a few out … or why not purchase the whole list? Live a little! Have a great weekend from Side by Side Design!