It’s the end of the month, and we are extremely grateful for all of the design challenges and experiences that have come our way. Today, we continue to show you some of our favorites … 5 things that truly made us happy in the great big world of design this month. This has proven to be a great way for us to share sneak peeks into projects that are in the works (but not quite ready to show in their entirety), flashbacks of projects from the past, and highlight an interior or event vendor that deserves recognition. Enjoy!

#1: This inspiration! After a very long search on Pinterest, I finally found this gorgeous bathroom. I knew it was exactly what my clients were looking for for their powder bathroom, and I am so lucky to be working with my father in law Joel from BJ Discount to find all of the right pieces to bring it to life. More inspiration and details from the construction of this fun farmhouse coming your way soon. (Written by: Lauren)

#2: These walls! You have no idea how happy this dry wall makes me. I’ve been waiting to see it go up for a very long time in my Modern With Antiques construction project. Things are finally starting to take shape (Literally!), and it is starting to feel more like a home. I know when this project is done it will be well worth the wait as the design is so over the top and tres chic! I will continue to keep you updated on its progress. (Written by: Lauren)

#3: This detail! I can’t believe how soon my baby girl will be here! Only six more weeks to go until my due date (March 8th). I am busy working away on the details of her nursery and wanted to stop just long enough to show you one. Angel (our favorite muralist) came last  week and painted these ever so subtle palm trees in the corner of “Baby Daks” room to make it feel special and provide a little nod towards the city we live in. Can’t wait to show you all the rest! (Written by: Tami)

#4: This vendor! We worked with Hollywood Casino Nights on our recent Halloween event and immediately knew we had to book them again for another project. It is so perfect that we are now working on another event which requires this service … A casino night gala event for a local synagogue. We will be sharing more about the theme, decor, and all the fun details soon. Gotta love a project that supports a good cause!

#5: This makes me happy! There’s been a lot of dust and overwhelming decisions in my new home these past few weeks. When I went yesterday and saw this entry opened back up, I knew we were making progress and finally got to get excited. Luckily for me, things are moving quickly as our move-in date draws nearer and nearer, but this new entry space made me excited to finally have a house of my own. (Written by: Lauren)

We plan to share our “Favorite Five” for the month of February on the 23rd, and of course will be sharing what’s inspiring us for the month ahead on the first Friday of the month. See ya soon!

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