In our Pining For Pinterest posts, we prepare our readers for the upcoming season with interior shots alongside decor and event details in a fresh, new color story and overall look. We don’t know about you, but we are so excited for the beginning of Winter (and it is truly just around the corner) … so many presents to wrap, pastries to bake, and parties to attend. Holidays, here we come! Please enjoy as we take you through our inspiration for two totally different Winter events in our own distinct styles. 

Tami’s Pins: What’s “pin”spiring me this season? Over the top glitz and glam! If ever there is a season to go there, this is the one! For this event, I am picturing the following setting …  A large family home with ceilings towards the sky, a family room with enough space to fit (not one but three) Christmas trees, and an otherwise mostly monochromatic design. This hostess definitely loves glitter and loves to show her guests a good time! Friends and family come over for a festive and fancy brunch on Christmas day to sip champagne and open some presents under the trees. 

This living space is grand yet cozy all at the same time.

The kitchen is where all the magic will happen this holiday season!

This picture was my main inspiration for this whole event. Why have one tree when you can have three?

The table is set with a gorgeous linen and an ornament centerpiece.

This takes mistletoe to a whole new level! I wouldn’t be able to keep my eyes off of this mini disco ball ornament mix.

The hostess (as I mentioned) is a big fan of glitz. Day time or night, she loves to shine!

She’ll even throw on a bit more just for fun.

Sipping champagne (with blackberries) …

… and opening perfectly wrapped parcels under the trees!

Lauren’s Pins: What’s “pin”spiring me this season? Marble patterns and a modern, clean look! A couple months back, I met with one of my favorite quartz companies (Vadara) to discuss the trends for 2018 and help them come up with what they would add to their line. My main feedback was to include a white option with black veining as this is a huge trend in marble right now and is sure to be popular in quartz as well. Since this trend is filling up my Pinterest feed now too, I thought I would base my Winter inspiration on it and planned a formal Winter wedding scheme with marble details.

I absolutely love the marble in this kitchen, and the sleek black cabinetry really lets it shine.

There’s nothing busy about this much marble!

Marble detailing on the wedding invite sets the tone.

Calla lilies are the Bride’s favorite flower and in this deep hue they gave us a Wintery edge.

I love this classic, black dress. Perfect for an event like this …

… and the shoes to go with!

The Groom is well-coordinated with his matching calla lily boutonniere. 

So is the color of this glass of wine.


One more marble detail takes the cake!

This holiday season is already a busy one, and we are so excited to continue bringing the events “Side” of our business to the next level. We look forward to all that is coming up this Winter and hopefully using some of this inspiration in our own planning. We would love to work with you in creating the right look this season by tying in the inspiration of your event with the essence of your home decor. Contact us at for more information. 
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It’s the end of the month, and we are extremely grateful for all of the design challenges and experiences that have come our way. Today, we continue to show you some of our favorites … 5 things that truly made us happy in the great big world of design this month. This has proven to be a great way for us to share sneak peeks into projects that are in the works (but not quite ready to show in their entirety), flashbacks of projects from the past, and highlight an interior or event vendor that deserves recognition. Enjoy!

#1: This sprinkle! This month, my friends and I sprinkled our good friend Chelsey with a little brunch outing just for the ladies closest to her. We enjoyed an amazing meal at Rose Cafe, and each of us did our part to make the day extra special. Thank you to Jillian for your hand-crafted treats, Rachel of Sweet Stamped for the adorable monogrammed party favors, and Allison, Nelly, and Jackie for all of your hard work and coordination. (Written by: Lauren)

#2: This memorable night! We all have those events that you remember forever and are constantly quoting. This month, Scott and I hosted our Havurah group (a group of friends with organized activities each month) for a little game and dinner night. We organized a private room at Hotel Angeleno in Brentwood and had a great time eating, drinking and playing games with some of our closest friends. We would highly recommend Cal’s Game Night to anyone looking for this type of service. They came equipped with a fun line up of our favorite games including different variations of Charades, Guess the Song, and Family Feud and can easily handle any size group. Of course, I couldn’t let this opportunity go by without adding a few of my own special touches for decor and prizes. (Written by: Lauren)

#3: This sneak peek! As you can tell, this month has been an extremely busy one. I have been working away on the redesign of a very special hair salon in Sherman Oaks. I can’t wait to share all of the photos of the finished space, but in the meantime here’s a little sneak peek. We are wrapping up the installations this weekend and will be sharing shortly after that. So much glitz and glam coming your way! (Written by: Lauren)

#4: This vendor! Last weekend, I worked on an event for a very special young man … Details coming soon! One of the things that made this Bar Mitzvah reception truly unique was the connection the family had to each of their vendors; two former teachers, a long time friend, and then there is Greg Dohlen. He is a very talented caricature artist whom the family met at their favorite place … a King’s Game. After admiring his work at the hockey match, they vowed they would do anything it took to get him to share his skills with their Bar Mitzvah guests. He gladly obliged! I was so lucky to get to meet this artist as well, and can’t wait to include him in another event in the future. (Written by: Tami)

#5: These delicious desserts … Are just one thing we are truly thankful for this Thanksgiving!  Our brother Aaron made this pecan pie from scratch and our whole family got together to eat, play, and digest … LOL. Somehow we were too busy eating to take any pictures of the rest of the meal, but it was spectacular. Some of our favs included fresh cranberries, a brussels sprout salad, yams topped with marshmallows, and our grandma’s twenty-four pound turkey perfection! It was so fun when Ava serenaded us and her cousin joined in and to think about adding another little turkey into the mix next year (Tami’s daughter-to-be). This year, we are beyond thankful for our family and friends, all of the amazing clients and vendors we have had the pleasure of working with Side by Side, and of course our readers. You keep our hands typing and our hearts sharing each memory and detail. Happy Thanksgiving from Side by Side Design!

We plan to share our “Favorite Five” for the month of December on the 29th, and of course will be sharing what’s inspiring us for the month ahead on the first Friday of the month. See ya soon!


Written by: Tami

Next week, households across the United States will be cooking turkeys, gathering together to tell what they are thankful for, and possibly even catching a football game on TV. Thanksgiving is literally right around the corner! It doesn’t feel like a year has passed since we were getting ready for this joyous holiday last. As I am sure is the case with many couples, my husband and I have gotten into the habit of trading off between his family and mine each year. Gotta keep things fair! As a newer addition to Phil’s family, I feel I have a lot to offer in the form of setting new traditions and giving holidays a bit of a refresh. So when my in-laws contacted me about being in charge of the decor for this occasion I happily obliged. Here is a look back on what I did to decorate our family table for Thanksgiving last year and the delicious meal my mother-in-law prepared.


My first priority when designing how a space will “dress up” for a holiday or event is to make sure that the decor enhances the established look of the space and does not compete with it. Bringing in colors that have not already been introduced is fine when working with a more simple or monochromatic palette, but can look messy in a more colorful room. In this case, I know my in-laws love blue and white and have chosen to use these colors in their living and dining areas so that became my color story as well and my starting point for this design.


Why not make use of items that already live in this space? Karen and Mitch have a beautiful collection of blue and white pots that I knew had to be used as their table centerpiece, and this Williams Sonoma table runner was a gift from me and Phil for the holidays the previous year. 


As I knew the plan was to set up the food buffet style and therefore it would not need space on the table, my goal was to give the table a very full, vibrant feel. 


I planted the jars with a few of my mother-in-laws favorite plants so that they could be used in her garden later and added some mercury glass candle holders and a pop of orange into the mix.


Each place was set with shiny silver chargers and handmade craft paper napkin rings to tell each guest how thankful we were to have them there.


Another plant and some fresh oranges and persimmons were added elsewhere in the room as well.



Phil has also established a new tradition in the last few years. He has perfected the art of cutting a turkey and has gladly shown off this skill in his parent’s home. 


I love that my mother-in-law has introduced me to some new holiday foods such as this delicious mushroom medley …


… and I have introduced some into her home as well. I truly can’t live without yams and marshmallows on Thanksgiving!


From our family to yours, we wish you a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving! I am looking forward to next week’s festivities and all that my side of the family has to offer this year. More than anything, I am thankful for family and friends, knowing that my little girl will be here to celebrate with us next year, and for all of you who continue to follow our story online. Thank you to all of our readers! May you have the best Thanksgiving yet! 


On Monday (as seen in our featured post, Wild Wicked West), we shared details from this year’s western themed Halloween decor. We also mentioned that this year we once again planned a truly magical event (along with a very talented list of vendors) to go with this theme. Our vision while planning for this year’s Halloween party was to go all out in a very casual rustic way by bringing in talent, activities for both the kids and adults, and lots and lots of hay bales and barrels. We believe all of these things were accomplished by bringing in each individual who was the best of the best at their craft. Guests enjoyed a backyard BBQ feel taken to the next level. Here are the details …

Our doorman from Steven Petrarca Events was necessary in making sure to keep this event exclusive. Only the most decked out cowboys and cowgirls were invited to attend (aka 200 of our client’s closest family and friends).

Upon entering the party, guests were greeted with a spooky walkway filled with fog and a few more of LA Circus‘ fun props.

This large grass area was set up with small seating areas (low and high) for guests to take a seat while eating their BBQ meal. We included tons of wine barrel cocktail tables, table overlays made of burlap, wooden chairs, and even two over-sized straw sofas. So cool! Shout out to all of the rentals companies who provided their very best service and supplies; Signature Party Rentals, Imperial Party RentalsYorba Linda Feed Store, and Evans Family Barrels.

On each table, we included a mason jar filled with sun flowers and some bloody body parts, red and clear votive candles, blood-stained bandanas, and some spooky surprises. 

These signs served their purpose of directing guests towards all of the fun activities and things to do that this party had to offer. 

Wine barrel bars were set up for adults to enjoy hard ciders and other specialty cocktails. 

Great pride was taken by all those who helped to select each of these root beers, cinnamon whiskeys, and spirits. To say that even the smallest detail stuck with the theme is a complete understatement. 

The kids had their own bars as well; one with drinks and one with snacks … Take a chip, if you dare! There was an actual hand that would pop up through this chip bowl and give the taker a little trick! If you really dare, you would eat one of these critter snacks made from real crickets and creatures.

We guess this pup wasn’t really missing (or wanted) after all … Or is that why she is in costume?

The photo booth was the perfect place to stop and snap a quick pic! Our friends at Cliques Photo Booth provided props (such as cowboy hats and lassos) as well as immediate black and white printed keepsakes for all of the guests.

This upper area was turned into the saloon. Large swinging doors, bales of hay, and professional Blackjack and Poker tables could be found here.  

The dealers got in character too! Each put on a mustache, bandana, and a cowboy hat and were ready to roll! Guests loved playing against their families, and the kids even had a few tables of their own with fun prizes.

The BBQ buffet dinner was a huge hit as well. Rosie’s provided tri tip, pulled pork sliders, corn cobbettes, potato salad, and slaw. Other BBQ favorites were devoured as well; ribs from Craig’s, chicken and mac ‘n cheese from Honey’s Kettle Fried Chicken, and some good ‘ole beans made right at home. The options were endless and so delicious!


Shout out to Skye for planning some really awesome crafts for the kids to enjoy including mini pumpkin decorating, shrunken heads in jars, and more.

The lights, fog, and old westerns on the big screen that were set up by Party Layne Events were vital in setting the scene for this next activity …

What is a western themed event without country line dancing? DJ Michael and Kyle from Oil Can Harry’s got the crowd on their feet to each country beat! This was by far the most fun to watch from a hay bale on the side and take part in right there on the dance floor.

The zombies came out for their favorite tune as well … Thriller!

Kathy and her Critters were called upon as well to make sure that all guests had a good time. That is if your idea of fun is sticking your hand in a jar full of moving meal worms!

In addition to making up all of the zombie actors she cast, Bria and her crew provided scars and gore for guests in their beautiful make-up area complete with light up mirrors.

Each actor brought personality and charm to this event taking pictures with guests and staying in character as much as possible.

All guests stopped by the candy and dessert bar on their way out. There was something for each sweet tooth in the bunch! We especially loved Rosie’s famous brownies and cornbread, the sliced watermelon, pumpkin tartlets, mini cupcakes, and tons of custom western themed M&M’s. 


What a fabulous evening! This was truly a team effort! Each of this event’s vendors made the theme their own and went to great lengths to make each guest happy. We especially want to give a huge shout out to Ryan and Ryan for their patience and expertise. Hope ya’ll enjoyed the inside scoop on everything this party had to offer as well! 

All photographs taken by Dewey Tann of Cliques Photo Booth and Joel Danto of Danto Photography


Over the past six years, we have been working to come up with new themes to decorate the front yard of this home for Halloween (seen on our previous posts: Haunted GraveyardHaunted CircusHaunted HollywoodHaunted Pirates, and Greek Mythology with a Haunted Twist). As this year’s project quickly approached, we challenged ourselves to come up with something that would be unexpected and even bigger, better, and more scary than the previous years. Once we settled on an overall theme, we began working together with this very special family and a team of talented vendors to create a Halloween scene like no other including large rented props, sound, fog machines, loads of lights, the scariest characters we could find, and the most hay bales anyone has ever put on their front lawn (300 to be exact). What we were most excited for this Halloween though, was to not only create a concept and bring it to life in this family’s front yard for all to see, but to once again plan a Halloween party in the same theme for their guests to enjoy.

Although Halloween is over, and we are all getting ready for the next upcoming holidays, this post is worth the wait and full of details from our Wild Wicked West display #sbsdesignhalloween (Party details are on their way too … Check back on Wednesday!).

Two donkeys and their weary farmer are found way out at the edge of this over-sized lawn. We love working with LA Circus for all of their large props that they provide, but it is the small details that really make the biggest difference. You wouldn’t believe all of the old fashioned farm tools they had just lying around ready to be used for this specific theme.

We hope this cowboy and his bull don’t get a snake bite! Aren’t they spectacular?!

As we mentioned, we ordered 300 hay bales from our friends at Yorba Linda Feed Store. When they started coming by the truck-full we had to get real creative with how to display each one. This scary skeleton calf finished off the look.

You can’t have cowboys without horses! We love this mix of old beat-up carousel with the skeleton kind.

This wagon, though, takes the cake! Especially with creepy crawlers coming from inside.

We set up a viewing station for the undead to watch old black and white westerns.

Here’s a few of our favorites … We just couldn’t resist this horse mask! A little humor goes a long way on Halloween night!

These steam punk guys are just too cool for words!

A hay-lined walk up to the front door and loads of wine barrels too! By now (if you have been following this project for a while), you might have noticed that these zombie girls always make an appearance. We like to leave a little bit of us in our displays. This year, their matching hats and bloody cowgirl gear were a perfect finishing touch!

The boy who calls this place his home took great pride in creating these wanted posters to decorate the trees outside. He used his family dog as the culprit and made each sign with a different picture. 

The sheriff and his pet vulture keep watch over the front door and just how many chocolate bars each trick-or-treater trys to get their hands on.

Fog and lighting were key in making this display come to life. Shout out to Party Layne Events for their audio visual expertise!

These boots were made for walking! 

What brought this saloon to life were the fun strung lights, the old west backdrops for passers by to take photos in …

… and these two kooky banjo players!

The last area was turned into the graveyard. Another fun photo backdrop was used here as well. Ever wanted to take your pic in county jail?

Piles and piles of bones came spilling out of this hay bale cave. Keep your distance from this area after dark!

See what happens when you go mosey-ing around a graveyard! They got this cowboy and his little dog too!

We filled this cart with bloody body parts … So gross!   

Just in case this display wasn’t scary enough, zombie cowboys were set free to roam the property the night of our big event.


Shout out to Bria, Kyle, and Michelle for doing such an amazing job with casting, make-up, and costumes! These zombie cowboys and cowgirls looked the part and stayed in character the entire time.

The party is just getting started! Stay tuned for more from this fabulous event on Wednesday here at Side by Side Design!

All photographs taken by Dewey Tann of Cliques Photo Booth and Joel Danto of Danto Photography