We are beyond grateful for all of the design challenges and experiences that have come our way this month, especially in regards to one particular project we are working on. Today, we continue to show you some of our favorites (But sorry, they are all about our upcoming event because that’s really all we can think about at the moment!) … 5 things that we just can’t wait until after tomorrow’s event to share. We are excited to let you in on a few sneak peeks of what we have in the works and highlight a few vendors that deserve recognition. Enjoy!

#1: These gift bags! These gorgeous gift bags that we stuffed and fluffed last night are full of all kinds of fun treats, but they are not for everyone! West Elm is our absolute favorite place for furniture and home accessories and therefore a perfect place for any engaged couple to register. The first twenty to do so tomorrow will get one of these fabulous bags!

#2: This gorgeous girl! We truly see this vendor (Kayla of House of Magnolias) as an extension of our business … and hope she feels the same way! Of course, when it was time to select vendors to show off their services / products for our West Elm Pop Up Registry event, Kayla was the first one we turned to. We can’t really even imagine doing this event without her. Kayla (as always) has pulled out all the stops! She is creating beautiful arrangements to display and giveaway tomorrow, has been a sounding board for ideas along the way, and is even coming early to help with the set up. She is absolutely amazing!

#3: This giveaway! Who doesn’t love a good giveaway? The better question is probably: Who doesn’t love a good bottle of rose? We will be raffling one of these babies from Le Grand Courtage every hour on the hour tomorrow. Awesome right!? We call it the “Rose All Day Giveaway” … and as if that wasn’t enough, West Elm has provided a really spectacular grand prize that we will be raffling off at the end of the event. Sorry, not telling! You’ll have to come to find out what it is!

#4: This vendor! If you know us, you know that since we began our blog six years ago, Style Me Pretty has been one of our idols! A blog to aspire to be anything like and hopefully some day be featured in. When we were selecting vendors for this upcoming event, we turned to Style Me Pretty as a reliable resource for their most trusted vendors and found a catering company that we are beyond excited to be working with tomorrow! Modern Art Catering is one of Style Me Pretty’s featured vendors and is regularly showcased in events on their blog. Come tomorrow to sample their cuisine for one of your upcoming events.

#5: This opportunity! Tomorrow, Saturday, July 29th from 11:00 – 5:00 we will be at this amazing store (the Santa Monica location to be exact). It is hard at this point to even take a few minutes to reflect on the last two months since we started planning this event as we have been running around all week getting things ready, but we must! This is a HUGE opportunity for Side by Side Design, and we cannot thank West Elm Santa Monica and especially Shirra Arden enough for believing in us and allowing us to put a Side by Side Design twist on one of their events! If you weren’t already planning to join us, hopefully we have convinced you with all of these sneak peeks. If you are engaged and aren’t previously engaged tomorrow … It’s a no-brainer! See ya then!

For more information on our Pop Up West Elm Wedding Registry Event use this Eventbrite link!


We know we have been a bit MIA lately and for good reason … We have been seriously busy! With our blog’s sixth birthday tomorrow we wanted to find a way to celebrate and figured we would share what’s going on with us and how we plan to honor our business this year. We have been talking a lot on social media and hinting here on the blog about a big event we are working on. For the past couple of months we have put our blood, sweat, and tears into a collaboration with the West Elm Santa Monica store, and we cannot be more excited that it is finally almost here. 

When we first pitched the idea for a bridal registry event to our local West Elm store, we created this inspiration board (like we always do) to show our ideas and the overall feel we wanted to achieve with this event. They loved it and so do we! We thought to keep the overall color scheme simple to not take away from what they already have going on in their space and add in some bridal touches in a very West Elm way. We knew we wanted this event to be a party for the store where guests could learn about different types of vendors in a non-stuffy way. We also knew that we wanted there to be activities to take part in and an overall classy feel.

It’s almost here! … This weekend (July 29th from 11:00 – 5:00 to be exact) we will be hosting a pop up wedding registry event with West Elm in their Santa Monica store. There will be beats, treats, and lots of vendors to meet! If you are engaged or know someone who is and will be in the Los Angeles area this weekend, this will be the place to be! Spread the word! We will also be continuing with the birthday theme this week. Don’t forget to come back and celebrate with us!


By taking one of the looks from our Get Inspired: July boards, we are providing our readers with further information for where to purchase similar items with a range of price points (from super affordable to fancy and one of a kind). 

This month, we really only have one store on the brain … West Elm! We did mention that we will be hosting a pop up bridal registry event in their Santa Monica store right? Visit our Instagram soon for the Eventbrite link to RSVP. So we decided to create a list of ten items we would not start any registry without. We included items for your every day life and ones to dress up your space when you are expecting company. Enjoy! Really though … You should get this stuff!

Interior Items

1. Classic Cafe Dining Chair – West Elm – $149

2. Grand Waterfall Chandelier / Round – West Elm – $1,299

3. Axel Leather Sofa / 76″ – West Elm – on sale for $1,749 – $2,499

4. Forma Side Table – West Elm – $199

5. Julia Kostreva Wall Art / Knot III – West Elm – $169

Event Items

1. Textured Dinner Plates / White Dots – West Elm – $40 for a set of 4

2. Textured Salad Plates / White Lines – West Elm – $32 for a set of 4

3. Textured Bowls / White Grid – West Elm – $32 for a set of 4

4. Center Stripe Woven Runners / Platinum – West Elm – $39

5. Bormioli Rocco Premiere Wine Glassware – West Elm – $30 for a set of 6

We are busily preparing for our West Elm event and hope that if you are local you will consider coming. Whether you are a Bride and Groom to be, know someone who is, or just really love a good pop up, this one’s for you! July 29th from 11:00 – 5:00 at West Elm Santa Monica … Just sayin’! Have a great weekend from Side by Side Design!


In our last post of this series, we shared the work our dad and his wife Evon were doing on their home. As per usual, your own project is always the last to get started when there are so many others in the works. That is true for this project as well. It may be last (but certainly not least) as this duo is really taking their time to perfect the process and create the updated home they desire. We figured it has been a while since we shared their progress, so decided to give you an update today.

It’s amazing what just adding new windows and doors can do to a space. It took this home from eclectic to modern.

A new stone hearth freshened up this fireplace …

… and the absolute black stone countertop really pops against the newly painted cabinetry.


They are still trying to decide on which tile option to use for the backsplash and whether to go gray or white.

More new windows really brighten up the space!

This is the wall that connects to the gate on either side of the house. We love how it looks.

Our dad loves a challenge and he has been so excited to tell us about this umbrella he’s building. So far, the metal base and wooden slats have all been his unique design. 

Each day, our dad and Evon come up with new and innovative ideas for how to remodel this space. It’s always fun when a husband and wife get to come together on a project that they ultimately will spend so much time in. We admire their excitement for their project and know that together they are creating something amazing. We look forward to seeing the finished product (and of course continuing to help them along the way). We will be sure to continue to keep you updated with their progress too.


We are so excited to once again share our monthly inspiration with all of you! Each month, we look forward to getting the chance to sit down and really think about what’s inspiring us, make predictions for the month ahead, and reflect on the past month. As usual, we have each selected a photo that represents our overall inspiration and have paired it with two interior shots and two events that coordinate with its color scheme and overall concept. In addition, we have provided you with our designer tips to keep you on trend for the month ahead. 

Tami’s inspired: I have been waiting for July for a long time as Lauren and I will be working with one of our favorite stores of all time in just a few short weeks!! As you can see by my inspiration photo and the ones I have previously shared from my home on the blog, I love West Elm! So, I couldn’t be more excited to share that we are planning a Pop Up Bridal Registry Event on July 29th from 11:00 – 5:00 in their Santa Monica store. There will be treats, beats, and lots of vendors to meet. If you live in the LA area and are getting married, know someone who is getting married, or just love to go to Pop Up events … you should totally come (Eventbrite details coming soon). 

What’s my designer tip this month? Fill your space with your West Elm favs! I love this store for its casual, modern, and a bit rustic feel. Registering for the first time? You will need basics like these classic West Elm white dishes. This mix of textures can’t be beat! Need to spice up a space that’s feeling stale? Add in a new wooden cabinet or a funky potted plant. Planning an event in your space? I live for their woven place mats, classy wine glasses, and antique glass candle holders.

Lauren’s inspired: My inspiration photo is a true “reflection” on a marriage that began six years ago! My how time flies! I LOVE this photo so much which is why I put it on my wall, and I love even more the amount of attention it gets from my girls. My younger ones are always pointing at it and exclaiming, “Dada” and “Mama”. Ava loves it too! This month I will be celebrating Scott and my six year anniversary, and I couldn’t be happier to have this well-dressed man in my life!

What’s my designer tip this month? “Reflect” on your past! Remember those mirrors you had inscribed with all of your wedding guests’ names? They could make a really nice piece of art for your home. Throwing a dinner party? Make sure to use lots of glass and shiny silver pieces in your tablescape. It will make it look classy and oh so spacious. Unique chandeliers and wine cabinets happen to be two of my favorite details in home decor. Aren’t these stunning?

Here at Side by Side Design, we look forward to an exciting month including a really exciting collaboration with West Elm, the anniversary of two awesome things … Lauren’s wedding and our blog, and more updates on gorgeous interior spaces in the works! Don’t forget to check out our next Get Inspired post on August 4th for all new looks and inspiration!