Written by: Lauren

Welcome back to our Modern With Antiques Home Tour. Today we will be featuring the sitting room, which is the space just off of the main living room, and will mainly be used for casual times of the day (reading or enjoying a cup of coffee or a cocktail with a few guests). We plan for it to be a cozy space with a bit of a moody atmosphere and will also house the bar.


There’s nothing really wrong with this room except that the style didn’t match our new plans for this home. Thus pretty much everything has been removed (from the bookcase, to the shutters, to the Chinese bar, and even the flooring), but the overall use for the space will stay the same. 

In Process

This niche will once again be used for a bar and will also house the media equipment for the home. We plan to keep it much more open looking and create drama through some sort of backlit onyx. 

This corner of the room will be a nice cozy space with a sofa, chairs, and maybe even some interesting wallpaper. 

The bookcase was removed, and it makes the room look a little bit larger. 

I’m looking forward to finding the right piece of art for this wall as you can see it from the entry.

This view shows the entrance into the main living room from this sitting room. The ceiling heights alone give you the feeling of moving from a small, cozy space to a large, open area.

Sitting Room Inspiration

Here’s the inspiration board I created for this space. We know we want a sofa, coffee table, and some sort of wall treatment to give this room the inviting quality we are after. To create that coziness we mentioned, we love the idea of these fur chairs, and we are looking for a few lighting elements to create interest such as this over-the-top floor to ceiling sconce and the backlit bar.

This week I have been busy meeting with our lighting specialist to discuss every last detail where lighting is concerned for this home (from recessed cans to specialty light features and even the proper lighting for artwork. We are really making progress where the planning is concerned, and the construction is underway. We still have more spaces to share in this Under Construction series and will be getting to those soon.

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