It’s Friday! Time to share a recipe in honor of a fun holiday coming up … Cinco De Mayo! We do have a small admission to make though. We know in the past, we have been big on posting these “Food Fridays”, and while we absolutely love sharing recipes with all of you (mostly because it forces us to think outside the box in our home kitchens and provide our families with new and improved dishes) we are going to try to say good-bye to this type of post for a little while. We are constantly trying to improve our blog and feel like this is not the right content to fit our brand. On a really positive note, business is growing and we feel that we have plenty of content to provide you all with interesting reading material, inspiration, and ideas in our two favorite areas … interiors and events. Great problem to have, right? We hope you enjoy today’s post, and know that we cannot wait to show you what we have planned for the month of May.

Recently, we discovered this recipe for blackened tilapia and it has become one of our favorites! It is seriously easy to make, full of awesome flavors, and everyone seems to like it! We decided this time to kick it up a notch and add it to our tacos.

Sometimes you just like to have options … For this meal, we had not one but two choices. Why not add some sauteed shrimp into the mix?

Toppings are super important when serving tacos for dinner. This time we offered avocado, green cabbage, shredded mozzarella cheese, and lime wedges. So good!

The finished product was absolutely delicious and fit for any Cinco De Mayo meal!

We have loved sharing this last Food Fridays post with all of you (for a while). Of course, we always welcome feedback. If you think we are making a huge mistake please feel free to let us know. Otherwise, go get your fiesta on! We will see you in May with lots of love for the interior and events sides of our business! Have a great weekend from Side by Side Design!

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