It’s the end of the month, and we are extremely grateful for all of the design challenges and experiences that have come our way. Today, we have decided to try out a new feature on our blog (with a not so new name). We have used “Favorite Five” in the past to refer to some of your favorites … what has been highly liked on social media. Now we get the chance to show you some of our favorites … 5 things that truly made us happy in the great big world of design this month. Also a way for us to share sneak peeks into projects that are in the works but not quite ready to show in their entirety. Enjoy!

#1: These doors! You know that feeling when you get inspired by a concept, bring in all of the right people to execute it properly, and then finally (after what feels like forever) you get a glimpse at the finished product? Take a look back at our post, Under Construction: Modern With Antiques Entry, and you will see how far we have truly come with these doors. There is still so much left to do, but in the end we know they will be beyond gorgeous! 

#2: This location! Hotel ballrooms are glamorous and garden settings are gorgeous, but nothing beats planning a wedding where you grew up … Summer camp! We have known this couple forever and cannot be happier for them to finally say “I do” at one of our most cherished places on Earth. A boho vibe and a stunning ocean view makes this a favorite for sure! 

#3: This color choice! We love it when our clients make brave choices. Many times being bold means choosing bright colors or a funky piece of furniture, but in this case going ultra girly was a big statement as well! So far our client’s office has been painted a soft shade of pink, and it looks amazing. Until it is finished being filled with all of the things a girl needs when doing her work, we leave you with this inspiration photo … Stay tuned!

#4: This vendor! Four years ago, we first worked with Wini of LA Circus, and our lives have been forever changed! She has helped us to expand our minds in the area of prop rentals and has encouraged us to think outside the box. It turns out they are so much more than just a place to get old circus train cars, tents, and ticket booths for our annual Halloween project (as seen on our post, Haunted Circus). We can’t wait to come up with a theme for this year’s event, to visit Wini, and see what she has in store!

#5: This man! We have mentioned many times before on this blog that our father, Jackie, is a truly talented individual (Custom woodwork is his specialty.) We have seen him create beautiful spaces for many many people over the years and have even gotten the opportunity to work with him on more recent projects. This time (although he has a lot going on with work), he is creating a new look for his own home. We know that he has been putting off this project for years in order to help others see beauty in their space and feel like he deserves to be doing something for himself. Isn’t the brick in this inspiration picture gorgeous? … Just a hint at what’s to come!

Let us know what you think of our new post … Simply click the number next to the speech bubble icon below to leave a comment. All feedback is welcome and will be taken very seriously. We hope to bring back our “Favorite Five” for the month of April on the 26th, and of course will be sharing what’s inspiring us for the month ahead on the first Friday of the month. See ya soon!


Written by: Lauren

A week ago my husband Scott and I returned from an amazing vacation in Los Cabos, Mexico. Scott’s client was turning the big 4-0 and invited us along for the festivities. That’s simply not something you turn down! She had been planning her big birthday celebration for an entire year, and it showed in every detail. We were so impressed, and I just couldn’t help myself … I had to show all of you what we did! 

#MG40! Melissa created this logo for the weekend, and I loved how it popped up in so many unexpected ways.

She and her husband rented out the Cabo Surf Hotel, which was right on the beach, and absolutely gorgeous! This is where we spent almost the entire weekend. 

These welcome bags were waiting for us upon our arrival with lots of goodies inside. Each girl had pre-ordered a custom hat which kept us safe from the sun and made for some amazing photos.

We hardly had time to enjoy the view before the first event began! 


The welcome party took place in this amazing pool area. It was fun to meet the other guests, hear the mariachi band play, and enjoy drinks and appetizers!   


Our amazing hosts for the weekend! Can you believe they brought in their own DJ? Melissa had fun playing some tunes as well!

That night we got all dressed up for a little party on the beach. Dinner, dancing, karaoke … and an amazing fire dancing show! What else can you ask for?


During the day, there wasn’t much to do other than enjoying a drink or some relaxation by the pool. 

Scott and I took a little walk on the beach as well. It was the perfect way to spend the day. 

Melissa’s wardrobe changes were incredible. They deserve a shout out of their own!

Saturday night the group got dressed up and took buses to the Esperanza Hotel for an amazing dinner. 

I told you she used her hashtag in fun ways!



A delicious meal of surf and turf and unexpected (and not planned by them) fireworks made for the perfect evening.

We also had flash tattoos of the logo in our welcome bag. Here is the birthday girl modeling it for us!


Melissa had planned all along to get group photos with our custom hats, and I think they turned out Insta-worthy!

The last night, we said good-bye with an amazing white party complete with 80’s cover band and a pretty incredible fireworks show (This one was planned.)! We had so much fun dancing the night away.

We woke up early the next morning to this gorgeous sunrise and headed to the airport to return to our three girls (who by the way were on their best behavior per all of their incredible babysitters). Thank you Melissa and Dave for including us in such an amazing weekend, and thank you to all of our parents and Tami and Phil for watching our girls so we could relax a bit and make these awesome memories!


Written by: Lauren

It’s always fun when you get to work on a project from start to finish, and as I have mentioned in our previous post (Under Construction: Modern With Antiques Kitchen), this is one of those projects. I’m taking you through the construction phase one room at a time to show you our inspiration and some in process photos and can’t wait to see how the finished product turns out. I love all of the unique details we are planning for their master bathroom, and thought you might like a sneak peek …


The original bathroom was very dated, and the style doesn’t go with the overall look we are trying to accomplish for this home. We are keeping some of the layout the same, for example, the sink wall will stay here (except for the return which is mostly useless space) but will look completely different. 

We also opted to remove the bathtub and are putting a walk-in shower in its place as the original shower was much too small. 

All of the materials, fixtures, and these awful shutters are getting replaced, and the new selections are to die for!

In Process

As I mentioned, everything is getting replaced. They even demoed the ceiling to see if we had room to raise it a bit. 

These windows will have a special film so you can see out but no longer in as they will now be placed inside the shower. 

We are planning an incredible sink and vanity wall with sleek marble cabinets with integrated sinks and a gorgeous make-up counter that is over the top!

This wall will house the TV which we are hoping to have integrated into the mirror. 

This area will be the water closet … 

… and all of the walls will be made of marble. 

Master Bathroom Inspiration

Overall, we are going for a very high end feel with lots of marble, some interesting lighting details, and a few brass accessories, but I don’t want to give away too much as this room is my favorite one in the works!

As you can see from the photos, the demo is complete and we are on the verge of bringing this completed master bathroom to life. So much thought has gone into every detail, and I love being such an integral part of its journey. More spaces that are under construction from this Modern With Antiques home coming soon!

 For more information on our design services email us at We always love to hear from our readers as well … Our comments section has been “under construction” for a while and is now back up and running. Tell us what you think about the plans for this space!! Click on the speech bubble icon to comment below. 


Our T Side / L Side posts help us express our individual cooking needs and are a way of showing how a specific ingredient can be used in two very different ways. This month, rather than choosing a key ingredient, we have chosen the color green in honor of St. Patrick’s Day! We have prepared to share how each of us have used something green (along with the recipe we used) so you can try out these dishes as well.

T Side: This week, I introduced Phil to an old recipe Lauren and I used to make when we lived together (way back in the day). This chicken was stuffed with something green and I made another veggie for the side. I am so obsessed with brussels sprouts and spinach right now! 

To make this spinach stuffed chicken, I first sauteed mushrooms, spinach, and mozzarella cheese together. Next, I sliced the chicken breasts down the side and stuffed the mixture in, sprinkled a little garlic salt on top, and cooked it at 350 for about 45 minutes. Yum!

L Side: We recently had an impromptu dinner at a friend’s house. With not enough time to stop at the store and to make something to bring, I looked to see what I had on hand. I consulted my trusty Pinterest for a recipe that combines quinoa and brussels sprouts and found this recipe which I modified slightly as to not introduce ingredients that I did not already have. 

Like I said, I  modified the recipe to just include brussels sprouts, regular quinoa, and garbanzo beans and used my favorite simple dressing of olive oil, lemon juice, and a little salt and pepper. The best though, was the next day’s leftovers when I added tuna to my quinoa brussels sprouts salad. That was really delicious!

This St. Patrick’s Day, we plan to eat all kinds of greens! Have a favorite green recipe to share? We would love to hear from you. Leave a comment below (by clicking on the speech bubble icon) and include the link or send us an email at


Written by: Lauren

For the most part, we generally update our readers on interiors and events that we are working on, but like to share things from our personal lives every so often as we feel people might relate. We also like to keep this blog as a place to document life events so we can take a look back as well. I have mentioned in the past that my family is looking for a new home but haven’t quite told our story on this platform. 

When we found out we were having twins, my husband Scott and I (when we got over our initial shock) started to panic. We immediately felt it necessary to search for a home that was bigger than our two bedroom condo, get a larger car, and put a list together of everything else we would need to accommodate two more bodies. We got the car taken care of but quickly found that our home search was not quite as easy. Our immediate search was so broad that we felt like we needed to take a step back and really figure out what we were looking for. When we sat down to talk, we found that we had the exact same feelings on this subject. With the amount of change our family was inevitably about to undergo, we wanted to minimize it as much as possible. I started getting anxious thinking about having to learn a whole new community (if we chose to move out of our current area), new grocery stores, new streets, and most importantly a new school for our daughter Ava. When I told Scott of my feelings, his response was, “I feel the same way. Why are we rushing this decision?”

We realized that the girls wouldn’t know if they had an amazing first nursery nor would they care if they had a larger space to initially crawl around. What was most important at this time was comfort and familiarity for the two of us as well as Ava who was already going to be going through a big change as well … becoming a big sister! We promptly put our home search on hold, put our minds at ease (at least temporarily), and focused our attention on endless doctors appointments and prepping for two new additions to our family (which believe me was enough to deal with at that time). 

About six months ago, when the girls really started becoming mobile and we felt we needed to have our room back, we started up our search again. This time much more dialed in to what we knew we wanted; at least three bedrooms, ample space for the girls to play, and within a reasonable driving distance to Ava’s school. We decided we did not want to take Ava out of the school she was currently in nor did we want the girls to not get the opportunity to experience this amazing learning environment. As our older daughter is only three, we understand that the change would not be as difficult on her as it would be on us, but we were not ready to deal with this either as we finally felt like we had found our community. 

If anyone has searched for a home in our city of Los Angeles, they know that it is not an easy feat. It is BEYOND expensive and what we pay for a three bedroom dump you can get a mini mansion somewhere else (This is not an exaggeration … It is the truth!). Then add to this the fact that our dream is to stay in the prestigious area of Brentwood or its surrounding cities, and the price goes up even more and the amount of homes available diminishes. Luckily as a designer, I see beauty where most don’t and know that with a little TLC (and some more money), I could live in my dream home. The problem is the options are few and far between and the good ones get snatched up extremely quickly. We continue to look every day, but are being stubborn with our selection and we believe that we will eventually be the proud owners of maybe not our forever home but one we can enjoy for a little while. 

The thing that keeps me excited through this whole process (even with our twins still in our bedroom a year later), is the excitement of being able to design our next home. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been pulling inspiration along the way and I know I’d leave you hanging if I didn’t show you some of it. Obviously what we do will depend on the style of the house we get, but I know I want a few things regardless:

A mostly white kitchen with marble countertops (probably not real marble). 

Mostly black and white throughout. A neutral palette so I can freely change my accents as I wish. 

I love the idea of mixing modern with organic details and edgy accessories. 

I’d even go a bit edgy in the girl’s rooms but soften it up with Ava’s favorite color, pink. 

One of the main requirements is that our home must have a dedicated office space for Tami and I to work. It is time!

I will try to keep you guys updated as our search continues, but more importantly know that I am so excited to one day (hopefully sooner rather than later) share our new home with all of you in its entirety as well as the remodel process we will inevitably go through once we get it. Be patient. I’ve learned that’s the best way to be here.