Written by: Tami and Phil

In our previous post, Traveling T Side: Honeymoon in Italy Part 1, we explained that we would be breaking this fantastic trip into two parts as there is just so much to tell, and we shared the best things that we did, saw, and ate in our first stop … Rome. Today we will highlight the rest. Enjoy!

Positano: Best Things We Did / Saw



Upon leaving Rome, we hired a driver from Rainbow Limos to take us from the train station in Naples to our hotel in Positano with one stop along the way. We were just dying to see the “buried city” of Pompeii.



Can you believe this porter carried both of our heavy suitcases over his shoulder down about a hundred steps to where we would stay? What’s more unbelievable though was the view from our room at the Hotel Miramare. We don’t think we will ever really get over how beautiful Positano is!


The concierge recommended that we check out the Seafood Festival our first night, and we are so glad that we did. The atmosphere was amazing, it was right on the beach, and we got to try a wide variety of seafood.



Our favorite day was spent on a private boat on our way to the island of Capri. We loved getting some sun, relaxing, and hanging out with all the new friends we made. We got the chance to check out some different grottos, the beautiful coastline, and restaurants and shopping on the island itself.


Although Positano is built into a hillside and has many stairs to walk up and down, we truly enjoyed just strolling through town.

Positano: Best Things We Ate




One of the best things about our hotel was the beautiful breakfast room overlooking the ocean. They put out an amazing spread and we got up early each day to take advantage of the food and the view.


Our favorite dinner in Positano was at Chez Black. It was right at the beach, had a great vibe, and exactly the food we were craving … a pasta full of shrimp, clams, mussels, and calamari.

Florence: Best Things We Did / Saw


Another bottle of champagne for this lucky couple … Can’t complain! We stayed at The Westin Excelsior in Florence which was conveniently located near the Ponte Vecchio and Il Duomo.





We loved sightseeing in Florence! Our favorite experiences were taking selfies in front of the Ponte Vecchio, gazing up at the beautifully painted dome of the Duomo, visiting David at the Galleria dell’Accademia, and Phil imitating him …. Isn’t that fun?

Florence: Best Things We Ate





By far the best meal of our trip and one that we will never forget was at Osteria del Cinghiale Bianco. We polished off all of these dishes; a fresh porcini mushroom fettucini, a boar ragu, an arugula and parmesan salad, and a 1.3 kilogram Florentine steak, plus a bottle of their house Cianti. It was insane!





We highly recommend signing up for a walking culinary tour on your next Florence trip. This opportunity opened our eyes to the many flavors of Florence; meat, wine, olive oil, baked goods, and gelato (just to name a few).


Bonus tip: The best place to see a panoramic view of the city is from Michaelangelo Square.  At the base of the trail is a delicious gelato spot.

Bonus Location (Amsterdam): Best Things We Did / Saw


A Tesla cab? Yes, please!


The Hilton Amsterdam pulled out all the stops with their honeymoon decor and treats … No wonder Yoko Ono and John Lennon loved this hotel so much!


During our day and a half visit in Amsterdam, we made sure to check out the flower mart, the Red Light District, Anne Frank house …


… and the I AMsterdam sign!

Bonus Location (Amsterdam): Best Things We Ate


Our favorite meal consisted of a large bowl of mussels, fish and chips (with mayo) and a couple Heinekens at The Seafood Bar! So good!


Although we were sad to leave Europe behind, business class was calling our names! We flew in style home and will never forget the memories we made on our special trip together!

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