A few months ago, we were catching up with our cousin and preferred makeup artist Taryn who started her makeup business, Face You Beauty, back in 2012. We told her about our newest business ventures and she filled us in on what she is working on including a really special project that truly inspired us. Today, we are so excited to re-introduce Taryn to all of you (as she has been on our blog before … seen on her previous Guest Blog post as well as the makeup artist / talent producer for the following events as seen on our blog: Garden Glam, Haunted Toga Party, Camp Wedding, and the Side by Side Design Photo Shoot) and to be able to share her special project with our readers. Enjoy!


Written by: Taryn Newton-Gill

I always gravitated towards beauty. On an average day in my childhood I could easily have been found in front of my mom’s bathroom mirror, rummaging through her drawer for lipstick. I’d pair the lipstick with some crazy outfit I’d concoct from random clothes I’d find around the house, add some of my mom’s jewelry and make whomever was around take photos of me, vis-à-vis the original selfie:


When I was about twelve I became obsessed with fashion magazines. I would cut out those black and white Romance perfume ads and tile them on the walls of my room like mosaics. I think my young subconscious thought that if I surrounded myself with them I would start to look like them through osmosis. By “them,” of course, I mean the models. I wanted to be those women. They were so effortlessly glamorous and sophisticated. They seemed not just beautiful, but worldly, like they’d seen it all. They seemed to me at ease in their own skin. They intrigued me.


Now as a professional makeup artist, I have the joy of making people feel beautiful all the time. And the more I’ve worked with women over the years, the more I’ve come to understand that—precisely because of these women in magazines—we find it hard to embrace our own beauty. The minute I bring a brush to her face a woman will confide in me that her skin is breaking out, her eyebrows aren’t even, or the circles under their eyes are just too dark. We are critical of our looks and that leaks into how we feel about ourselves as a whole.

I look back and realize that I was looking to those images on my walls for confidence. Getting in front of a camera takes confidence because it makes us vulnerable to criticism, and that takes courage! These photo shoots came about because I wanted everyday women in my life and that are my clients to have an outlet to embrace their own beauty. Perfect models aren’t the only women who belong in front of a camera.

So I began working with photographers to take photos of my friends, whose beauty is always so apparent to me. My closest girlfriends are my long time muses; they are to me what true beauty looks like. These shoots aren’t boudoir. They’re sensual, but the sexuality is not the focus. The focus is the spirit of the person in front of the camera. I work with women to figure out what makes them feel most confident in their own skin, and create a shoot that will reflect their own, personal beauty.


SOY LA REINA my first shoot, is based on my good friend Zoila Reyna, whose name literally translates to “I am in the queen” in Spanish. Zoila is the oldest girl in a Mexican family of six. She was raised to be proud and her personality and namesake reflect that. She is now a boss at her job and definitely the queen of her own life. Zoila naturally gravitates toward royal hues and I tried to capture that regality in her makeup, clothes, and setting.




As Zoila took this photo she said, “Wow, you really don’t have to wait until your wedding day to have great photos.” Precisely. Photos by Josh Coen.


SOPHIA BLANCHE is inspired by my endlessly creative friend and muse Sophie Barness, a singer-songwriter who rarely sings in public. We are grateful that Sophie channeled her inner performer for this shoot and bared it all, even her real name. Photos by Josh Coen.





EMILIA was my most recent shoot. Emilia is Zoila’s mother, and she came to Zoila asking to do a shoot after seeing her daughter’s photos. Emilia is a woman constantly on the go. She is fun and bold, and a huge fan of Iris Apfel. We channeled Emilia’s muse through her bright colors and bold jewelry, and set her in nature as a nod to her wild, natural way about her. Emilia loved her moment in front of the camera! Photos are by Day Hernandez.





Thank you so much Taryn for sharing these gorgeous photos with all of us. We loved hearing your story and know that there are so many more creative adventures for you to come in the near future. We hope that you will some day consider helping us to find our inner beauty and producing one of your photo shoots with a certain set of twins as your muse. Love you and all that you do!

If you are interested in taking part in this kind of one of a kind photo shoot experience or would like to gift it to a loved one, email Taryn (of Face You Beauty) at faceyoubeauty@gmail.com .

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