In our Pining For Pinterest posts, we prepare our readers for the upcoming season with interior shots alongside decor and event details in a fresh, new color story and overall look. Please enjoy as we take you through our Winter inspiration in our own distinct styles.

Tami’s Pins: What’s “pin”spiring me this season? Crisp Winter White! No need to come up with multiple concepts this holiday season. Do it once, and do it right! Wrap your holiday gifts and set your table for your family to arrive … Before you know it, you will be popping champagne and putting on your sparkliest attire in this same space. Have a Winter birthday? Geode cakes are all the rage right now! When your home looks this good, there’s no need to go elsewhere!



Gotta love the texture and shine in this all white living space!


The kitchen is where it’s at this holiday season. We all know this is where most parties end up congregating.


Love these crystals and the mixed in candles! White will never be boring again!


A little sparkle is in order when the holidays arrive.


So fun, right?


Pop the champs! It’s holiday time!


Like I said, geodes baby!


Simply wrapped gifts will look perfect with all of the other fancy details you have going on in your home.

Lauren’s Pins: What’s “pin”spiring me this season? Rose gold and soft blush! Valentine’s Day never really gets mentioned as a “Winter” holiday, but it is … and it deserves some attention too! This special day is best celebrated at home with the one you love. A few unexpected details and a cozy setting really go a long way. Go ahead and get dressed up, make a special meal, and cozy up on your couch with a favorite movie and a hot drink just you two.



Fresh linens in the best shades of blush and gray make this bed Valentine’s Day ready … Bonus points for copper accessories.


Pink velvet never looked so good!


I just L-O-V-E this!


Rose gold mugs and pink hot cocoa. Ooh la la!


Who can resist this gorgeous rose gold side table with the perfect accessories?


I just heard sequins are all the rage this season. Aren’t they always?


I want these lace up ballet flats so bad!


The perfect finishing touch … French macaroons with gold foil X’s and O’s.

As always, this Winter is super packed full of events, and we are so excited to see the events “Side” of our business flourishing. We look forward to all that is coming up this season and hopefully using some of this inspiration in our own planning. We would love to work with you in creating the right look this Winter by tying in the inspiration of your event with the essence of your home decor. It’s not too late to sign up for our holiday event services. Contact us at for more information.
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Written by: Tami

Being the follow up to such an amazing ceremony (seen on our post: Garden Glam Wedding Ceremony) was not an easy feat. However, Phil and my big day continued with many more fun unexpected details. I still am not sure what my favorite part of the reception was; the gorgeous flower arrangements, all the lights and upbeat music our DJ provided, or the amazing food and dessert lounge area. I do know though, that it went by way too fast and that the vision Phil and I had for our perfect day was truly brought to life.


All areas of our wedding day were thought through fully beforehand including the reception space. Our beautiful inspiration board included photos of a love seat for our sweetheart table, gold sequin linens, a gorgeous cake and other additional sweets, the overall look of the space, and how we want the overall feel of our photographs to come to be. I am pretty confident in saying that we accomplished what we set out to achieve with this look and that we may have even thrown in some other unexpected details …



Guests found their table assignments at this large round table at the entrance to our reception area. Lauren and I spent countless hours on this DIY project and are so happy with the outcome; sparkly gold borders to match the envelope liner on our wedding invitation, perfectly cut edges, and rhinestones to help the servers know what each guest had ordered. Kayla of House of Magnolias left her mark on this welcome table as well with this gorgeous floral centerpiece in a cut crystal vase.



The Grand Ballroom at the Universal Sheraton is absolutely breathtaking! The gold mirrored panels on the walls, the over-sized crystal chandeliers, and the otherwise white interior is EVERYTHING! I think one of my favorite aspects we included to the space by far is the Daks signature across the wall. Why not make a statement with the name you are officially taking!


White silk linens and gold Chiavari chairs were rented from Signature Party Rentals to dress up the space even more.





The centerpieces consisted of garden flowers in our wedding’s colors (white, blush, wine, and magenta) in gold footed containers, antique glass candle holders in various shapes and textures, and gorgeous acrylic and rhinestoned table numbers all on a large antique glass mirror.



Our sweetheart table was beyond exquisite with its draped gold sequin tablecloth, flowers right on the table, and a modern white high-back love seat.


After all of our guests found their seats, Phil and I entered the room to “Uptown Funk” and got the party started.





An extra long Hora got all of our guests back out of their seats. Our goal was to dance the entire night, and that’s pretty much what we did!


But first, a couple of traditional wedding rituals … The cutting of the challah (from Wildflour Bakery and Cafe) by our fathers and my grandfather.






Speeches were made by Phil’s parents, his Best Man, and my Maid of Honor and twin sister (Lauren, of course). They all had such amazing things to say and stories to tell. We could not be more grateful for their words!


We said a few too!



Our first dance was to a song that we know is probably played out at weddings right now, but the lyrics are super meaningful to us, “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran.


Although some guests never left the dance floor (Thanks to our awesome DJ … DJFX), there were a few other fun activities around the room for everyone to enjoy.



A photo booth with all gold props was set up for guests to take home a special memory …


… We all posed for a group photo …



… and all of our guests were surprised when the music changed mid-way through the party and a large dessert lounge area was revealed. I know, I am such a tease, but more details from this Garden Glam Dessert Lounge will be posted soon. 

From venue to every last Garden Glam detail, this was truly an amazing event … classy, chic, and just plain gorgeous (If I do say so myself!). I am truly proud to say that I not just experienced this event as the Bride but planned every last detail with my husband Phil (who was extremely involved) and my twin and business partner, Lauren. It went way too fast, but I will remember this day forever!

All Photographs taken by The Argus Image.


Written by: Tami

Over the past year, many posts on our blog have been devoted to one topic … Phil and my wedding! We have taken you through the entire journey from our engagement story, to asking Lauren to be my Maid of Honor, to our initial planning, to showers and my big bachelorette weekend away. I love that I have had this opportunity to share all of these details with our readers and that for years to come Phil and I will have these memories documented.

As an Event Coordinator and Bride, this project was extremely important to me. Your wedding day is something you look forward to for a very long time, and not only did I want to fulfill all of the dreams I had for this day, but felt it necessary to prove my skills as well. On the plus side, planning your own wedding means that you are able to do whatever you want (as long as your budget allows), however if I am being completely honest … It was much harder planning for myself than it has ever been planning for anyone else. Good thing I only have to do this once, right? After all of the hype leading up to this post, I am so excited to finally share the details from our Garden Glam wedding ceremony.


Inspiration is a huge element of planning any event. My process for my own wedding began the same as it does for any other event I coordinate. I pulled many inspiration pictures on Pinterest (to a secret board, of course) for all things wedding … dresses, decor, and even the feel I wanted to achieve with our photographs. My partner in crime (Lauren), then took the photos that truly captured the feel of our event and turned them into inspiration boards like the one above for our wedding ceremony. You can see that the overall feel is Garden Glam and includes our ideas for setting up our chuppah, Bride and Bridesmaid bouquets, a cute sign for our hashtag (#onceyougodaks), and even a photo I hoped to capture with my adorable Flower Girl.



You can’t have a wedding ceremony without rings, and I am obsessed with the creative way our photographer (Britt of The Argus Image) photographed ours. I ask myself every day, “How did I get to be so lucky?” and Phil engraved these exact sentiments into his classic wedding ring. Jewish tradition states that a Bride must be married in a simple ring without stones, so it made perfect sense to use my Grandma’s gold wedding band during the ceremony especially because I’ve always wanted to have the kind of relationship she had with my grandfather.


We knew right away when we toured this ceremony space at The Sheraton Universal that it would not need a whole lot to be beautiful. We chose to bring the inside dining chairs out to give a more formal feel and set up a simple but gorgeous chuppah to be married under.




Sheer white and gray linen fabric dressed up our chuppah along with gorgeous floral arrangements made by Kayla of House of Magnolias. I am not surprised, as every time I work with Kayla she gets my vision exactly (if not goes above and beyond my expectations) but the flowers were the perfect shades of white, blush, wine, and magenta. Just like I wanted!


A small cocktail table was set inside our chuppah with all of the wedding essentials; wine, Phil’s new tallit (prayer shawl), and two beautiful kiddish cups (traditional wine glasses). We chose to use one that is new and was given to us by my parents as a wedding gift and another that has been in Phil’s family for a long time and belonged to his beloved Papa Joe.




As we would be waiting for the sun to go down to start the ceremony, we opted for an nontraditional schedule which put the cocktail hour first. This was also a great way for guests to mingle and grab a drink before taking their seats and created a bit of excitement for what was to come. We rented these stunning gold sequin tablecloths from Signature Party Rentals and simply added a small bouquet to each table in an antique cut crystal glass with some candle light.


The appetizers at the Sheraton were spectacular … I know not because I was at the cocktail hour (Wouldn’t want to show off my dress before the ceremony!) but because they were served in our ketubah signing as well! Thank goodness I got a bite to eat before walking down the aisle.




Havdallah is made up of three blessings (wine, spices, and a braided candle). Many Jewish people say or sing these blessings every Saturday night to separate the regular week from Shabbat. Phil and I both love this tradition having grown up at Jewish camps and wanted to incorporate it into our special day. While my brother, Aaron, played guitar our moms lead our closest family and friends through these blessings and we all sang along while holding hands.


We also spent a lot of time researching ketubah text and settled upon Hebrew and English wording that we felt spoke to our relationship best. This Jewish marriage license we do not take lightly and will hang in our home for years to come.




After signing the ketubah, Rabbi Camras announced that we were officially married … What a crazy moment! By the way, this gorgeous veil is my “something borrowed”. It is the one that Lauren wore on her wedding day!


Phil looks beyond handsome in his tux as he is escorted down the aisle by his equally well-dressed parents.


All five of our nieces and nephews made an appearance during the processional. Lauren’s girls looked especially adorable in their blush dresses and flower crowns. A special shout out goes to Scott for helping them to “walk down the aisle”.


Phil’s Groomsmen rented perfectly polished tuxes from The Black Tux  and each of my Bridesmaids wore a gold sequin dress that suited their own personal style.



My two sets of parents looked amazing as well! I am so blessed to have had them all standing around me as I married the man of my dreams.


Ava was a little shy and may not have thrown any flowers, but could not have looked cuter in her “pink tutu” and flower crown that matched mine exactly from our Engagement Photo Shoot.



Everyone says that the best moment during a wedding ceremony is watching the Groom’s face as his Bride walks down the aisle towards him. I could not agree more. Phil’s smile took all my nerves away and made it easy to be completely present in that moment even as our guests were cheering from the sidelines.




I walked halfway, greeted my parents on either side of the aisle, and waited patiently for Phil to come down and escort me the rest of the way.


Meanwhile my brother Aaron played a special song for us, a slowed down version of Rather Be by Clean Bandit.





Traditional words were said by us and the Rabbi, we were wrapped and blessed in Phil’s new tallit, a glass was shattered, and a kiss was shared, but the thing everyone is still talking about is my mother’s voice, as she took on the important role of Cantorial Soloist on our big day. So many special memories and personal touches!


I truly cannot be happier to have married my best friend and with how all of the carefully planned details of this day came to be. There’s more to come from this Garden Glam feature on Monday. Thank you for allowing me to share my story with all of you!

All Photographs taken by The Argus Image.


Written by: Tami

The Save the Dates and the invitation are without a doubt what sets the tone for your wedding day. In our previous posts, Save Our Date and Garden Glam Wedding Invitations, I shared how we used our creativity to think a bit “outside the box” on these particular DIY projects. I am pretty sure that Phil would have killed me if I said the words “I want it to be different” one more time. However, adding some new elements to our wedding design was extremely important to me. When I set forth to plan out the next aspect (our hotel gift “boxes”), I had this same goal in mind. I wanted this first thing our guests saw when checking in for the weekend to make a huge statement and to share another glimpse at the overall look and feel of our event.


You may recognize these 8×8 wooden boxes painted a shimmery champagne from our previous event centerpieces (as seen on our post, Vintage Disneyland Bat Mitzvah Details). That’s right, they were used twice … Talk about “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”! Once these boxes were done being used for perfectly manicured grass and floral centerpieces, I touched up the paint and began to plan out what would go inside for our hotel guests.



The concept I had early on was for these boxes to include items that would help make each hotel guest’s stay more comfortable. To bring a little bit of a home feel to a space that is unfamiliar. We began by ordering a few must-haves online … Mini bottles of pink champagne and personalized matches to accompany a votive candle.


Each box was stuffed with neutral colored filler to make the items stand nicely inside. Of course, our names and wedding date were written in gold foil on each “perfect match” box. To say I am obsessed with gold foil is an understatement!



Some of our favorite treats were added as well as I always feel at home when I have a snack on hand; Ghirardelli chocolate and caramel squares, Almond Roca, Milano cookies, and assorted nuts.



The finishing touches included over-sized bows made from gold sparkly tulle, and a small bud vase full of gorgeous flowers. I cannot express how much I love how each box turned out! These flowers (by Kayla of House of Magnolias) gave our guests a sneak peek at what was to come from the wedding arrangements. They were EVERYTHING and were the perfect item to make our hotel guests feel like they were at home.

These last two photos were taken by our wedding photographer, Britt of The Argus Image. She really captured the true essence of what we created. This Wednesday is the moment we all have been waiting for … I finally get to share my official wedding photos with all of you. We will begin with the ceremony and all of the details that went into this magical part of our event (Reception to follow next week!).


By taking one of the looks from our Get Inspired: November boards, we are providing our readers with further information for where to purchase similar items with a range of price points (from super affordable to fancy and one of a kind).


Happy (almost) Thanksgiving! This month is all about giving thanks and that perfect bite! In honor of this concept, we have prepared a list of five interior items and five items you can use in your at home events that together feel very cohesive but pull from a little bit of this and a little of that. We have also included a link for each item for your convenience in obtaining them. Enjoy!

Interior Items


1. Slope Leather Bar + Counter Stools – West Elm – $429 each


2. Baltimore / Classic Cord Pendant – Rejuvenation – $200


3. Turkish Oushak Square Rug – One Kings Lane – $1,385


4. Ventura Cocktail Table – Room & Board – $849


5. Kilim Lumbar Pillow – One Kings Lane – $575

Event Items 


 1. Marin Grey Dinner Plate – Crate & Barrel – $9.95 each


2. Footed Rocks Glass – Crate & Barrel – $4.95 each


3. Striped 20×20 Cotton Pillow, Cream – One Kings Lane – on sale for $65


4. Loon Peak Weathered Elk Antler Sculpture – Wayfair – on sale for $63.54


5. Pheasant Feathers – Sam’s Club – 24 for $24.98

This November, create the perfect bite! What are your plans this Thanksgiving? Leave us a comment below. We would love to hear from you!