Last week, Lauren’s daughter Ava turned three, and although her parents did not want to do a big celebration it was finally Ava’s turn to choose her own birthday theme. Of course, she chose two of her all time favorite things … Minnie Mouse and the color pink. Lauren and Scott welcomed immediate family and a few of Ava’s friends to their home to celebrate this very special occasion.

minnie 1

A pink polka dotted background sets the tone for this dessert area.

minnie 3

A silhouette sign lets all of her guests know who this party is for, and all of Ava’s Minnies came out to play (more like … were used for decor).

minnie 8

A mix of polka dotted napkins and striped straws kept everyone on their toes.

minnie 6

minnie 5

minnie 4

A pink cake and Minnie shaped Oreo’s were the perfect treat!

minnie 10

Mini (Minnie) ice cream cups were oh so fun for all of the kids complete with a whipped cream topping and Oreo ears.

minnie 9

More Minnies were on display around Lauren’s living room. We all truly can’t believe how many Minnies Ava has.

minnie 2

Small gift bags were given to each of the kids on their way out. A few Minnie stickers, bubbles, and pink and purple bracelets made each girl smile while the boys enjoyed their Mickey surprise just as much!

minnie 12

Ava had so much fun telling everyone who would listen that it was her birthday. Too bad it only happens once a year! We had a blast as well planning, decorating, and celebrating with our favorite three year old. We look forward to planning many more birthday parties for Ava in the future and can’t wait to see what she will pick as her theme next year. We love you Ava! Happy 3rd birthday … and many many more!

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