Today is #FlashbackFridays, and as it is the end of Passover, we are thinking back on all of the flourless foods we have created and written about over the years. For today’s post, we decided to share the “favorite five” with all of you. In order to determine what five photos have gotten the most “likes”, we went back and looked through each post’s views. We were excited by what we found. A list of really fun options to keep in your back pocket for Passover next year or for your next gluten free meal.

soup 9

#5: As seen in our post, Making Matzah Ball Soup With Mom – Although it is not easy to give up bread for a whole week, there is something we always look forward to … matzah ball soup! For as far back as we can remember we have always made a huge pot of this comforting soup to last us through the week. When we were younger, we would help our mom prepare the vegetables and form the matzah meal into balls to plop into the pot watching as they fluff up. The house always smelled the best on these days. Here’s a look back from a few years ago when we got the opportunity to relive this childhood memory as we once again made matzah ball soup with Mom.

cake 13

#4: As seen in our post, Flourless Cake –  As many of our loved ones celebrate their birthdays during this time of year, it is very common that we hear them complain that they are required to have a Passover (flourless) cake on their birthdays. This led us to conclude (a few years back in honor of Lauren’s husband Scott’s birthday) that there must be a way to spruce up a flourless cake, make it less dry, and more appetizing. You can make it pretty while you are at it too.

pizza 18

#3: As seen in our post, Matzah Pizza – One of our favorite things to make during this holiday is matzah pizza as it is as close as we can get to having a hearty Italian meal. We love thin crust anyway, so it really doesn’t feel like much of a hardship to us to have matzah instead of pizza dough. A few years ago, we were inspired by two of our favorite pizza spots in deciding which toppings to put on our homemade varieties.

julie 21

#2: As seen in our post, Food Fridays: Turkey Burger Salad – A look at one of our favorite no carb meals of all time! Who needs a bun when you have a lush green salad full of tasty veggies?

new year 3

… and the #1 most viewed post: As seen in our post, Food Fridays: Healthy Eating in the New Year – This may look like pasta, but there is not a single noodle in sight. This delicious recipe was made from all Farmer’s Market ingredients … veggies only with a sprinkle of sheep’s milk cheese on top.

This Passover has been so much fun and full of gluten free goodies … Why not incorporate this practice into your regular weekly cuisine? As always, we are extremely grateful for the feedback our readers have provided us! Keep the love coming whether it be on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and by visiting our site each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to see what we have in store. Have a great weekend from Side by Side Design!


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