Written by: Lauren

In our previous post, Under Construction: Modern Dream Family Room, we shared the plan for how a really unique space was going to be made into two really special rooms. Originally this was one area with extremely high ceilings and a massive floor to ceiling bookcase that could never have been filled. There was a lot of empty space that was not being used overall and was not the best fit for the homeowner’s day to day use. My in-laws (who own this house) met with their contractor to discuss the option of creating a division and turning it into two equally large rooms; a family room and a downstairs  game room (just for fun!).

modern dream 8

What’s a game room without a large flat screen TV? This vintage popcorn machine was a great touch as well.

modern dream 6

This couple loves color! I did my best to save the pops of color for special elements in all other areas of the house, however we decided that this room did not have to be so serious.

modern dream 2

High top seating is a great option in this type of space as it allows for informal snacking opportunities.

modern dream 3

modern dream 4

modern dream 9

An interesting light fixture, a fun colored pool cue holder, and a hand painted mural by none other than Angel (as seen in our post, Art by Angel), makes this room extra special.

modern dream 10

Angel created this custom artwork as a gift for my in-laws and I absolutely “love” it.

modern dream 7

Game shelving and framed classics add a few more pops of color.

There are still a few more rooms to show from this Modern Dream home feature. Many more pops of color, exciting accessory selections, and all done in a modern way for a very special couple … stay tuned! For more information regarding our Interior Design services contact us at info@sbsdesignla.com.


Written by: Lauren

I am so excited to share this beautiful photo shoot that we worked on with our friend Erica of Erica Leigh Photography. We have been really lucky to have worked with her in the past (seen on our previous posts: Newborn Photo ShootMaternity Photo Shoot, and Baby Shower), and loved her work so much that she was the obvious choice to take Cara and Sienna’s newborn photos. Scott and I know from experience that our precious little ones grow up so fast. This way, we will always have these baby pictures to look back on fondly and remember our twins at their tiniest. Here are some of our favorites of Cara and Sienna along with us and their big sis. Some photos you may even recognize as the updated version of ones we took just two and a half years ago when Ava was this small.

twins 7

twins 8

twins 24

twins 9

twins 10

twins 11

twins 12

twins 13

twins 14

twins 25

twins 26

twins 15

twins 16

twins 17

twins 18

twins 19

twins 20

twins 27

twins 22

twins 23

twins 28

Thanks again Erica, our friend and fellow twin, for taking these beautiful photos. I can’t wait to get some framed and display them in our home! If you are looking for a fabulous photographer to take your newborn or latest family shots, we have an awesome recommendation for you! www.ericaleighphotography.com


As much as we can, we try to make a point of cooking meals together. This is a way for us to spend time with each other while creating something new to keep us (our significant others and Lauren’s daughter) happy. Unfortunately, as we are increasingly more and more busy, this favorite pasttime has become less and less common. Luckily, this week we found an opportunity to cook together and made the most of it. We even found a healthier alternative to a recipe we wanted to try.

To make your own turkey lettuce wraps, just follow these easy steps:

tami 1

1. Heat 1 tablespoon olive oil in a large pan over medium-high heat. Sautee small pieces of zucchini until it is nice and soft. Don’t forget that the zucchini will condense down, so the more you use the better. We used 3 medium sized zucchinis.

tami 2

2. Add a package of ground turkey, 1 clove minced garlic, and 1/8 teaspoon ground ginger. Cook for about 6 minutes or until the turkey is browned, stirring often.


3. Drain mixture and move to a separate bowl. Stir in 4 chopped scallions and a can of water chestnuts (chopped) and mix thoroughly.


4. In a smaller bowl, mix together 3 tablespoons hoisin sauce, 2 tablespoons low sodium soy sauce, 1 tablespoon rice vinegar, and 2 teaspoons roasted red chili paste or Sriracha.

5. Fill each lettuce cup with the turkey mixture and drizzle with sauce for a perfect combination of flavor!

We truly love cooking Side by Side (when we have the time) and hope to share many more recipes that we use for this purpose with all of you in the future. What’s your favorite healthy recipe? Feel free to share your ideas and comments below.


Written by: Tami

“Why send a Save the Date?”, you might ask. It seems these days people’s schedules are getting more and more full, and it is definitely important to give an early heads up for the most special of occasions. Not only has sending out Save the Dates become “the norm”, but it is extremely popular to personalize this first aspect of your invitation suite as well. As I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of Phil and my engagement photos that we took last weekend (which will be used in the creation of our Save the Dates), I thought what better time to share some of my thoughts and inspiration for the overall look along with some tips for those of you planning out your own Save the Dates.

save the date 7

Tip #1: Take an awesome photo! There is a reason why so many people use their engagement pictures for this purpose. Once you have selected a location for your shoot, gotten your hair and make-up done, and selected just the right attire, you won’t be able to keep yourself from showing these photos off as much as you possibly can. I love how this particular inspiration picture says “our” instead of “the”. This change of wording makes it that much more personal.

save the date 6

Tip #2: Keep it simple! A Save the Date really only needs minimal information. Don’t forget to include your names, your wedding date, and possibly even the location so your guests can begin to prepare their travel plans if they are coming from out of town. This is also a great opportunity to share your wedding website or hashtag for the first time. I personally am obsessed with the glitter ampersand symbol and hope to use a feature such as this one in my own creation.

save the date 8

Tip #3: Select the right colors and fonts! Mixing script and print is a great way to create interest. Adding metallic foil will make your Save the Date that much more special. I love this combination of blush and gold! The Save the Date sets the tone for the wedding. Why not take this chance to introduce your color scheme and overall feel as well.

save the date 9

Tip #4: Six months before is about the right amount of time! I have seen Save the Dates done in so many ways. Whether you send them in an addressed envelope, as a postcard, on a magnet for the fridge, or a variety of other creative ideas you may have, it is best to give your guests plenty of notice. I plan to keep my style classic and love the idea of purchasing a custom stamp such as this to finish off each envelope. As we will not be married yet, I will probably stick with our first names.

Sending out Save the Dates can be so much fun! It is the first time you officially alert your friends and family to the date you have locked down, which makes it feel so real! It’s time for me to put these tips into action and start creating our very own Save the Dates. Stay tuned to see how ours turn out.


Written by: Tami

In the past, we have asked Brides who are close to us to share tips and advice while in the planning process (as seen in these previous posts written by Darci and Rebecca) Each Bride has shared their words of wisdom for other Brides to come and have let our readers in on their vision for their big day and the special touches they have planned to make their wedding unique. This time the tables have turned, as I am now the Bride.

My wedding day is a day I have dreamed about in major detail for most of my life. I (like many other girls) have spent a lot of time creating scenarios in my head for how I would meet my future husband, what my wedding dress will look like, and how each and every one of my guests will dance late into the night. I have not, however, put much thought towards what it takes to actually plan my own wedding. Granted, I have now planned weddings for many other Brides, staying true to their vision for their day. This is so different than that!

In November (as you may recall), my dream man asked me to marry him! We spent a few short weeks at the holidays in ignorant engaged bliss and then jumped head first into planning our wedding. We started with selecting a venue. This is possibly the most important decision you make in planning a wedding, and my fiancee and I did not take that lightly. Ultimately, we chose a hotel close to home where our guests will feel comfortable and with a grand ballroom that we loved!

The next step was to interview photographers and make another important decision … Band or DJ? As an event planner, I am lucky to have an extensive list of vendors whom I have worked with that I like, and through this process have found some new people I hope to work with even more in the future. We are now at the point where we have locked down most of our major vendors and get to begin  the fun stuff (i.e. trying on dresses, registering for all new home items, and planning the smaller more detailed aspects of the wedding decor).

I don’t want to share all of the details just yet, as I want to keep the overall look a surprise for my guests, but thought I would share just a quick glimpse at my inspiration (I am such a tease!). I plan to include our families in a very significant way (especially my nieces and nephews) as family is very important to us, have a major focus on florals as our main decor element, and create a garden feel within a grand non-garden setting. Here are a few pictures that set the tone:

tami 12

tami 10

tami 11

This past weekend, Phil and I took engagement photos. We stuck super close to the inspiration photos we pulled and the overall look and feel we were going for (as seen in our previous post, Engagement Photo Shoot Inspiration). I absolutely cannot wait to see what comes from this shoot and to share the photos with all of you soon!