We recently had the opportunity to help with the design of the new office space for Van Wagner Sports and Entertainment. We thought it would be fun to show the process we went through with the design of the space as it was a different experience for us (considering our main focus is generally on residential design).


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We started out the project in the existing space, discussing with the contractor what kind of structural changes would be made as well as the cosmetic changes. He provided Lauren with a floorplan of the new layout and explained that the new ceilings would need to be lowered to accommodate the new dry wall. They also planned to keep the rooms on the outer perimeter in tact but create many more work spaces to fill in the center area.


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Lauren then created an overall design inspiration for this space giving the company the industrial and loft-like work environment they requested. She worked with her renderer to create these drawings and show how the space would look when completed. As it is with most interior projects, there are many factors to consider before reaching the final design (one of which is budget). This did play a large part in the final design of the project. As you can see in the images above, the original plan included concrete floors, a glass enclosed conference room, and brick details. Although the finished product did not include any of these three elements, the overall structure remained the same and the finished product turned out quite beautiful.


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As we did not end up with the original glass walls, we opted to install the TV onto the focal wall instead and painted it the same orange as the company’s logo to create interest and a wow factor upon entry. The adjacent wall was painted gray, also following in the direction of the company’s logo, and allowing the entry furniture to really pop.

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We used the same two colors for accent walls in the offices going down the hallway to keep with the same theme. The rest of the materials were kept relatively simple; grayish wood floors and dark moldings and door frames for a crisp and clean look.

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We included as many glass elements as we could into the conference room to allow for an open feel and kept the overall design modern and clean lined with a simple chalkboard wall and updated conference furniture.

Overall, we are very happy with how this space turned out. Our main focus in every project is to give our clients a place they are able to enjoy each and every day whether at home or at work. We take each challenge we are given in design very seriously and strive always to not let those challenges dictate the beauty of a finished product.

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