Lauren’s daughter Ava recently began attending preschool at University Synagogue. After touring many schools, Lauren is pleased with the selection they made and can already tell that it is a great fit for not only her daughter but for their whole family. As Ava now spends many hours a week in her classroom, Lauren has been looking for a way to get involved and give back. When she heard that the parent association was planning to redo the school library, she knew this was the perfect opportunity to offer her expertise.

library 1

The school principal, April, has a very clear vision for the direction she wants to take the school design-wise, and has already implemented this overall look into the amazing outdoor classroom they built last year. Lauren met with April to discuss this vision and couldn’t agree more that this organic and soothing atmosphere should be the direction the rest of the school goes as well. Lauren created this vision board to be presented to the school administrators to make sure they were all on the same page.

library 2

April sent Lauren the link to the website for this school to show where she got her own inspiration.

library 6

Her one request was to have some sort of tiered seating that is made to fit the space.

library 7

In addition, they thought it could be fun to include some bean bags for the kids to sit on as well.

library 5

Lauren found this rug image and thought it could be a great way to incorporate texture and interest into the space without compromising the color scheme.

library 4

As you can see in the photos above (the middle photos in the vision board), the existing library lacks warmth and an inviting nature. The committee in charge of this project let Lauren know that that they were hoping to include some sort of mural and to paint the walls to give this space the warmth it deserves. She liked the look of this artwork as it follows the geometric feeling of the rest of the room but is also organic and interesting.

library 3

Once the design was complete, Lauren had one more vision herself. She thought it would be fun to incorporate some sort of sculptural display to house specific seasonal and holiday related books. She is hoping she can add in this one last thing, but we will see.

This fun and important project is already underway. The committee has been working away to organize all of the books and have created a system for keeping them organized in the future. They have also been working hard to clear out unused materials and toys and are coming up with a budget to complete this project. They know it will not be an easy task but with so many people lending a helping hand, this space will soon be beautiful! Lauren looks forward to seeing her own kids use this library in the future and knows that it is sure to bring a smile to many kids faces as they learn so many new things.

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