Recently, we have done a lot of talking about our father and the creative endeavors he has underway (seen here and here), but we realized that we have not done a good job of telling his story. That is why today’s post we have dedicated completely to our dad (Jackie) and a spotlight on his business (Jackie Bitton Fine Woodworking).


Jackie Bitton moved to America in 1978 from Israel, and pretty soon after started becoming interested in the art of woodworking. He originally went into business with his brother David (Bitton Brothers Furniture) and they both learned from lots of mentors along the way.



When he went off on his own, he grew in his knowledge and mostly self-taught craftsmanship. Growing up, he would always impress us with stories of what he was building for whom, as he went on to work for some very influential people including Drew Barrymore and Glen Keane (Disney artist for The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, etc.). We always loved to go to his shop and see what he was building and create things of our own. Our dad taught us that you can make many things with your hands and a little creativity.

Lauren knew when she graduated from the College of Architecture and Environmental Design at ASU, that she eventually wanted to work with our dad. To be able to create together was a major goal for her. However, every time Lauren brought this up, he would encourage her to learn more from the designers she was working for, to push herself to work hard and take it all in. A couple of years ago, when we started Side by Side Design, he finally gave in. It had been a dream of his to work with her as well.

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On Monday, we shared some really special news for our family … Lauren is having twins! As a parent of twins himself, our dad could not be happier about this addition to our family. He reminded us how much he loved to spend time with us when we were little and that in fact, the first pieces of furniture he ever made were two identical cribs for us to sleep in each night and a dresser / changing table for our nursery (seen in the above photos).

Today, our dad loves to make anything new especially when there is a challenge involved. He is very comfortable with any style of furniture, anything from modern and mid century to the most detailed traditional pieces. He is the type of person who can see any possible complication before he even begins to build. It is because of this that Lauren likes to talk through her projects with him and will absolutely be looking for advice when designing a nursery for her twins.

If you are looking for a truly talented custom cabinet and furniture designer / builder, Jackie Bitton is the one for you. We cannot recommend him more highly. Contact us by filling out an inquiry form on our contact page for more information or email him directly at

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