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For as far back as we can remember, we have been spending time in Palm Springs / Desert during the Summer with our family. We know what you are thinking … IT’S SO HOT! Yes, you are absolutely right! We are aware that we are a little bit crazy to spend a week in the over 100 degree heat, but there’s really nothing like spending all day in the pool and playing games in the air conditioning when we get sick of that. Another thing we love to do while on these family getaways is to cook Side by Side as each member of our family gets to show off their skills in the kitchen (whether they be for grilling, chopping, or even for cleaning). This week we worked as a team to eat most of our meals in the comfort of our own home away from home (otherwise known as Club Intrawest). For this Food Fridays post, we will highlight the dinners we have enjoyed both out and in over the past couple of nights while in Palm Desert and hopefully give you all a few tips that you can use while away with your fam.

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It’s crazy how our family keeps growing! Not only do we now include spouses on this family vacay, but the kids come too (Obviously!!). When coming up with a plan for these nightly dinners, our biggest piece of advice is to make something the kids will enjoy as well. Who doesn’t love pasta? This dish was especially delicious with it’s two types of noodles (elbow macaroni and bow tie … which Ava loved because it resembled Minnie’s bow), ground turkey, tons of tomato sauce, cut up broccoli, and fresh Parmesan cheese.

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With all of the amazing restaurant options in town, it would surely be a waste to eat every meal in. So we ventured out a few times to try out the local cuisine. Matchbox is a family favorite for its delicious pizzas, fresh salads, and fun happy hour specials. Seriously though, if you go there, you have to get the honey, fig, and arugula pizza. It’s to die for!

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The Cliff House met Scott and Lauren’s expectations and more! Scott’s grandfather happens to live close by and treated them to a really yummy meal of beef short ribs atop mashed potatoes, steaks, carrots cooked to perfection, and the best of the best in comfort foods … tomato soup. It was the restaurant, however, that treated them to this slice of cake heaven to celebrate their 4th anniversary. What fun!

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Another great thing to do while on vacation is to make use of the BBQ. There is absolutely nothing bad we can say about grilled chicken and corn on the cob. Having all hands on deck helps a lot as well. For this meal, while the guys were out grilling, us girls were preparing some yummy sauteed veggies (carrots, onions, garlic, and Brussels sprouts).

This week has truly been a special one for us, bringing back many memories of previous trips to the desert and overall just a really nice time spent with our family. We love that we have had the opportunity to share in so many home cooked meals as well. Are there dishes you like to prepare when away from home? Do you have tips to add or places for our readers (and us) to try while in this specific location? Feel free to post a comment below or share your thoughts and recipes with us through email at Have a great weekend from Side by Side Design!

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