Scott and Lauren have made it a tradition to spend Valentine’s Day at home each year. They feel that it is not important to spend this evening in a crowded restaurant with hiked up prices as this is not what Valentine’s Day is all about to them. Thus Lauren takes this as her opportunity to set the table beautifully while making a special meal for Scott. She has fun coming up with a menu consisting of food items that she does not regularly serve and a fun theme that will keep things exciting. Last year, Lauren decided to incorporate one of Scott’s favorite meals into their dinner plans. 

Scott loves breakfast at all times of the day. In fact, he regularly eats cereal for dinner (as his quick go to, but not when Lauren has cooked something nice). This invitation was given to Scott the morning of Valentine’s Day as an introduction to what the night would entail. He was asked to join her at 8:00 pm in his favorite PJ’s at home. Who wouldn’t want to eat dinner in their pajamas?

A handmade valentine and Conversation Hearts were waiting for Scott when he got home from work.
To keep things festive, Lauren set the table with a Tiffany blue tablecloth, their fine china from their wedding, wine and champagne glasses, and an adorable heart-shaped candle. Strands of hearts with the word love all over them (seen on our post T Side / L Side: Heart Decor) were hung from their chandelier.
A delicious shrimp frittata (recipe seen here) sits atop a silver cake stand and the couple enjoyed a Valentine’s cheers over their mock cranberry and orange mimosas (as Lauren was pregnant at the time).
Homemade banana nut muffins were a fun addition to their breakfast for dinner menu.
For dessert, they each had a pile of pink pancakes topped with vanilla ice cream, maple syrup, sprinkles, and a sparkly silver heart (Our mouths are literally watering as we write this!).
Lauren plans to keep this tradition going this year by making dinner on February 14th, but is thinking to change it up a bit and create a romantic mix of campfires, cuddles, and comfort food (doesn’t this sound like fun?). Whatever you plan to do with your Valentine this year, remember that what is really important is that you make the day special and show them how much you really love them!

This past weekend, Lauren was so lucky to have the opportunity to visit and tour a prominent building in the center of the USC campus. Heritage Hall is the home to USC athletics and houses national championship and Heisman trophies. It is an iconic building that just went through a major renovation and recently reopened after being closed for a full year. Not only was it a pleasure for Lauren to see the design and architecture of this space but a chance to check out her husband’s new office as he just moved in.

Tommy Trojan plays a major role as the centerpiece of the building and protects the “heritage” of USC. This building houses the athletic administration for the university, the marketing and development team, and coaching staff.
The development wing, where Scott works, has a very impressive lobby. Every aspect of the design stays true to the USC brand.
These murals (found in the reception waiting area) make a statement when you enter the space. They highlight acclaimed USC athletes and their participation in “the pros”.
Even the break room in his wing is all decked out in USC paraphernalia.
Seeing her husband’s name on the door to his new office made Lauren very proud!
The designers of the space did a great job making it look modern while tying in the USC colors. Lauren decided to add a few personal touches to Scott’s office to make him feel at home.
She used the back portion of Scott’s desk to display his own personal memorabilia (everything from his college diploma and soccer trophies to bobble heads from his work in the tennis industry.
Lauren’s favorite items are the framed Clippers tickets from their first date which was a wedding gift from Scott’s brother and the special photo of one of his mentors.
Scott keeps his accounts organized on a large whiteboard written with red marker, of course.
The attention to detail amazes us … we can’t believe they even have an image of their infamous mascot programmed into their phone system.
With Valentine’s Day at the end of this week, it’s always nice to do special things for the ones you love. Lauren is excited to hear how Scott enjoyed the new details in his office, and Scott is now even more excited to go to work each day. Ava on the other hand, all decked out in USC gear, is excited for her first Valentine’s Day. Fight on!

As we continue to focus on Interior Design and Event Planning on and off our blog, we feel that the tradition of sharing inspiration (the first Friday of each month) is the perfect way to show you the overall looks that are inspiring us. As our Craft Club calendar pages have officially come to an end, we have decided to reformat these posts while staying true to their content. Every month, we will each post a photo that shows you (our readers) what is currently inspiring us. We will then select two interior and two event photos that coordinate with its color scheme and overall concept. In addition, we will provide you with our designer tips to keep you on trend for the month ahead. We hope you enjoy this revised addition to our blog as much as we did preparing it … Let us know what you think.

Tami’s inspired: I call this inspiration photo “Single Girl in the City” which is exactly what I am. For a single girl, Valentine’s Day can be quite intimidating, but this girl (the one in the picture) doesn’t seem to be phased in the least bit. She’s wearing her red dress proud and is ready to take the city by storm. Can I channel her energy this February? Affirmative!

What’s my designer tip this month? Don’t be afraid to go bold! People expect red for Valentine’s Day and red they will get. Bright pops of red, that is, found in every aspect of your party decor from classic roses, to table linens, and fringed gift boxes too.
Lauren’s inspired: I’ve decided that a little gold leafing or spray paint makes even the most simple items look expensive and chic. Ok people, we are talking wishbones here … Don’t they look chic? With the start of the Olympics and Valentine’s Day this month, I think it’s safe to say that a little good luck is in order for a lot of people.
What’s my designer tip this month? I have said it before, and I will say it again … go for the gold! Gold accessories are popping up everywhere and a touch of gold in your interior or event really classes things up. Everything from the modern hand rail, to the silk tufted pillow, and even that adorable cake topper … I rest my case!
Here at Side by Side Design, we look forward to an exciting month including the Winter Olympic Games, various Valentine’s projects, and long awaited photos of one of our Interior Design projects. Don’t forget to check out our next Get Inspired post on March 7th for all new looks and inspiration! 
Whether it be in home accessories, party decor, or competing in the Olympics, this Winter everybody seems to be “going for the gold”! With this goal in mind, we decided to create an inspiration board for an upscale classy party with one main focus … a setting fit for watching the Opening Ceremonies. Although getting a gold medal is the ultimate dream for any Olympian, silver and bronze medals are no consolation prize. For this reason, and because mixing metals these days (in your home or fashion) is encouraged, we decided to include all three colors in our party’s decor.
This bold rug is reminiscent of the Olympic rings and balances the geometry of the ceiling nicely. The use of the three metal colors in this interior really stand out on their all white backdrop.
This kitchen takes the metal concept to a whole new level. We can’t say that we have ever seen an entire space filled with hammered metal cabinetry, but this designer took a chance and sure did it right. The addition of the grey and white marble backsplash and flooring really tones the gold down nicely.
This sequin pillow represents the three metal colors and stays true to the formal atmosphere we are trying to achieve.
This photo brings the geometric quality of our interior space into our event without being too literal.
Wouldn’t these be such fun take home gifts as well as a chance to experiment with your own little gold leaf DIY?
This photo backdrop is the perfect place to show off your “team spirit”.
Even the smallest details should coordinate. These festive drink stirrers tie in with our theme too.
We had way too much fun preparing this Winter Olympics inspiration board for all of you and hope that you liked it as well. This Winter, enjoy watching the Opening Ceremonies from the comfort of your own home or in a classy party setting, and keep us in mind should you need help in setting up your own decor to go for the gold!

This past weekend, Tami and two of her friends (Arin and Sarah) hosted a party. The invitation said, “We’re bringing back house parties, but with a twist. Single? Jewish? Then, come schmooze with us as we mix and mingle over drinks. The more the merrier, so please bring a fellow member of the tribe.” The girls felt that with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it was the perfect opportunity to throw a party to meet friends of friends and possibly even make a connection.

Upon each guest’s arrival, they were instructed to “Keep Calm and Party On” and to choose a badge that best represents them. These made for great conversation starters as well as a prop for a fun party game.
The game is simple; there are three “forbidden words”, if you get caught saying one of them you lose your badge to the girl or guy that called you out. The one with the most badges at the end wins!
Candlelight sets a tone while chalkboard details and bright florals keep the mood light and fun.
Fun party foods were had by all; spanakopita, mini pizzas, parmesan coated pigs in a blanket, white cheddar popcorn, and delicious homemade brownies.
Say Cheese! Mini chalkboards added a touch of humor while a chalkboard tray filled guests in on what each type of cheese was. Crackers, pita chips, and salami completed the spread.
Single? Ready to mingle? With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, this is the perfect opportunity to host a gathering just like this of your own. Let us know if you use any of these ideas in your own get together or need a helping hand.