When we first started our blog, we never could have imagined turning it into a thriving business. We started small; encouraging friends and family to take a look at creative projects we had underway and truly embracing every milestone (our first hundred views, our first hundred posts, the first time someone we didn’t know commented on something they liked). Today, two and a half years later, we still embrace every new reader and every viewing record we beat, and can truly say that we are so excited by the direction that our blog (and even more importantly, our business) are going.

Recently, we hired a web designer to transform our simple Blogspot site into a professional, well-designed website. This could possibly be the most exciting “project” we have taken on thus far. Every exchange, every email brings us closer to finally being able to have our website look the way we have envisioned it all along. As a fellow designer, Kristin, understands our need to work closely together. We have been working Side by Side with her throughout these early stages of the process to create a mood for not only our website but the SbS Design brand.

Our first “assignment” was to pull inspiration photos, edit them down, and create a mood board to translate our vision to the outside party (our web designer). For our color scheme we wanted to stay neutral and classic, and thus decided to stick with a black, white, gold, and champagne palette. We wanted to keep our look fresh, modern, and chic with a high end feel. We also wanted to incorporate subtle patterns, textures, and aspects of both “sides” of our business.
As for the overall look of the website, we selected fonts, social media icons, and other details that we want to use in creating one cohesive look. We especially love the mix of scrawly cursive and straight all-caps fonts with touches of gold.
In planning for our brand, we felt it was important to continue the look of our website through to our printed material. We will be working Side by Side with Kristin to design our business cards as well. We want to keep them simple by including our logo and all of the pertinent information, yet would love to make a statement by adding gold lettering or a gold edge.
Those of you who have been following us since the beginning know that this is a HUGE step for us. Not only will we now have a proper space to display our event and design projects, but this space will finally live up to the high standards we have set for our blog and our business. We love that after two and a half years, every little detail excites us and motivates us to keep going, and know that this “project” we have underway will take our business to the next level. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for Side by Side Design!

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