When we first started our blog, we never could have imagined turning it into a thriving business. We started small; encouraging friends and family to take a look at creative projects we had underway and truly embracing every milestone (our first hundred views, our first hundred posts, the first time someone we didn’t know commented on something they liked). Today, two and a half years later, we still embrace every new reader and every viewing record we beat, and can truly say that we are so excited by the direction that our blog (and even more importantly, our business) are going.

Recently, we hired a web designer to transform our simple Blogspot site into a professional, well-designed website. This could possibly be the most exciting “project” we have taken on thus far. Every exchange, every email brings us closer to finally being able to have our website look the way we have envisioned it all along. As a fellow designer, Kristin, understands our need to work closely together. We have been working Side by Side with her throughout these early stages of the process to create a mood for not only our website but the SbS Design brand.

Our first “assignment” was to pull inspiration photos, edit them down, and create a mood board to translate our vision to the outside party (our web designer). For our color scheme we wanted to stay neutral and classic, and thus decided to stick with a black, white, gold, and champagne palette. We wanted to keep our look fresh, modern, and chic with a high end feel. We also wanted to incorporate subtle patterns, textures, and aspects of both “sides” of our business.
As for the overall look of the website, we selected fonts, social media icons, and other details that we want to use in creating one cohesive look. We especially love the mix of scrawly cursive and straight all-caps fonts with touches of gold.
In planning for our brand, we felt it was important to continue the look of our website through to our printed material. We will be working Side by Side with Kristin to design our business cards as well. We want to keep them simple by including our logo and all of the pertinent information, yet would love to make a statement by adding gold lettering or a gold edge.
Those of you who have been following us since the beginning know that this is a HUGE step for us. Not only will we now have a proper space to display our event and design projects, but this space will finally live up to the high standards we have set for our blog and our business. We love that after two and a half years, every little detail excites us and motivates us to keep going, and know that this “project” we have underway will take our business to the next level. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for Side by Side Design!

This month our Craft Club girls were in the mood for a little home improvement. Although our needs were varied (everything from wall art, to decorative coasters, and a clean / dirty magnet for the dishwasher), we kept with the theme in our projects learning new techniques from each other along the way. 

As always, we started out by catching up with the girls and enjoying a few snacks; pita and dips from a local Farmer’s Market, kale and quinoa salads from Whole Foods, fruit, and delicious cookies from Gelson’s bakery.
We did eventually get to work … One of the girls began creating a functional item for her home, a hand painted dishwasher sign to help her keep track of when her dishes are “refreshed” and when they are “disgusting”. We can’t wait to see it finished and displayed in her home.
These adorable coasters were made with just a little Mod Podge, some patterned scrapbook paper, porcelain tiles from Michael’s, and a really fun bird stamp.
Tami began creating pieces for a gallery wall for her home. Martha Stewart letter stencils, a paintbrush, and black acrylic paint were used to include an inspirational quote on simple canvas paper. She is so excited to finish this project and display the entire gallery wall collection soon in her home … photos and tips in a special DIY post to come soon.
Each of these projects will help to improve the girl’s homes in their own way. We hope we have inspired you to choose just one home improvement project to complete this month. It is always fun to have something new to look at or use that you have made yourself. As always, we had an amazing time and can’t wait for next month’s Craft Club meeting.


The first time we stepped foot in this “trailer” we were … let’s just say, less than pleased. It was old, broke down, stinky, and down right dirty, and when our dad told us that this would become the next family project, we were ready to opt out. However, we do enjoy a challenge, and apparently so does he. For the last month and a half, an amazing amount of sweat and tears have gone into creating the most incredible “trailer” we have ever seen. We have decided to write a post about the process of this renovation to show you just what we are talking about including inspiration for the finished product (which we can’t wait to share when it is completed), before photos (just in case our description wasn’t enough of a visual), and more photos to show the process and the hard work that has gone into it.
Outdoor Inspiration
These inspiration photos depict the overall feeling we are going for, but not necessarily the color scheme. We love the wood-paneled walls, the sliding glass doors, the loose gravel pathway, and the strings of lights overhead.

See what we mean? … and this doesn’t even do our description justice!
In Process
The house has undergone quite a transformation already. From the new siding and insulation to the addition of the back deck and front porch, you can hardly recognize it from what it was before.There is even a top deck with a great view which will be the perfect spot to watch fireworks this Fourth of July.
Indoor Inspiration
While the boys work on the construction, us girls have been busy putting together inspiration boards to make the interior feel cozy yet modern. Our brother, Noam, has been very hands-on in this personal project selecting everything from big screen TV’s to tile and finishes. His girlfriend, Ashlee has been busy “pinning up a storm” to our shared secret board and purchasing accessories to make the home warm and inviting. This inspiration board shows the colors, finishes, and the overall feel the space will have once done.
The kitchen was originally so small and closed in that we could not even imagine cooking a meal there. All of the appliances and finishes needed updating and even the layout could be improved upon.
This wall has been removed to provide for a more open space plan. An island will eventually replace it to include more storage and seating space. This will also allow for a more spacious living room and dining area.
The laundry has been relocated and this space will be used for the cook top and refrigeration, again opening up the kitchen to make it more inviting.
All of the bathrooms are being updated with new cabinetry (courtesy of Jackie Bitton Fine Woodworking) and new plumbing and lighting fixtures with a crisp, modern feel.
In Process
Our favorite changes to the common area include the raised ceiling over the dining area and the sky lights. These make the space feel bigger and brighter. However, these are just a few of the many changes which include; re-piping and rewiring, all new LED lights throughout, the addition of a fireplace, built in shelving, a complete speaker system, new windows and doors (and pocket doors in some areas), TV niches, new flooring and finishes, new appliances and plumbing fixtures, new light fixtures, new heating and air conditioning units, and all new drywall throughout.
In Process – extension to the side of the building
As the original master bedroom and bathroom has been transformed into a guest suite, complete with kitchenette and private deck, a new master bedroom was in order. Our dad devised a plan to add 350 square feet (to the original 1,120 square feet) to the left side of the home to not only enlarge the existing guest bedroom but to add a new master bathroom and office area.
While this project is technically a “trailer” (it even has a license plate), you would never be able to tell by the look of it! We are happy to announce that it is coming along quite nicely, transforming at lightning speed, and we are sure its residents cannot wait to move in.

For the past two years, we have made it a point to honor a special member of our family on her birthday by interviewing her and using her recipes to bake some fun treats (seen on our previous posts: 104 Chocolate Chip Cookies and 105 Candles) This year, we are extremely proud to announce that not only did our Great Grandma Mary turn 106 years old, but she was also featured in the LA Times for this great accomplishment.

Beverly Hills turned 100 years old last month. Check out this amazing article honoring Beverly Hills, its century, and the centenarians living within the city. We especially love the video of our very own Great Grandma Mary singing “God Bless America”:


This past weekend, our family got together to celebrate Great Grandma Mary’s birthday. She has two children, six grandchildren, over fifteen great grandchildren, and even a great great granddaughter (Ava), so needless to say there is never a shortage of people to celebrate with. We are pretty sure our Great Grandmother would forgo gifts for the chance to spend time with her family, but beautiful flowers are always fun too!
Small sentiments and heart-warming cards go a long way as well!
We all took a moment to sing Happy Birthday as the birthday girl blew out her candles (not 106 as we did not want to burn down the house) and to toast her with glasses of champagne. Cheers to Great Grandma Mary on this day (her birthday)! Here’s to another year of health, happiness, and inspiring all who she comes into contact with. She is an amazing woman, and we are proud to have her as the matriarch of our family!

Remember back to your elementary school days? For us Valentine’s Day was full of stomach aches from all the sweets we consumed, excitement (Will the boy I think is cute give me a valentine?), and red and pink craft projects. We absolutely loved decorating brown paper lunch bags to place on our desks that would be filled with cards and candy by the end of the day. When we got home on Valentine’s Day, each envelope was carefully opened and examined. The cards always felt so special (even though they came in a box from the market with different cartoon characters on the front). We feel that you are never too old (or too young) to enjoy the fun of giving and receiving valentines. That is precisely why this year, Lauren decided to give a little treat to her Mommy and Me class on behalf of her seven month old, Ava. 

Lauren decided to splurge on these fun striped bags and festive miniature clothespins from Paper Source. They were just too cute to pass up! Each bag was filled with star shaped Puffs treats for all of Ava’s friends.
How could Lauren bring something for all of the moms and babies and leave the teacher out? This craft bag was decorated to match the small treat bags and filled with love (and licorice).
Presentation is key! A variety of Valentine inspired borders from Michael’s and a cute message was added to each bag to finish off the look.
Here are a few other ideas for how to prepare your Valentine treat bags this season (it’s not too late):
We brought this fun treat along last year when visiting our younger sister and “college girl”, Maya. A little pink scrapbook paper, matching ribbon, and a heart shaped hole punch go a long way. For an extra fun touch, make your own print by typing the word “love” over and over again in different fonts.
This bag was brought along as a pretty gift for a party host complete with our favorite Valentine’s treat, a homemade banana nut muffin, and a heart shaped tag.
You are truly never too old (or young) to enjoy a little Valentine’s treat. To this day our mom still gives us a box of Conversation Hearts for Valentine’s Day every year. We are not going to lie … we love this just as much as we did when we were kids, and can’t wait to continue this tradition with our own children. This year, however you present it, express your love with a treat or two (or even a whole bag full). Your loved ones are sure to see how much you care. Happy Valentine’s Day from Side by Side Design!