Since our very first post, Lauren’s husband Scott has been bugging us to write something sports related. Although, we have told him numerous times that our readers are just not interested in scores and play by plays, he did finally win us over. Last year, we decided it would be fun to put together inspiration for a Super Bowl soiree, and this year we decided to continue the tradition putting together a menu to serve your guests based on the local cuisine of each Super Bowl team. This year’s menu is a little bit formal, a little bit festive, and a whole lot tasty.

Signature Cocktail (Seattle Seahawks)
This Seersucker Sling Cocktail combines apple vodka and tonic water and is garnished with fresh thyme and alternating peeled apple slices and blueberries. This represents the fruit Seattle is known for while keeping in the spirit of the team colors. 
Denver Broncos 
Colors: Navy and Orange
 There is more to the Denver food culture than the Denver Omelette. This city is home to some of the country’s best Mexican food (especially dishes filled with green chile). This recipe would be great to munch on during the big game!
 A handful of fast casual chains, such as Chipotle, got their start in Denver, Colorado. We love the taste of Chipotle’s guacamole and couldn’t resist adding this copycat recipe to our Super Bowl menu. Why mess with a good thing?
Seattle Seahawks (Washington)
We have never tried blueberries and salmon before, but after discovering this recipe that says (and we quote), “This was life changing”, we can’t wait to try it out. Since Seattle is known for its seafood (especially Copper River Salmon) as well as berries, this seemed to be the perfect marriage of the two. The addition of the green chiles shows that these two teams really can work together.

Seattle is also known for its Dungeness crab, making this salad the perfect addition to our meal. This salad is beautiful with its striped green tomatoes, sweet crab, and spicy radish sprouts. The balsamic vinegar dressing brings all of the flavors together.
Dessert (Denver Broncos) 
Football and grilling go hand in hand just like chocolate and cherries. This recipe is inspired by another one of Denver’s delicacies, honey pizza crust, and we decided to incorporate this element into our dessert menu because … why not?
 Beer is the unofficial, official beverage of the NFL, and Denver just happens to be known as the “Napa Valley of Beer”. Seattle on the other hand is known for its coffee … we all know Seattle’s Best, right? When you merge the two you get coffee? Beer? Nope, you get Espresso Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout (which infuses an espresso from a local Denver roastery)! This is a great addition to our menu (plus, what would a Super Bowl soiree be without beer? and what would dessert be without coffee?). We hope you enjoyed this inspiration post. All of the recipe links have been added for your convenience. Let us know if you make any of these dishes for your own Super Bowl soiree, and let the best team win!



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