When we were approached last year to help a family decorate their house in Beverly Hills for Halloween, we literally jumped at the chance. Who wouldn’t be excited by the opportunity of decorating a front yard with spooky skeletons, over-sized bugs and spiders, and tons of tombstones? We immediately began pulling inspiration photos and came up with our concept, “Haunted Graveyard“, which we had just one short week to bring to life. This year however, we had an entire year to plan for this exciting decor opportunity and actually came up with the theme as we were taking down the decorations last year. With all that time to plan, you can only imagine the endless possibilities that arose as well as the creativity that would come. This year’s theme, Haunted Circus, is bigger, better, and scarier than we could have even hoped for, and we are so excited to finally share it with all of you. 

This circus was abandoned long ago, leaving the clowns and other circus performers as mere skeletons. However they couldn’t quite stay away … at night these skeletons come to life to put on one more show …

Each trick or treater is greeted at the ticket booth upon their arrival. 

The circus freaks (including the Siamese Twins and the Strong Man) keep to their tents to be viewed by anyone who dares.
For the lucky few that actually made it to their graves, the Eerie Acres Cemetery is where they call home.

The huge clown that guards this haunted circus was our original inspiration for this entire project. 
This clown and its pet rat are still laughing at each passer by. 

Two performers only job: to keep people entertained while working on some new tricks. 

These shoes were made for walking … on a tight rope that is, and even in death this swinging girl still has an act of her own.


Sparkly stands make a nice place to rest … in peace (while these clowns wait for their next act).

This creepy puppet master stands tall as he performs the final act of the night.

What is a circus finale without someone being shot out of a cannon? It’s the best way to shake up the crowd. 
Spiders, snakes, and other creepy crawlers have taken over these train cars as well as a good portion of the circus grounds. You can tell by the thick layer of spider webs that they have been there a long time. 
A little friendly competition never hurt anyone. These banjo players join in one last sing off for old time’s sake.
Another ticket booth is set up on the other side of the park with its own guard hiding in the shadows.

If you were to stop by this home this Halloween, you will see all of the amazing vintage circus props we rented and may even be “treated” to popcorn or some “rotten” candy. Although we are very proud of how the Haunted Circus we have created looks during the day, with the large amount of lighting and fog machines spread throughout the decor, it is truly a sight to see as the sun goes down and the circus performers come to life. We hope everyone has a fun Halloween. We know we will, as it has already been spent doing some of our favorite things … creating, coordinating, and collaborating to bring our Haunted Circus vision to life. 


Please check back tomorrow for a special Halloween post …


Dressing up for Halloween is one of our favorite things to do, but it can get very pricey. For as far back as we can remember, we have been putting together costumes with as few store-bought items as possible. We love to be creative and use what we have at home to prepare for this holiday each year while saving a few bucks at the same time.

Last year at Halloween time, we created decorative masks to use with our bird themed costumes; a peacock, a penguin, and a flamingo. However, we were so busy working on this big project that when the time came to actually put the costumes on and wear them out, we simply were not up to it. This year though, Tami had her mind set on one costume only … the one she did not wear last year. She decided to bring in a few friends to “finish off the flock”.

Here is a close up look at the masks (flamingo, peacock, and penguin) we made last year:

Tami (on left) and Arin (on right) had “tutu” much fun in the tutus they created. Tami made hers from scratch with just a few materials; a couple yards of hot pink sparkly tulle, a scissor, and a large piece of ribbon. She kept all of the material in one area so that there would be a large pouf where the flamingo’s tail would be. Arin’s tutu was purchased and then embellished with peacock feathers at home. It’s not too late, follow this link if you’d like to make a tutu of your own this Halloween:
Birds of a feather really do flock together … These girls had so much fun last Thursday night at the Guardians LA Halloween event in their bird themed costumes!
We couldn’t leave little Ava out of the fun! Although her wings are more fairy than bird, she looks forward to sporting her own tutu this Halloween. (Hope you enjoyed this sneak peek at the costume she will be wearing this Thursday night.) Happy 1st Halloween to this adorable fairy princess and to all of our readers from Side by Side Design.

Halloween is right around the corner, and this fun filled holiday is not just for the kids. There may be an age limit on walking door to door dressed in your costume with a basket or pillow case yelling “trick or treat” for handfuls of candy, but that doesn’t mean adults don’t deserve a little “treat” this Halloween.

Who doesn’t love candy corn? We filled miniature gift bags from Michael’s with fun treats to pass out last weekend to “the girls” at our Halloween Craft Club meeting.
Each bag was then closed tight using Halloween stickers with cute sayings and cork details.
We love how even the most simple of designs can make such a fun statement.
Here’s one more idea for how to “trick your treat” this Halloween. This adorable gift bag was filled with chocolate pumpkins and a homemade tag with a creepy crawly creature was attached to it. It’s a great way to say Happy Halloween and thank you.
This Halloween, don’t let the kids at your door be the only ones saying “trick or treat”. If you have ideas you want to try or photos to share, send them our way. We would love to see them!


Halloween is our favorite time of year to decorate our living spaces. We both love to add glamorous touches to an otherwise spooky scene in our homes. In preparation of this year’s decor we decorated pumpkins at our last Craft Club meeting (seen on Monday’s post), purchased just a few new items, and dusted off all our old favorites after taking them out of storage. Here’s a look at how each of us used our different styles to create the right look for our homes this Halloween.

T Side: I know you will not be surprised that I once again chose to use 
black and white as my Halloween color scheme, as I tend to stick to these simple colors a lot. My small studio already has lots of pattern and color. When adding my Halloween decor I wanted to include some spooky yet glamorous details without taking away from the overall look. In order to achieve this goal, I incorporated black ravens, skull details, chalkboard painted pumpkins, and a whole bunch of candles.
I filled this birdcage (usually found on my patio) with candles and added a few life-like black ravens to keep a watchful eye on my place. You never know what kinds of ghosts and goblins are roaming around this time of year.
This beautifully embellished tray is often found on my coffee table. When its usual candles and potpourri were traded out for five finely decorated pumpkins, it became Halloween ready.

This year, I decided to turn my fireplace into a seance scene with an over-abundance of white and black sparkly candlesticks and a variety of antique glass candle holders (I particularly love these three glass vases turned decorative candle holders that I made at last year’s Craft Club meeting and couldn’t wait to use them again). My new matte gold skull sits atop one of my favorite home accessories, a glossy black cake stand that Lauren gave me.

L Side: I really wanted to keep with a Fall look this year, rather than what you would expect at Halloween time. I found the mix of natural elements such as burlap and fresh pumpkins with glamorous details such as antique glass candle holders and silver decorative accessories to be quite interesting.

A cluster of textured antique glass candle holders mixed with pumpkins and tall glass candle vases sits nicely atop a small burlap runner.
I styled my coffee table tray with lots of fun candles and pumpkins. I couldn’t resist putting just one silver skull in there as well.
I even tied in the burlap on my fireplace by using it to set my decorated pumpkins on … S for Scott, A for Ava, and L for me. I like how the silver brads look next to the silver textured vases.
This orange vase was the perfect addition to my TV console and a great finishing touch. I love these adorable little pumpkin plants I found at Trader Joes.
“Sometimes we are the same, sometimes we are different, but we are always twin sisters.” As you can see, we each have our own style when it comes to decorating. When decorating your space for Halloween, which “side” do you relate to most?