When Isabelle from Hydrotherm reached out to us about being this month’s guest blogger, we were excited at the prospect of working with this innovative company. We were even more excited to hear that she would be including some of her own product and how it would fit into a previous project of ours. She had selected a project that is near and dear to our hearts, Lauren and Scott’s Bathroom Remodel Inspiration. She chose Hydrotherm bathroom accessories from their line that fit in nicely with the design of this master bathroom, and we love the way that it all coordinates together.


Written by: Isabelle of Hydrotherm 

If you’re fed up with your old bathroom and want a change, you don’t necessarily need to destroy the whole room to make it better. You can easily change the look of your bathroom by simply changing bathroom fixtures like door handles, drawer pulls, and the hardware of your shower doors. Renovating your bathroom doesn’t have to be an extensive and exhausting job, you’ll be surprised at what a little sprucing up can do for the look of your bathroom. 
As design progresses, and with it, technology, the amount of new styles you can choose from has increased dramatically. Tap design has transformed from the long-established standard forms and contours to virtually any shape and structure imaginable. Combined with changes in colour from the traditional chrome to gold, white or black as well as the inclusion of prints, crystals, or lighting, a new tap fixture gives you unlimited options and is something that can be done relatively inexpensively. 
Selecting other fittings like towel rails and soap dishes will come down to what suits your chosen style. A popular choice at the moment is the heated towel rack, like these ones from Hydrotherm. They keep towels, and anything else that sits on them, luxuriously warm in the middle of Winter. It also subsequently keeps the room warm, so you can do without the often dangerous, bathroom heater. 
Consider the practical criteria of any fittings, as well as where they’ll be placed in relation to where you will sit, stand or lie, and where things like doors are. Bathrooms are generally quite small in size, so the size of your fittings will impact the space and functionality of the room. 
Also, if you are doing a more thorough renovation that requires altering any plumbing, make sure you choose a qualified plumber who can safely work with your plumbing. 
Thank you Isabelle from Hydrotherm for sharing your insight into the world of bathroom accessories with us and our readers. If any of you would like to be our next guest blogger, we would love to include your projects, inspiration, or creative business endeavor in our blog. You can contact us by posting a comment below or emailing us at sidebyside.design@yahoo.com

In our previous post DIY: A Walk Down the Aisle we wrote, “DIY (Do It Yourself), a term used a lot in wedding blogs and magazines, is a great way to put a personal touch on traditional parts of a wedding ceremony.” However, in preparation for Rachel and Maddie’s rustic, vintage wedding (which was this weekend) we have felt the need to give even the most traditional aspects of this wedding a little rustic twist.

Traditionally, the Flower Girl throws flower petals as they walk down the aisle. This non-traditional option requires just a few easily accessible crafting materials including; printed paper, craft paper, a heart diecut, tea, and a paint brush. Follow these easy steps to DIY:

1. We created this “love” printed paper ourselves and used a heart diecut to make something fun for the Flower Girl to throw.
2. Brew a cup of tea as you would usually do. 
3. Line up the paper hearts on a few layers of paper towels, so the tea will not soak through.  
4. Tea stain each heart by applying a gentle coat of tea to each one with a paint or sponge brush.
5. Mix with craft paper heart cutouts to give variety. 
This past weekend, the flower girl carried a basket as usual, but surprised the guests when these adorable, small hearts floated out of her hands instead of flower petals.  
Rachel and Maddie’s wedding had not one, but two Ring Bearers (one for each ring). As a twist on the traditional Ring Bearer pillow, we created these burlap wrapped hearts to house the rings using burlap string, a wooden heart box top, a hot glue gun, and a little bit of embellishment. Follow these easy steps to DIY:
1. Wrap the wooden box top with burlap string until completely covered and plush. Changing up your wrapping pattern every once in a while will give it more texture and depth. You will need to use a hot glue gun to secure the string every once in a while.
2. After completing the wrapping process, tie an extra piece of burlap string in a bow to attach the rings to. We added these adorable scrapbook embellishments (in the wedding’s colors) to ours to personalize them a bit.
We had such a wonderful time this past weekend coordinating Rachel and Maddie’s wedding and can’t wait to share more details with all of you. Check back later in the month to see how their rustic, vintage wedding vision came to life.

Here on Side by Side Design we are continuing with the week’s theme celebrating Scott and Lauren’s 2nd anniversary. At this point in their relationship, an anniversary could not have come at a better time. As their daughter, Ava is only two weeks old, it goes without saying that this couple is in much need of a little reminder to relax and take one day at a time.

Traditionally, on the second anniversary, cotton is the material for a husband to give to his wife and vice versa. When Lauren set out to plan a gift for Scott, she was reminded of last year’s DIY project that she made for him (seen on our previous post: Paper Gifts). As a creative person, Lauren loves to come up with ideas of gifts she can make herself, however cotton does not lend itself as well to as many creative homemade possibilities (unless you sew). Therefore, she set out to find a store bought gift that would be equally heartfelt.

When Lauren found this pillowcase set she knew it was the perfect way to say “Happy 2nd Anniversary” to her husband while fitting well into the cotton theme and reminding the couple to take some nice, long, deep breaths. 
Lauren wanted to incorporate the cotton theme into her card for Scott as well. She added a piece of fabric, ribbon, and some cotton swabs to her homemade card. 
The packaging from Faceplant Dreams could not have been more perfect, as it was made out of cotton itself. Thus Lauren chose to keep things simple and left it as is, but tied it up with a thick cotton ribbon.  
The message on the pillowcases themselves will serve as a constant reminder of patience in this new stage in their lives. It will comfort them on those inevitable sleepless nights and will help them remember to “breathe in and out” when times get trying.  


As Scott and Lauren conclude their second year of marriage they are reminded of so many wonderful memories from their wedding day. Many of the creative details have been previously posted on our blog (such as the Ceremony, the Reception, and even their All White Candy Bar), but for some reason we never really got around to posting very many of the amazing photos of the happy couple taken by Mi Belle Inc. Therefore, we thought it would be fun as we reminisce, to share five of Lauren and Scott’s favorite artistic photos from their big day.
This photo is so classic in black and white, and we love the ode to Scott’s grandfather as he looks down at the cuff links that he gave him.  
This photo is one of a series of piano shots that Scott and Lauren’s very creative photographers took. We love this photo for its simplicity yet high fashion, showing off every aspect of Lauren’s dress and making her feel like she could grace the pages of one of her favorite magazines. 
Josh and Michelle of Mi Belle Inc. specifically wanted to use the grand piano for this series of photos because of its reflective quality. This photo is a perfect example of what they were trying to accomplish.
They love this photo so much that they used it as their New Year Cards following their wedding. It really embodies the romantic couture feeling that they told their photographers they were looking for.
It’s amazing how the photographers were able to capture such an intimate moment between Bride and Groom while incorporating features of the venue as well (such as the beautiful marina in the background and even the shadow of the hotel’s emblem).
Tomorrow Scott and Lauren will be celebrating two magical years together. Keep reading this week for more details and ideas of how to celebrate your 2nd anniversary in a special way. Happy anniversary Scott and Lauren!
All photographs taken by the amazing photographers at Mi Belle Inc.

We have once again selected photos that coordinate with our calendar pages for the month to keep with our focus on Interior Design and Event Planning and show you the overall looks that are inspiring us this July.

Tami’s inspired: This month, I am craving more “me time”. I look forward to many events such as this beach party inspiration for just me (or maybe one other person). The retro California feel of my July calendar page brings me back to my California Girl roots and is just who I plan to be this month … a girl who enjoys a nice pair of sunnies, some chips and salsa, and laying on the beach!

The intimate feel of my inspiration photos is what I’m drawn to most. I love the subtle hints of red and blue and the retro feel of the space and accessories. Dinner at home or picnic style on the beach is super relaxing and is how I’d like to spend my time this month. I especially love the pink porch swing, the nomadic beach tent and cozy pillows, and the watercolor details on the gift tags. I envision a yummy dinner of lobster and a special gift for my special guest.  
Lauren’s inspired: This month is all about celebration for me. Although I will be spending most of my time on the couch in my house curled up with my precious little one and figuring out the ins and outs of motherhood, the rest of the month is jam packed with all sorts of events. In fact, we have three weddings, two rehearsal dinners, our anniversary, in addition to the normal July holiday (which was lots of fun) this month. The balance of these two opposite ways of spending my time is what I am trying to portray in my inspiration, but most of all the celebration of all of these joyous occasions.  


My calendar page stayed true to the traditional red, white, and blue color scheme that this month is known for. I have incorporated these colors into my interior photos to symbolize this festive time of year. The red staircase is a fun architectural detail (which I pretty much fell in love with upon first sight), and I love the navy with pops of red in various patterns in the second photo. The gold details gives this photo a formal feel. To portray the celebration I spoke of, I have included these two very different photos. The first shows a home that is simply bursting with joy and the second a gorgeous Summer wedding table setting. I have kept the event photos simple in blue and white on purpose to signify the balance of rest and celebration.

Here at Side by Side Design, we look forward to an exciting month which will include a special 2nd anniversary as well as the 2nd birthday of our blog, some work we are doing to showcase our brand, hopefully the exciting unveiling of Lauren’s gorgeous nursery (as we are working on getting professional photos taken), and a really fabulous San Francisco rustic wedding. Don’t forget to check out our next Get Inspired post on August 2nd for all new looks!