Being the follow up to such an amazing ceremony (seen on Monday’s post: Vintage Rustic Wedding Ceremony) was not an easy feat. However, Rachel and Maddie’s big day continued with many well thought out, personal touches. We still aren’t sure what our favorite part of the reception was; the vintage rustic decor, dancing under the stars, the all organic and locally grown dinner selections, or the root beer float bar? Rachel and Maddie’s vision for their perfect day was truly brought to life. 

This working ranch in Walnut Creek, California was the perfect backdrop for their wedding reception.

Guests found their table assignments on this handmade wooden holder (that Maddie built). Each tag was hung carefully with a clothespin and included a table number that meant something to the Brides (i.e. the date they met, the address of the home they share, etc.)
Each round table was set with a centerpiece of candles in mason jars, wild flower arrangements created by Maddie’s cousins Josh and Sema, and brass table numbers on a wooden plank. 
Paper menus were added to each place setting to let guests in on a little secret … what’s for dinner? 

Dinner (prepared by Kate) was served family style and was all organic and raised or grown locally on California farms. Carafes of white and red sangria were added to each table as well. 
Rachel and Maddie shared their first dance to “I Walk the Line” by Johnny Cash and everyone else quickly joined in.

Although it was definitely a dancing crowd, there were other options for entertainment throughout the venue; a whiskey bar was set up in the saloon, Blackjack was dealt by professional dealers, pool was played, and the children each received a camera to play a special game of I-Spy (in which they were encouraged to take a picture of someone dancing, their favorite flower, etc.)
Bartenders served signature floats for dessert including the Traditional (root beer and vanilla ice cream), a Texas Tumbler (cream soda and butter pecan ice cream), and a California Cooler (ginger ale and vanilla ice cream). 
As the speeches were made, the last shots of whiskey were consumed, and guests danced to the final song, we looked over at Rachel and Maddie’s smiles which never left their faces and knew that this day could not have been more perfect. Everyone grabbed a plant your own basil take home favor on their way back to the shuttle (where the party continued) and will be talking about this event for years to come. 

All photographs taken by the amazing photographers at Weddings to the People. You can follow them on facebook at

In preparing for their wedding, Rachel and Maddie knew what they wanted and worked tirelessly to make their dreams come true. The date was set, the invitations were sent, each vendor and a venue was chosen, many visions for DIY projects were brought to life, and Side by Side Design was selected to assist in different aspects of the wedding coordination. As seen on our previous post, DIY: A Walk Down the Rustic Aisle, we created a few special touches to be used at the wedding and Tami was asked to be their Day of Wedding Coordinator. The only thing left for them to do was to walk down the aisle and say “I do”. Over the past year, since their engagement, we have devoted many posts to Rachel and Maddie and their road to holy matrimony. We truly had an amazing time preparing for this event, working with this couple to create a magical experience that all who attended will never forget, and are so excited to finally post the details from their vintage rustic wedding ceremony. 

The wedding took place on a working ranch in Walnut Creek, California and as soon as the couple set eyes on this venue they knew they had to get married in the barn itself. In keeping with the rustic theme, many homemade chalkboard signs were created to instruct guests where to place gifts, how to sign in, and where to post photos using the couple’s Instagram hashtag. Vintage inspired suitcases were laid out to hold cards as well.

Tami dressed up this ceremony space by creating simple flower arrangements in mason jars and lining the aisle with them.
Sheer, white fabric was hung from these enormous barn doors and tied back with brown, satin ribbon.
The couple arrived, decked out in their white formal wear, complete with cowboy boots, ready for a photo shoot of their own. 
Guests showed up shortly after on a chartered shuttle bus from United Coach Tours. They signed in by leaving their thumbprint “as a balloon in the sky” on a custom made, vintage inspired print. 
Bridesmaids wore adorable matching dresses in a soft Tiffany blue and cowboy boots (of course). Maddie’s cousins, Josh and Sema, created these stunning bouquets with wildflowers from their own garden.
Guests enjoyed drinking ice water, organic lemonade, and Mamie Taylors from glass mason jars. These chalkboard signs were a fun touch. 
Rachel and Maddie’s caterer, Kate, prepared appetizers in bamboo cups; roasted walnuts with lemon/ rosemary/ fennel, delicious pickles, and hummus with veggies and pita chips. 
A ceremony, like one we have never experienced, was prepared by Rachel and Maddie themselves with the help of their closest loved ones. They included recorded interviews of family members sharing the stories of how they met their spouse, special songs as their wedding party walked down the aisle, Yoko Ono’s performance piece Onochord (custom made flashlights were provided for this purpose), and beautiful vows that they wrote to say to each other. Every detail was thought through and included in a wedding program for each guest. 
We created these burlap wrapped hearts for the Ring Bearers to hold …  
… and these non-traditional tea stained paper hearts for the Flower Girl to throw. As the Brides walked down the aisle, accompanied by their parents, they felt the love and support of all of their friends and family surrounding them. 
We were brought to tears by the beautiful words Rachel and Maddie expressed for each other while under the chuppah that Maddie so lovingly made herself. However, one of the best moments for us (as we sat in the audience) was when their friend and officiant stated, “With the power vested in me, by the great state of California…”, and the crowd cheered overwhelmed with excitement!  
This quote (taken from Rachel and Maddie’s wedding ceremony) describes this couple best, “In marriage, two people turn to each other in search of a greater fulfillment than either can achieve alone. Marriage is a bold step, taken together, into an unknown future. It is risking who we are for the sake of who we can be. Rachel and Maddie, we have extraordinary hopes for what you can be together. As individuals you have both spent your lives tirelessly and with great love working to make the world a better place, may the joy and strength that you create in your union further drive your passion for a more whole and peaceful world. The possibilities and potentials of your married life are great; and now falls upon your shoulders the task of choosing your values and making real your dreams.” Rachel and Maddie, we wish you all the best in your future together. Thank you for allowing us to be such an integral part of your special day.
All photographs taken by the amazing photographers at Weddings to the People. You can follow them on facebook at



Tomorrow is officially our blog’s 2nd birthday! This gives us a great opportunity to reflect. It is a time to look back on previous posts and relive the journey that our blog has taken over the past two years, the events we have thrown, and the projects we have engaged in. We are happy to say that as our brand grows, our expectations reach new heights, and we continue to add more and more readers we are consistently proud of the creativity that we are putting forth. For all of these reasons, our blog’s birthday has taken on a lot of meaning. In honor of this special event, this past weekend we threw a little birthday party at our monthly Craft Club meeting. Although this occasion is important to us, our theme was kept light and fun!

Lauren’s patio, with its cozy furniture and bright yellow accent pieces was the perfect location to host our pink flamingo themed birthday party. 
You can’t have a pink flamingo party without neon pink, plastic flamingos. We also added a pink tissue paper pom and some garland from our collection to the decor to make it festive.  
Pink flamingo straws were fun for sipping mojitos with a tropical sugar rim which were served on a faux grass place mat.  
Refreshing drinks were accompanied by frozen yogurt … so appropriate for a warm Summer day.  
“Fun” toppings (such as sliced strawberries and bananas, fresh blueberries, granola, sliced almonds, gummy bears, cut up Snickers bars, and hot pink sprinkles) were put out and enjoyed by all! Tami made these festive floral letters especially for this party by hot gluing silk flowers in shades of pink and yellow and their leaves to wooden letters.
After hanging out with the girls outside for a while, we crafted (of course!). We set out card supplies (seen on Monday’s post, Craft Club: Birthday Cards) to once again craft for a cause. In keeping with the party’s theme, our guests made birthday cards in bright colors and patterns to send to children in need.  
Even Ava was dressed in the party’s color scheme! 
Thank you to all of our readers for keeping us going and giving us feedback over the past two years! Keep reading! Keep letting us know what you like and providing feedback for us to grow from. Here’s to many more years of creating, coordinating, and collaborating. Happy Birthday to our beloved blog … Side by Side Design!



We are extremely proud to announce that this week our blog turns two years old. In honor of this special occasion, we decided to throw our blog a little birthday celebration. This past weekend, we invited over our Craft Club girls and planned a project that would give to a special cause while keeping with the birthday theme. In our previous post, Mikey’s Helping Place, we announced our goal to create 200 cards to give to this wonderful charity. Mikey’s Helping Place was started by a 5 year old boy who wanted to put a smile on the faces of the children at his local hospital. During our blog birthday party we had the opportunity to continue working on our goal and even had tons of help from our friends! Here are some of the cheerful birthday cards we will be sending over to Mikey (and his sister / mom) who will be distributing them to children in need.

We are so happy that we were able to celebrate such a special time for our blog by giving to others. Our Craft Club has already created a large number of birthday cards, but we are still hoping to obtain more in order to reach our goal. This is where you (our readers) come in. If you have a heart to help out a great cause, create a couple of cards or even get a group together and work on them Side by Side to send in. For more information (including where to send this donation) please contact us at 



Mexican food is one of our all time favorites. In fact, we pretty much love anything with a little spice. When we came across this recipe for Mexican veggie wraps, we knew we had to try them. How did we “know”, you ask? If our mouths watering and our stomachs rumbling at the sight of one picture is not a sign, well then we don’t know what is. Today’s bonus recipe not only fed our craving for that spice that we love, but made us feel slightly less guilty after finishing our meal due to its healthy nature.

Making Mexican veggie wraps is simple. Just follow these 3 quick steps: 
1. Spread Laughing Cow light swiss cheese and fresh avocado on an open tortilla. 
2. Add layers of spinach, black beans, your favorite salsa (to your own personal spice level), Mexican sprinkle cheese, and sliced red bell pepper.
3. Roll the entire tortilla up leaving the ends open and turn it so that the open flap of the tortilla is on the bottom. Use a sharp knife to cut rolled pieces on a diagonal (about 1 inch thick) to make a nice appetizer spread. 
This Summer, add a little spice to your life and enjoy these Mexican veggie wraps. Have a great weekend from Side by Side Design!