It’s Summer … time to lighten and brighten things up and get rid of any Winter-y details (such as fur throw blankets and / or anything heavy) in your home. There are simple ways to change up your space for the season, and we are excited to show you how. We just received our monthly West Elm catalog in the mail and were immediately inspired to prepare a look that will spruce up your home for the Summer in just 5 quick steps.

1. Change up your throw pillows and blankets to more Summer-y colors and patterns. Use lighter blankets for relaxing on the couch. We selected these favorites as we love the light color scheme and geometric patterns they have to offer.

2. Fresh flowers are exceptionally nice to have around your house during the Summer. Use small vases to display flowers throughout your home. We are loving this set of miniature glass vases and the different shapes and colors they come in.

3. Whether BBQing or eating light, it is great to have a set of casual dishes and glassware for outdoor dining. Fun dishes in Summer-y colors and patterns like these ones are perfect when paired with bright placemats.

4. Switch out your bedding to a more lightweight option. Lighter colors and breathable material will be greatly appreciated as the Summer heat rises, and this pintucked cotton option is no exception.

5. Add fun Summery accessories like lanterns and candles to your outdoor sitting area. This is the time to spruce up your patio furniture as well. We are in love with this gorgeous ottoman and the other furniture pieces it comes with, and Lauren is hoping to add some fun lanterns like these to her outdoor seating area this Summer.

Porcelain Hurricanes – Dotted

Thank you West Elm for inspiring us. We had so much fun going through your website to select items to spruce up one’s home for the Summer.We hope all of you will get inspired too.

Tami is so excited to announce that after a long week of waiting (as she went a full week over her due date), Lauren has finally had her baby girl!

Ava Sharr was born on June 23rd at 12:56 am. She weighed in at 5 pounds and 15 ounces with a full head of dark hair and the trace of a dimple when she smiles. She is so beautiful!

Mom and baby are doing well and everyone is healthy. Her Aunt Tami is already completely in love with her, and knows that although she will be uniquely her own person she will also take on her parents gifts as well. May she grow to be as beautiful, sensitive, and loving as her mother. May she grow to be as giving and open as her father. May she grow to live up to the three beautiful (inside and out) women that she is named for; Grandmothers Aviva, Shirley, and Charlotte. She is a blessing to our whole family. Congratulations to Scott and Lauren on their new bundle of joy!


In our previous post, Team Maddie vs. Team Rachel, we mentioned a special couple on their way to holy matrimony. We are so excited that this Summer Rachel will be marrying her soul mate, Maddie. We are equally excited that they thought of us while planning for their big day and asked Side by Side Design to be their Day of Wedding Coordinators. Although, Rachel and Maddie are super detail oriented and have taken on all of the large projects themselves, we are anxiously awaiting making sure all of the details come to life to fit their vision on the day of their wedding (including some small details we will be creating ourselves). We will be posting to show how beautiful their vintage rustic ranch wedding comes out later this Summer, but wanted to first allow Rachel a chance to introduce herself, her vision for their big day, and some of the details they will include to make it extra special. 

Over the past year, they have spent many hours preparing for their big day and have shown to all of their guests how important each detail really is (starting with sending out their Save the Dates). They had a clever idea (one we have not seen done before) to create their Save the Dates on plantable paper. The plan was to read it, make sure to jot down the date in your calendar, and then crumple it up, and plant it. Ideally, beautiful wildflowers will grow in its place. However, neither of us has the “greenest thumb”, and thus we are still waiting to see something bloom (and may wait forever). We even had our Grandpa help us plant it as he does have quite the knack for growing things. Luckily, Rachel and Maddie have enlisted others to handle the flowers for the day of their wedding which are sure to be amazing. 
Written by: Rachel 
The overall vision I would say is that Maddie and I keep trying to think that we’re having a wedding, not a party where we happen to get married the first 15 minutes. So we’re trying to really think about things that are special to us and focus on those and let go of the other stuff. An example of that is that we’re so excited to be having people we know and love doing our flowers and not just arranging them but actually growing them. How full of love is that!? Here are some pictures they sent us last week of how they are growing. 
As for style, I would say we’re going for vintage rustic with a mid-century thread and a small-batch, artisan overlay. We poke fun that this song / video is totally the real theme of the wedding:
Our caterer is from America’s Test Kitchen and is also this incredible mixologist so look out for organic, local signature cocktails. Also … we’re giving everyone flashlights to do “onochord” in the ceremony (explained in the first 90 seconds of this video: I’m also pretty excited about my themed (vintage / rustic) hotel baskets. :) Oh! And we have really beautiful handmade rings that have our fingerprints lining the inside … so many things I’m excited about :) 
Thanks Rachel for giving our readers a small taste of what to expect from your and Maddie’s wedding next month. We are so excited to attend and better yet be part of the behind the scenes action. Stay tuned for a rustic vintage wedding extravaganza that is sure to be full of surprises and unique details.


We love this time of year as it seems to always have exciting events to attend and plan for. The start of Summer brings celebration of dads and grads!

Tami works with lots of different grade levels and has become super tight with her 6th grade students after their recent trip to Israel together (seen on our previous post: Inspiration Through Travel: Israeli Partnership). It was during one of their class periods together when the 6th graders were trying to pry information out of Tami as to what to expect from their graduation party. They have recently been obsessed with Pinterest (just like their teacher), and during some down time in class were browsing and pinning photos. One of the girls came across a photo of a cake made entirely out of candy and stated, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we had this at our graduation party?” All of her classmates agreed, and this was enough to spark Tami’s inspiration for the decor of their party.

In the end, Tami knew she had to create these miniature versions of the candy cake her student had picked out. They became the centerpieces of each table and were topped with pictures of each of the kid’s journeys through elementary school. The tables were completed with lots of loose candy and small yearbook photos of the kids over the years (or Instagrams as we call them).  

Each student had their own sign in board which were spray painted with chalkboard paint, signed with love by all of their friends (in white colored pencil so it will not wipe off), and finished off with an 8×10 kindergarten and 6th grade photo. 
These adorable Reese’s graduation hats were also Pinterest inspired and enjoyed by all party guests.
By far the most fun part of the party was the photo booth. Everyone had fun putting on wigs, hats, funky glasses and other props and making their favorite “fish face”.   
Tami created this chalkboard “Keep Calm and Carry On” inspired sign to decorate the dessert table. 
Each student chose their own ice cream flavors for their own individual ice cream cakes. Guests had fun sampling all the different flavors.  

While celebrating together this past week at 6th grade graduation, one of the girls gave Tami the ultimate compliment. She said,”You know us so well!” What else can you ask for in planning and executing party decor, but for it to speak to the overall personality of the graduating class and their fun and whimsical spirit?
Wishing Tami’s 6th grade class of 2013 all the best of luck in middle school! You will be missed!


There were a lot of people involved in the planning and executing of Lauren’s baby shower. In order to thank them all properly, Lauren created homemade cards and wrapped special gifts with love. She even made pretty thank you cards to send to each guest thanking them for their presence and presents.

Simple thank you’s were made on adorable blank cards with unique die cut details. Lauren stamped each one with a silver thank you and embellished them with fabric flowers or textured lambs from the shower. 

These special thank you cards were made for each of Lauren’s loved ones who helped to put her shower together. She used lavender linen paper, contrasting polka dots, a fun orange label, and the same thank you stamp to create these cards. She finished each one off with an orange paper flower. 

Adorable bracelets from Stella and Dot were wrapped in this fun yellow and silver paisley print paper and finished off with a satin ribbon and our signature initial detail. 

Presentation is key, and it’s all in the details when wrapping and preparing thank you gifts and cards for your loved ones. Although it is the thought that counts, a few extra touches go a long way. A great big thank you goes out to all of those who attended Lauren’s baby shower and especially to those special people (you know who you are) who helped to make it come to life.