It has been over a year since our post, Like Mother Like Daughter, where we attended our friends Sim and Tobi’s baby shower for their little girl (Madison) who is now a year old. Our Aussie friends are the epitome of style and class, and when they came to us wanting help with the decor for Madi’s 1st birthday party we were so excited to be in on the fun. 
This past Sunday, was a perfect day for an outdoor party. It was warm enough at Sim and Tobi’s home in “Sunny California” for their guests to catch up and the children to play outside. We added just a few small touches to their backyard in the party’s signature colors; hot pink, turquoise, and purple. These over-sized tissue paper pom poms and fringed streamers set the tone for a girly celebration. 
This is our amazing ombre fringed one’s third appearance at a 1st birthday party (seen on our previous posts: A Blog Birthday Party and Mika’s 1st Birthday Party). It really tied in well with the look of this party and was a perfect finishing touch.  

Indoors, Sim set up trays of fruit cut small so the kids could enjoy as well and mini blueberry muffins. This adorable pink pail read, “Munchies for the kids. Love, Madison”, and was filled with the birthday girl’s favorite snacks.

For the adults, Sim and Tobi added a few special surprises. Crepes were prepared to each individual’s order (including delicious toppings such as fresh strawberries and bananas, nutella, chocolate and caramel sauce, whipped cream, and powdered sugar).

They also had a barista come and give the parents their caffeine fix. Longshot Australian Roast was the perfect choice for this couple and their many Aussie friends.

The kids had their fun too! Toys were brought out onto the grass and Madi and her friends “had a ball”.
Madison is a born pet-lover. So we were not surprised when Sim and Tobi mentioned they would be inviting two ponies to the party. Madi showed her love for her first pony ride by raising her arms mid-ride and yelling “hooray”.

We created this fringed card and envelope to match the party’s look. Although we were specifically asked not to bring a gift, we couldn’t help but give Madi a little something special to celebrate this big day (wrapped in pink, of course). In lieu of a gift, Madison’s parents asked their guests to wear purple in honor of Purple Day for epilepsy (a cause that is very close to their hearts) and that they give any loose change they may have on them as well to this great cause.

Madi gave a gift to her friends as well … a little something bubbly. 

Unfortunately, nobody ever remembers their first birthday. Madison will have to rely on pictures for that. What’s important to a one year old (besides pony rides in their own backyard)? Being allowed to not only eat your first cupcake but make a mess as well! We will admit, Madi was not exactly sure what to do when she first was approached with this Suziecakes’ cupcake, but it did not take her long to dig right in.

Happy Birthday Madi! We had so much fun working Side by Side with your parents to decorate for your party and loved being there to celebrate your 1st birthday with you. We look forward to many more birthdays to come.

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