When we were approached by Kaki Read, Fashion Coordinator at Warby Parker, about working together to create a Guest Blog post, we jumped at the chance. We love coordinating with other creative individuals especially on topics (such as fashion) which we are passionate about, but not necessarily experts. We worked “Side by Side” with Kaki Read to pull together the looks for this post, as she did the writing and we selected the inspiration photos and their coordinating eye wear.

Written by: Kaki Read

Women of fashion must pay attention to their surroundings. Dressing for the occasion might be the most important lesson of style. Even the most vogue fashions will become travesties if worn at an inappropriate time or under the wrong circumstances. Busy women need to give thought to what a day will hold when putting together an ensemble to wear. Here are a few tips for how to dress in two very different casual situations.

On a day off, you might plan to shop with friends, go to a nature center or local arboretum, and perhaps run a few errands. Your clothing must be comfortable and stylish. For such a day, you might consider pairing a favorite fitted t-shirt with a tight-fitting pair of floral-pattern jeans. If there is a nip in the air, add a classic cardigan in a coordinating color. Pull the outfit together with accessories. A pair of trendy sunglasses from Warby Parker will add a touch of sophistication. Add some petite drop earrings and a fashionable, delicate pendant necklace. Feel free to go big with a stack of beaded bracelets or large hair accessories such as barrettes or a headband. High-heeled pumps will look fabulous with this outfit, but feel free to resort to more comfortable ballet flats or even hiking boots if you plan to be on your feet for long.

At the office, your business casual look will be a bit more polished. If your office allows denim, select a classic fit in dark wash. Otherwise stick to chinos or tailored pants in basic colors. Add either a button-down top or scoop-neck blouse, and top it with a blazer for a refined but relaxed style at the office. Blazers are particularly trendy, and this flexible item can take almost any ensemble to a new level. Popular designs include the schoolboy blazer, cropped designs, zippered blazers and blazers with ruffles or peplum finishing. Jackets with eyelet detailing are particularly popular. Complete your look for the office with a pair of eyeglasses with rectangular frames in any stylish wood-grain or marbled finish.

There’s more than just one casual style. For each relaxed moment and informal setting, you need to have the right look. When you have a wardrobe stocked with trendy basics, you can easily pull together the perfect ensemble for any situation.

Readers, if any of you would like to be our next guest blogger, we would love to include your projects or inspiration in our blog. You can contact us by posting a comment below or emailing us at sidebyside.design@yahoo.com .


We enjoy writing these types of posts to introduce you into our homes and our own personal design styles. We each have our own side or way of doing things, which makes us unique. When decorating for specific holidays these distinct styles carry through. This month, we added decorations to our homes in honor of Valentine’s Day and our looks couldn’t be more different. We feel that this is a good thing as it will give you two completely different “sides” or sets of inspiration to follow when decorating your own home.

T Side: Red has always been one of my favorite colors, and so this year I chose to incorporate it into all areas of my Valentine’s decor. I added in traditional heart touches to complete this look in honor of finding the love that this holiday represents.

 I created this tissue paper and doilie bunting at this month ‘s Craft Club meeting. I added some special details to dress it up such as  red sparkly hearts and a glittered red tulle bow.

Lauren gave me this amazing black cake plate for our birthday this year, and I thought it would be fun to use it to display candles. This large silver candle from Anthropologie is my favorite. I’ve been told the scent is the one you are greeted by when entering the store.

 I have been enjoying displaying my calendar pages each month as inspiration for planning events. It hangs in my kitchen making it easily accessible. As I don’t use my stove as often as I’d like, I chose to fill it with one of my favorite things … chocolate!

L Side: One of the things I look forward to most about Valentine’s Day is that little box of Conversation Hearts given to me by my mother with my nickname “Lauren Love” scrawled across it each year. This year, I decided one small box was simply not enough. In fact, I chose to base my whole design on this concept.

This heart garland was made at this month’s Craft Club meeting. I tied the whole thing together with pink paper, a love print that I created myself, and turquoise, yellow, and white twine for a little bit of color.

Glass jars were filled with Conversation Hearts and other festive candies and embellished with heart details to tie everything together.

Other candy and candle holders around the living room were also embellished to match the overall look.

“Sometimes we are the same, sometimes we are different, but we are always twin sisters.” As you can see we each have our own style when adding Valentine’s Day decor into our homes, which “side” do you relate to most?


Our Craft Club is made up of a group of creative professionals. Although we find ourselves in a variety of different fields (everything from production, to fashion, to education, to design), what we do have in common is our busy schedules. We have decided as a group that we will all take turns hosting our monthly meetings and this week, we had the pleasure of hosting in Lauren’s home. As always, we worked “Side by Side” to do all that is expected of a host; set up a place for our guests to work and provide nourishment for while they complete their craft.

This month’s theme was left a bit open-ended. As Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, each Craft Club member created either a decor item or handmade cards to pass out (or both … for those overachievers out there!). Here are some inspiration photos that were selected on Pinterest in anticipation of this project.

Handmade Card Inspiration


We love to make handmade cards. To get ideas for making your own Valentines, check out our previous post, DIY: Homemade Valentines

Decor Inspiration


As always, guests brought eats and treats to share. To keep with the Valentine’s theme, Lauren prepared her buffet area with apothecary jars full of Conversation Hearts and adorably wrapped plastic silverware.

We made three easy additions to a sweet Valentine’s potluck; broccoli cheddar mini quiches, a strawberry and spinach salad with feta cheese and pine nuts, and these adorable Conversation Heart sugar cookies. Look for some of these recipes on a future post.

Each member’s project always seems to be well thought out and materials are planned and purchased ahead of time. However, you never know what can happen, but even a strand of thread turning into a knotted mess can’t stop these girls from doing what they love most … crafting!

We love the different approaches that each girl took when making their handmade cards.

This adorable sign was made with love and lots and lots of patience. 

Tami created this  tissue paper and doilie bunting to hang in her home.

Lauren put her decorations out as she made them including this hanging heart garland. 
We are truly looking forward to next month’s Craft Club meeting as we are hoping to incorporate some charity work into our project. We hope we have inspired you to create your own Valentine’s Day decor or cards. Keep crafting!



Scott and Lauren have made it a tradition to spend Valentine’s Day at home each year. They feel that it is not important to spend this evening in a crowded restaurant with hiked up prices as this is not what Valentine’s Day is all about to them. Thus Lauren takes this as her opportunity to set the table beautifully while making a special meal for Scott. She has fun coming up with a menu consisting of food items that she does not regularly serve. Last year, Lauren decided to incorporate fondue into this meal, reminiscent of a special anniversary meal they once shared.

To keep things classy, she set the table with a simple black runner, their fine china from their wedding (that rarely makes an appearance on their dining table), wine glasses, some candles, and even a fancy bowl with floating flowers.

They started the meal with some tasty cheese fondue and a glass of wine.

For a second course, they enjoyed a flavorful baked halibut and brussels sprouts with brown rice.

They ended their meal with a classic white chocolate fondue with strawberries, red vines, and marshmallows for dipping.

 As this was their first Valentine’s Day as a married couple, Lauren was excited to select a card with the word “husband” in it.

She also made Scott this adorable Valentine complete with red glitter hearts to add one more personal touch.

Lauren plans to keep this tradition going this year by making dinner on February 14th, but is thinking to change it up a bit and create a romantic breakfast for dinner (since Scott is such a fan of breakfast, and who wouldn’t want to eat dinner in their pajamas?). Whatever you plan to do with your Valentine this year, remember that what is really important, is that you make the day special and show them how much you really love them!


Happy February! As promised in our previous post, Craft Club: Calendars, on the first Friday of every month we will be sharing our calendar pages along with some inspiration we think you will enjoy.

As this blog primarily focuses on Interior Design and Event Planning, we have selected two photos for each of these subjects that shows an overall look based on the inspiration of our calendars. Without further ado here is our inspiration for the month of February.

Tami’s inspired: This month is all about finding love for me. The big frilly heart that I added to my calendar symbolizes my openness to meeting the right guy. Other things that are inspiring me this month are red wine, red roses, and vintage flair.


I took this inspiration to create my overall concept which focuses on the balance between masculinity and femininity. Each room has just the right amount of edgy details to balance out the sweet feminine touches.  My black and red color palette is accented nicely with gold and white details. 

Lauren’s inspired: This month for me is all abut comfort. I selected photos which portray relaxing in the comfort of my own home (maybe even while taking a bubble bath).

My inspiration this month, encompasses a clean color palette of gray, white, and pink with soft and serene details. In keeping with the lounging at home vibe, I have selected photos that make you want to fall in bed with a good book or enjoy the afternoon surrounded by flowers and friends.

We are looking forward to a bright month ahead full of inspiration and fun projects. Don’t forget to check out next month’s “Get Inspired” post on March 1st for all new looks.