Since our very first post, Lauren’s husband Scott has been bugging us to write something sports related. Although, we have told him numerous times that our readers are just not interested in scores and play by plays, he did finally win us over. We decided it would be fun to put together inspiration for a Super Bowl soiree. You may be asking yourself … what is the difference between a party and a soiree? Well, you are in luck because we are prepared to answer that question for you. A soiree is an evening gathering given usually at a private house whereas a party can take place anytime and anywhere. In this case we wanted our event inspiration to be a bit more formal, focusing on the fancy food you might serve at this type of gathering while still staying true to this year’s teams and their locations.

Signature Cocktail (San Francisco 49ers) 
This Rudders Ruby Red Martini fuses grapefruit-flavored vodka and tart grapefruit juice with a touch of sweet orange liqueur while keeping in the spirit of the team colors. 
Baltimore Ravens (Maryland)
Colors: Purple, Black, White and Gold
These delicious hors d’oeuvres are a Maryland food tradition which generally combine three simple ingredients: crab, mayo, and cracker crumbs (although no cracker crumbs in this paleo version). Sometimes a few other ingredients are thrown in like parsley, mustard, and of course crab seasoning.
Crabs are a Baltimore delicacy. So why not make everyone’s favorite party snack, crab dip? This crab dip with a kick is thick and made with a pound of lump crab meat and freshly grated pepper jack cheese. 
As Baltimore is known as the “Oyster City”, it is appropriate to serve oysters at your Super Bowl soiree. Serve them fresh or step it up with these oyster ceviche cups. 
San Francisco 49ers (California) 
Main Course
Colors: Red and Gold
“The King of Salads” usually made of crab meat, hard-boiled eggs, tomato, asparagus, cucumber, a bed of Romaine lettuce, and a mayonnaise / red chili based dressing. Invented by entrepreneur, Louis Davenport who grew up in San Francisco and experienced many years eating large amounts of luscious crab in the early 1900’s.
Sourdough bread is most closely linked to San Francisco. This crusty, tasty bread made of a mixture of flour, water, salt, yeast, and lactobacillus cultures is a tradition that dates back to the gold mining days.
We all know the jingle, “Rice-a-Roni, A San Francisco Treat”. Here is a homemade version of this popular boxed item, made of rice, broken up vermicelli pasta, browned butter, and chicken soup mix.
Dessert (Baltimore Ravens)
Smith Island, Maryland may be a small place, but its cake has a reputation so grand, it recently became the official state dessert. We are not surprised with its multiple cake layers and rich, fudgy frosting.



Beer is the unofficial, official beverage of the NFL, and both of these cities are solid Craft Beer Towns. San Francisco is well known for Anchor Steam Beer, which is why it would be a great addition to this menu (plus, what would a Super Bowl soiree be without beer?). You may have also noticed that crab was featured many times throughout our menu. Crab is very popular in both of these locations, making it the perfect ingredient to tie everything together. We hope you enjoyed this inspiration post. All of the recipe links have been added for your convenience. Let us know if you make any of these dishes for your own Super Bowl soiree, and let the best team win! 


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