We are so excited to finally announce that Lauren is pregnant! Scott and Lauren are expecting their first baby on June 15th. We look forward to keeping everybody updated as it gets closer to the due date, and plan to have many exciting posts featuring all of the events leading up to the big day. We hope you will stay tuned. In the meantime, we leave you with this exciting ultrasound photo showing the baby at twelve weeks and these cute candy filled bottles (complete with pacifier tags) that Scott’s mom made to announce her first grandchild to all of her friends and family. Have a great weekend!


During the eight nights of Chanukkah, we love to celebrate with friends and family, eat lots of latkes, and give out beautifully wrapped gifts. However, this time of year we are always so busy with the holidays that we have to remind ourselves to stop and remember all of the things that make Chanukkah so special. Here are eight things that made us smile during these eight crazy nights so far:

#1: Lighting the candles together. Just three of us on the third night made for a nice intimate gathering.
#2: Celebrating at Grandma and Grandpa’s house as usual. Grandma loves to tell stories from her childhood and how there was always a blue and white stocking hanging on her fireplace. This has remained her tradition to this day. 
#3: Eating delicious latkes. Our Grandpa is by far the best latke chef we know as his latkes are crunchy on the outside and soft and tasty on the inside. We like them best topped with sour cream and sugar.

#4: Giving and receiving gifts. This particular table (found at Grandma’s house) has been lovingly called the present table as that is what it is often used for. Many family birthdays and Chanukkah celebrations have been spent around this table.

#5: Spinning the dreidel. This assortment of dreidels was a beautiful display found at a Chanukkah party we attended.

#6: Singing Chanukkah songs. Tami’s sixth grade class created a music video for their Chanukkah celebration called “Being Jewish is a Part of Me” to the tune of Katy Perry’s “This is a Part of Me”. Through music and student written catchy lyrics, the sixth grade class was able to teach their peers about the Chanukkah story and standing up to bullies.

#7: Being creative! Here are two Chanukkah projects made by kids this year. It means so much more to a child when they are able to spin a dreidel or light a menorah that they made themselves.

#8: Having fun! The stage is set for a big Chanukkah show. Watching kids sing and dance to Chanukkah songs put a huge smile on many faces this year.

Eight more things for eight nights can be seen here. Take a look back at last year’s post for more fun filled Chanukkah ideas.


This month’s Craft Club meeting was a great opportunity for all of the members to get prepared for the holiday season. We decided to make decorated cookies to package and pass out to our loved ones and party hosts. Making Holiday Treats is a yearly tradition for us (and we usually make our favorite “mix” as seen on our previous post: In the “Mix” ), but this year’s Craft Club meeting made the process so much more fun.

Sara was our gracious host this month. She really did such an amazing job making us feel at home with her beautiful Christmas decorations, festive music for while we worked, and holiday cheer. She even set up a fun display for all of our potluck snacks. We made this delicious herbed shrimp and tomato appetizer with a spicy yet creamy dipping sauce to share.

To keep things simple, we decided to all make the same type of treats (holiday shaped sugar cookies) and to decorate them with our own personal styles in mind. Each Craft Club member brought their own frosting in varieties of colors, lots of fun toppings to share, and bags or boxes to package them in.

Everyone had their own recipients in mind when preparing their cookies. Decorative items such as initials were even included for a personal touch. The cutest bags and tags were purchased ahead of time to wrap up our creations.

Brightly colored Christmas trees, bows, and stockings were packaged carefully in adorable snowflake embellished bags with fun colored ribbon.

One Craft Club member even boxed up her creations to ship to her home state for the holidays.

We used this opportunity to make host gifts for the upcoming parties we will be attending complete with handmade tags to coordinate with this year’s holiday color scheme.

For an extra touch, we decided to make the girls special holiday cards to thank them “for crafting with Side by Side Design”. We knew these festive Lisa Frank stickers would be the perfect detail to complete our cards and would bring everyone back to their earliest crafting days. 

With the holiday Craft Club sessions over, and no clear direction to turn for next month’s project, we are open to suggestions for January’s project idea. What do you think we should make next?


In last year’s post, T Side / L Side: Holiday Wrapping, we introduced you to our homes and our own personal design styles. We each have our own “side” or way of doing things, which makes us unique.When we plan our gift wrap for the holidays and ways to decorate our space and make it festive, these distinct styles carry through. With Chanukkah starting this weekend and Christmas just around the corner, we thought it would be fun to recreate last year’s post and give you some last minute ideas of how to wrap and decorate for the holidays.

T Side: This year I went for a black and silver color scheme and incorporated chalkboard details just for fun! Seeing chalkboard paint images all over Pinterest this season inspired me to incorporate this idea into my holiday decor as well as my wrapping. It was so much fun coming up with different fonts, festive slogans, and song lyrics to add throughout my look.

 I used all silver wrapping paper with different textures and motifs to ensure that the chalkboard tags were the star of the show. Each tag was hand spray painted in chalkboard paint and finished with a personal message.

I added silver and white glittered pine cones into the potpourri found around my house to give it Winter flair. Silver candlesticks were incorporated to tie in my color scheme, and I recycled an old tray by painting it and adding a cute holiday tune … “Walking in a Winter Wonderland”.

As always, my fireplace is the focal point of my small studio when decorating for the holidays. Each present was placed, and I decided (as one last personal touch) to buy bottles of wine to give as host gifts. As I was already going spray paint crazy, I spray painted those as well. I can’t wait to present these gifts to my family and friends. 

L Side: I love this time of year! To me it signifies a time to be with family and friends, enjoying great food and maybe even a gift or two! When deciding what color palette to go with for my holiday wrapping and decor I decided to channel the happiness of the holidays and use pops of bright colors to give my home that joyful feel that I associate with this season! 

When i found this bright striped wrapping paper at Target with its gold glitter details, I knew it was just the right one to base my whole look on. When paired with other wrapping paper (including; a crisp white stripe, turquoise snowflakes, and an amazing turquoise with gold polka dots), you get a very fresh and happy Winter look. 

To keep the overall look consistent, I tied each gift with simple white ribbon and added a gold initial to remind me who it is for!
To add a little bit of color to the rest of my living space, I added small details such as this glass apothecary jar filled with bright orange cuties as well as turquoise candles in my menorah.
Clusters of white and silver pine cones and other festive accents help to keep my place looking Wintery!
My newest addition to my living room is this beautiful white fur throw blanket, that I recently treated myself to from West Elm! It looks great with the decor and is so nice to cozy up on the couch with after a long day! 

“Sometimes we are the same, sometimes we are different, but we are always twin sisters.” As you can see, we each have our own style when it comes to wrapping and decorating for the holidays. In your own holiday decor, which “side” do you relate to most?

Happy Holidays from Side by Side Design!


Last year, in our post Guest Blogger: One Stop Shopwe interviewed Lauren’s sister-in-law Darci (who is a manager at Bloomingdale’s) to find out what the best things were to buy for the holidays. We loved collaborating with her to complete this post so much that we decided to do it again this year. We like to think we are fashion forward, but Darci takes being a “fashionista” to a whole new level. When she told us that she wanted to do her post this year on holiday fashion, we got excited to see what type of outfits she would come up with.


Darci came up with three different holiday looks, the first is something you could wear to a friend’s party (when you feel like being a little more dressed up). Darci paired this adorable navy blue peplum dress by Aqua with heels that will turn heads from Vera Wang’s Lavender line, a Diane Von Fursternberg clutch, and this glamorous necklace by Rebecca Minkoff  (she used to only design handbags, but has recently branched off with her own jewelry line and it’s doing really well). Darci says that navy is making a comeback, lace adds holiday glamour, and peplum is all the rage right now. In fact, Tami just bought a new peplum “LBD” for the holidays (also by Aqua) and can’t wait to wear it to an event this season.

This is the perfect look for a family gathering, a bit more casual but still in the holiday spirit. Darci paired this colorful leopard print top by Equipment with two tone black leggings from Marc by Marc Jacobs, a pair of black suede Via Spiga booties, an over-sized Kate Spade handbag (so you can bring all your presents with you), and a classic gold Michael Kors watch. Darci says that you can’t go wrong with leggings, and there are so many different options right now with all kinds of unexpected details (like leather!). We share a love for leggings as well as leopard print with Darci and are both desperately trying to add a little bit more color into our wardrobes right now. Thank you Darci for showing us just the right thing to wear for this year’s family Chanukkah parties.

This last look is our favorite! It is always important to find the right dress to wear for your annual work holiday party, and Darci did not disappoint. This fire engine red dress with sequin details is a knock-out by Reiss when paired with a matching clutch with chain handle detail by Tory Burch, a cute sparkly headband by Cara, and stunning heels from B by Brian Atwood. These nude patent leather super high heels are to die for and brand spanking new! A must have this season. Darci says that due to the high neck of the dress, the adorable collar, and the long sleeves, you can’t really wear too many accessories, so she pulled this headband instead of a necklace or festive earrings. Lauren is absolutely loving red right now and is trying to add more of it into her wardrobe, especially for the holidays. 
Thank you Darci for showing us and our readers three amazing must-have outfits for this holiday season. All items in this post can be found at Bloomingdale’s. Which means you know where to find us this Winter, either dressed up for an awesome party … or shopping with Darci (at Bloomingdale’s of course!).