In addition to our Craft Club meetings once a month, we love to surround ourselves with other creative girls (and guys). They continue to inspire us every day, and our friend Ashlee is no exception. Therefore, we were super excited when she accepted our offer to create a guest blog post to show off her new endeavor. We are also delighted to add Ashlee’s friend Sharon as a new guest blogger on Side by Side Design. Thank you girls for sharing your creative ideas with all of us.

Written by: Ashlee

Hi Everyone! You might remember me (Ashlee) from my previous guest blog on Side by Side Design all about my Fall holiday treats (Guest Blogger: Ashlee’s Fall Treats). Well I am back … nice to see you all again! And I join you with one of my best friends, Sharon! Sharon and I are in the beginning stages of starting our own business together! So when Tami and Lauren asked me if I’d like to guest blog again, I knew that the Side by Side family was the perfect audience to introduce our product to, as its readers (and writers, I might add) are some of the greatest creative thinkers out there! So … here goes nothing!
We are Sharon and Ashlee … two girls trying to put our creative minds together to bring you a new and fantastic way to keep some of your most precious memories. Pinterest is the latest craze these days, right?  We would know as we often text each other at 2am because instead of sleeping like normal people we are pinning delicious yummies, fitness inspiration, and of course planning our imaginary weddings (you know you’re guilty too!). As Pinterest becomes more and more popular, it seems that all of you readers are turning to its fabulous ideas to plan your weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, baby showers, birthday parties, etc. But what do you do with all of the “things” you accumulate from your event that you just can’t bring yourself to throw away??? You put them in a cardboard box high up in a closet somewhere in your house where you only get to revisit those memories when you decide to do your dreaded Spring cleaning, right? WRONG! You call us, Sharon and Ashlee, the ladies of “Treasure to Remember”. We will take your monogrammed cocktail napkins, your place cards, your invitations, your photo booth pics, your baby’s first ultrasound picture or onesie, and any other tangible memories you have collected from your event and turn them into display boxes that you can hang in your house so you can relive your beloved memories for a lifetime. 
Here is an example of a display box we created for Sharon’s sister and her one year old son. For this box, we included baby’s first ultrasound picture, baby’s hospital beanie, the blanket he came home from the hospital in, a couple pairs of his baby socks (because we all know how tiny baby feet make us warm and fuzzy inside), his first kippah and kiddush cup, a copy of his first footprints, his hospital bracelet, and some of his favorite toys. If you have a baby on the way, we can also include shower invitations, baby announcements, progress pictures of your belly growing, etc for you to hang in the baby’s nursery so that you can share your pre-baby journey with your little one, one day. 
Here is another box that “Treasure to Remember” put together for a true Pinterest wedding. For this display, we made sure to include this couple’s amazingly original wedding invitations, which were made of wood! Her invitation “packages” also included the printed strip of burlap and the small burlap pouch that had jelly beans inside of it – all of which we included in the display case for the couple to remember. Also included here is the bride’s garter, the couple’s hotel keys to their honeymoon suite at their wedding venue, the kippah with the bride and groom’s name printed on the inside, a copy of their marriage license rolled up, and even the tiny boxes that the pizza hors d’oeuvres were served in! We were sure to include some lace detail and pearl accents to complete this look and make it ready to hang in the newlywed’s new home!
We would love to create a display box of your memories for you to treasure forever. Have a baby on the way, do you have goodies from your shower, wedding, or Bar/Bat Mitzvah that you don’t know what to do with? Did you collect some great keepsakes from your recent travels that you don’t know what to do with? Want to spoil your significant other with a fantastic keepsake of the memories of your relationship for an anniversary or Valentines Day or even the upcoming holidays? WE ARE YOUR LADIES! We do it all! Don’t forget…these are YOUR memories so we will include whatever is most important to you and we will be mindful of the color schemes that are to your liking! Please feel free to message us for details. If you are not local, we will send you a pre-posted box for you to send us your treasures in. Prices vary depending on frame size and color and how many treasures you want included in your display box. We can be contacted at .  We look forward to hearing from you all and please tell your friends about us too! 
Readers, if any of you would like to be our next guest blogger, we would love to include your projects or inspiration in our blog. You can contact us by posting a comment below or emailing us at 

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