We have always loved celebrating Halloween and dressing up in different costumes. In addition to the above photo (our favorite Halloween photo of all time), you can take a look back at some of our other costume favorites on our previous post, Costumes Throughout the Years.

We had every intention of getting all dressed up this year, but it did not happen as we spent the majority of this past weekend busily working on a big Halloween project. We feel great that we were able to spread holiday cheer in a different way this year. Be sure to check out our post on Wednesday, where we will unveil this special project to all of you.

Tami’s plan was to be a flamingo this year. She made this adorable hot pink satin mask embellished with gold sequins and pink feathers around the eyes to complete her flamingo costume.

Lauren has always loved peacocks, and so she decided to make her mask to resemble her favorite bird. She painted the abstract eye with white paint, embellished it with gold sequins, and finished it off with turquoise feathers making for a very artistic peacock mask.

In keeping with the bird theme, we had thought Scott could be a penguin. When accompanied with a bow tie, this penguin mask (complete with painted features, feathers, and black sequins) would make for an amazing costume.

Who knows, these special homemade masks might get worn on October 31st, but if not there’s always next year! Don’t forget to check out our post this Wednesday for a spooky surprise!

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